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  1. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    I don't know, it kinda depends. I personally try to be civil with people and first talk if they get in rotation I'm doing or happen to kill same mobs we need for guildquest. 
    On the other hand, karma is a nice way to punish self-important a**holes who think it's "THEIR SPOT". A little example. Few days ago I went to a place to grind a bit and use 200% xp. Looked around, no ppl in whole zone, found a rotation I like, popped the 200%. 10minutes grinding and chill, two guys come, wait until I pull mobs and then flag on, try to knock me down and let mobs kill me. After that failing couple time they just outright kill me and go "spot taken f*ck off".  What do? Supposedly as someone tried to tell me before, if you get killed means you don't deserve the spot and you must leave it, some kind of 'unspoken rule'. Well I ain't taking this. If they talked to me, could have explained I only had 20mins left and spot is all theirs. But no. So for that night my main goal in life was to ruin their evening until they leave the spot. So I went there and died, killed them as well and died some more until about after 1hr of this they left. You gonna call me filthy karma bombing scrub? Try putting yourself in this place, you get back from all day in work, pop your 200% and then someone decides you are in 'his spot' and therefore outright kills you without a word. And that is normal and you have to be fine with it. Meeeeh, we civil if we civil, but if you are an arse, then I'm gonna be the same. 
    TL;DR: If you are an arse then expect to be treated like one and don't complain about someone being a karma bomber. 
    Rant aside, I'd like to see same flag/karma system lineage2 had/has.
    If you flag up, your name goes purple and you can attack other players regardless if they are flagged or not. You can be attacked by other players as well, but once a white player attacks you they get flagged as well and go purple. The winner is the winner.  IMPORTANT THING. If you want to flag on a white player you have to click a key(ctrl in case of l2) while using skills in order to 'force' the skills. That is a protection mechanics to prevent people from suiciding to flagged ppl to get them red.
    If you flag up on a white player and they don't hit you and flag back, but you still kill them, your name goes red and you get karma points. While being red, anyone can attack you, the guards will attack you and players who hit/kill you will not get flagged nor go red. You can remove your karma points by killing mobs, but while being red you do not receive any xp/spxp until you reach 0 karma and go white again. If you die to a player or a monster you lose xp. If you die to a player your karma count gets decreased a little, but if you die to environment your karma does not decrease. 
    Positive karma is bad in this case, 0 karma is good. Can be reversed for BDO.
    If you PK players who are set amount of levels below you, you gain much more karma, thus taking it longer to remove it. 
    In lineage2 they had a mechanic that if mob does not give you xp, killing it won't decrease karma. In bdo they could do it with levels, say only white and higher mobs can remove karma, that would help to avoid PK players going to safe low lvl zones to wash their sins.
    In l2 there was also a PK count for each character and after you reach 4 PK(later changed to 31 if I am not mistaken), if you get killed while being red, there is a small chance to drop a piece of equipment. Higher PK count = higher chance to drop gear if you die while being red. 
    This might be too hardcore for BDO, tho I'd just like to say that getting gear in l2 was as hard even if not harder, thus losing it in there is a major loss as well. 
    If not item drop, they could either give a chance to decrease enhance levels past certain amount of PK count(only applies if you die while being red) or maybe you could lose much more xp.
    I know you will say that this will give a good chance for griefers to ruin even more ppl, but that can be easily fixed with xp loss on pvp death as well. 
    But what about node wars and sieges you say. Well that is easy, during node war/siege you kinda enter 'combat zone' or 'combat state' and during that you do not take penalties during pvp and anyone in 'combat zone' can be killed freely without any penalties, thus you can not gain karma and go red.
    You say ppl will make lvl 50 toons and go grief lvl 60s to get them higher karma penalties. That would not work either, since to attack someone you have to be flagged. If you hit someone who is flagged, you get a flag yourself.  Remember at the start of this, I mentioned that you have to click a key to 'force' your skills. Therefore, if you are flagged and someone is not and they just want to walk into your skills, they can do it all they want, nothing will happen. They will only take the damage if you choose to hit them. And a lvl50 cannot outfarm or rotation ruin a lvl 60. Problem solved.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention that Karma takes long to take down to 0. It's not that you can kill 5 monsters and go PK again. At higher PK and Karma counts it might take hours in your lvl zone to remove all the karma if you by any chance went on a killing spree and somehow happened to PK half the sausans twelve times in a row. 
    Before any of 'gtfo back to ur l2' happens, I will say that I love BDO and out of many mmos I have played I like this one the most. I grew up with l2 and it was a great game, but now it is dated and apart from a few mechanics, I do not find it interesting. This was one of those mechanics that I like in l2.
    Constructive opinions are more than welcome.
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  2. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    Calpheon > mediah+valencia confirmed.
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  3. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    So I went to basilisks to spend my 200% xp and just kill some mobs, dropped belt, 2 scrolls, 1 crystal and 1 weap stone +1k trash. 45kk in 30min, 90kk in 1hr. Ezpz valencia broken op :~)
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  4. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic Relic Scammers   

