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  1. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a post in a topic EPIC SCREEN SHOTS   

  2. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a post in a topic Report a Text Cut Issue   

    Hey I found a problem where quest giver(Tirol) doesn't display the proper information , see pictures.

    It keeps on going like this.
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  3. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Autopath Altinova Mines/Quarry
    I was doing Black Stone chain quest in Altinova into Altinova Mines/Quarry I noticed putting auto path to my quest location I got stuck several times 
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  4. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a post in a topic (OutDated)Bis: Sorceress   

    Ty for calling it out,  I put it in there would be a better choice indeed
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  5. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a topic in Sorceress   

    (OutDated)Bis: Sorceress
    I belief this is the very best gear available soon in the game.
    Kzarka Amulet+20 ~122-126 AP(2) Gem Slots)Item effects: Casting Speed +3 Enhancement effects: Increased AP and Accuracy.
    Nouver Talisman+20 ~44-46 AP(2) Gem Slots)  Item effect: All Resistance +10% Enhancement effect: Attack Increase.
    Giath Helmet+20 ~77 DP (2) Gem Slots) Item effects: Max HP +100.
    Hebetate Tree Spirit's Armor+20 ~89 DP(2) Gem Slots)  Item effects: Max HP +200 & Max MP/WP/SP +100.
    Basilisk's Belt+5 ~20AP Item effect: Weight Limit +80LT
    Muskan's Shoes+20 ~77 DP(2) Gem Slots) Item effects: Increased Evasion & effect increases during Enhancement.
    Bheg's Gloves+20 ~60 DP(2) Gem Slots) Item effects: Increased Accuracy & effect increases during Enhancement.
    4-Piece Set effects: Attack Speed +1 & Casting Speed +1.
    3-Piece Set effects: Max Stamina +200.
     2-Piece Set effect: Max Endurance +200.
    Weapon x2 Black Magic Crystal - Carmae ~ Item effect: Critical Hit Rate & Attack Speed +1 & AP +2
    UPDATED Offhand x2:  Awakened Spirit's Crystal ~  Item effect: Max HP +150, AP +5
    Helmet x2 Black Magic Crystal - Harphia ~ Item effect: MAX HP +50 & HP Recovery +5 & Evasion +2
    Armor x2 Black Magic Crystal - Cobelinus ~ Item effect: Max HP +100 & Weight Limit +20LT & Damage Reduction +2
    Shoe x2 Black Magic Crystal - Hystria ~ Item effect: MAX Weight +20LT & Movement Speed +1 & MAX Endurance +150
    Glove x2 Black Magic Crystal - Viper ~ Item effect: Attack Speed & Casting +1 & Accuracy +2
    Ogre Ring+5 ~35 AP
    Ring of Cresent Guardian+5x2 ~40 AP (20 Each ring)
    Blue Whale Molar Earring+5x2 ~30 AP (15 AP each earring) Item effect: Max HP +100
    (+5 for earring/ring means reaching PEN rank which is very very very very very very very very very very very frustrating to get)
    Gear stats
    Total gear AP: 311.
    Total gear DP: 303.
    Total HP increase : 1000.
    Accuracy increased fiercely as well as overall evasion/stamina/endurance.
    Attack/Casting Speed: 5AS/6 CS.
    Weight Limit:+160LT.
    The amount of time required to achieve this end is going to be massive (especially for the rings) and the number of blackstones required will be quite high. 
    For PvP you want to have resistance gems in  your armor so I'd have an extra set of all those. lel
    Tell me if you see any worth updating or if you like my list so far. 
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  6. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a post in a topic Silly question!!!! are sorc still broken in kr?   

    There is nothing wrong with sorceress.
    As for counter it all comes down to skill at the end.
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  7. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a post in a topic Should Daum NERF Sorceress?   

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  8. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a post in a topic Anyone else getting bored?   

    to do list:
    1, Level my Sorceress to 55-57.
    2. Level all Life Skills to atleast master level on 1 character.
    3. Level Energy/-----ribution points to a 300.
    4. Farm +15 Armor/Weapon enchants (BIS gear sorc Kzarka Amulet/) 
    5. Farm ALL Titles/Knowledge.
    6. Level all classes to 55.
    7. Level all Life SKills to atleast expert level on ALL characters.
    8. Farm +15 Armor/Weapon enchants  on all characters.
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  9. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a post in a topic Valencia Part 1 is coming to BDO !   

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  10. Fluffybunnymanthewarrior added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   

    Server: EU 
    CroxusFamily Name:Howling_Fjord
    First time Photoshop .. dont flame but..
    gief costume nuuu!!! :D!

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