    Inb4 someone walks past a grind spot and gets 5x report from a party. Valid idea
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  5. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic Unrealistic Aspects.   

    Fair point. 
    Feeble cursed one!
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  6. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic Unrealistic Aspects.   

    Why do people want lvl to mean nothing in pvp... it takes time to get higher levels so you should have an advantage over someone who spent 2 days to reach 57 and wants to kickass?
    Coming from someone who is just 58 so far.
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  7. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic NERF Nolifers, BUFF AFK Life Skills   

  8. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic Soldier's Grave Mob Density   

    Rhutums are shit
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  9. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic Did Certain Elites Just Get Harder?   

    While on this, did they nerf valencia elites drop, or am I just paranoid?
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  10. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic 53 Wiz   

    I'd mby put 5 pts in Frigid Fog as well, forgot to add that.  As for quickbar, I don't really use it for damage skills. Preawakening I have multiple magic arrow, magic lighthouse, speed speel and revival in quickbar. Everything else I just use the combinations. As for rotation, it kind of depends a bit on situation. If mobs are loosely packed, pull them with chain lightning, then lightning>residual lightning, if they are still alive just 1tick of chain follow up with lightning storm. If mobs are more dense, just pull them quickly, fireball explosion to knock them down and then lightning > residual lightning. If you are in a place where you are not comfortable and monsters often hit you, you can use freeze+frigid fog to cc them while you cast fireball explosion to knock them. You have 3 long cooldown nukes, which are nice for big packs as you can clear full pack in 1 attack. Multiple magic arrows for a cleanup when u have couple mobs left on low hp, you can spam it from quickbar. If you go to do bosses, multiple magic arrow spam seems to be a decent way to dps as you dont get rooted while casting, just click hop click hop and if you are confident, throw in some of your nukes. I guess thats pretty much it, in pve main dmg is from lightnings and 3 nukes, if you need cc use frost and fire spells. Combos are really easy and quite comfortable, and I think for long hour grind sessions it actually helps it keep less tiring than mashing 123. 
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  11. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic 53 Wiz   

    Helms are not bad, but they are often crowded and you can't always clear enough monsters. If it happens to be the case, I'd suggest switching to manes/rogues for some time. While doing guild quests and leveling alts I've been consistently getting decent drops there, and I've personally dropped 4 shultz belts in last 3 days there by spending 1-2hrs in there each day. + stones, crystals, books and etc. Thats given you are having a bad time at helms with too many ppl there. 
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  12. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic 53 Wiz   

    At that level I maxed lightnings, fireball explosion, earthquake, blizzard and meteor, mana drain, magic lighthouse. Heals were at rank 1 since I wasnt really getting hit. Teleport rank1 or so to move between packs. Rest can be put in cast time passive.
    Would look something like this.
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  13. PoohTheSir added a post in a topic Advantage of Kzarka over Liverto Staff?   

    So I am a returner who played for 2 weeks at release and had to quit due to irl. So I'm back now and I am at the place where I am not sure what to do. I have got pri yuria, duo steel dagger and duo green awakening. Shall I buy tri yellow awakening, or tri liverto(that one I see quite often on AH) or should I try and snipe kzarka at any enchant lvl and push it to tri? I don't plan to pvp much any time soon so do I really need kzarka that bad or liverto will do? Thanks
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