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  1. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Why Waifu Hunters are mad.   

    for whatever reason,  im glad I missed this.
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  2. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Have not been on BDO in a bit...   

    There is no literal way to catch up to the people that are 58 pushing 59 now.   They are mostly in top guilds that control the grinding areas,  and have the most free time to play this game.   Considering there is no level cap,  they can endlessly grind to victory without us ever having a chance to see eye to eye to them.
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  3. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Just failed DUO ogre ring   

    Why you linking the cheater posts gear..> Trying to claim it as your own?
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  4. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Kzarka Pls   

    waited till midnight est,  to be put in the worst optimized Kzarka fight ever    Had 2 fps the entire time,   really such a horrible experience. 
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  5. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Are characters RNG seeded? Need confirmation.   

    I honestly feel like the amount of hidden RNG stats should be the killer to this game.   It was like they initially had some form of Roll the Dice system in their early phases,   and decided to scrap it without actually removing the code from the game.   Such a horrible implementation to not know EXACTLY all that is hidden.

    Hidden "RNG" seems like its very potentially likely.   Almost like a hidden base luck skill.
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  6. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Night Trader   

    Would enjoy seeing this!
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  7. AgentNorth added a post in a topic people are getting orge rings from glitched mobs shut the EDAN Mediah now!!!!!!!!!   

     I already kill ogres in 2 seconds...?  I don't see the problem.  Incredibly easy mob to kill
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  8. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP NOT BUGGED   

    You have not.   The amount of sustained evidence for bug / improper implementation of the class overthrows any trolling you could put about.
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  9. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP NOT BUGGED   

    There is how much evidence gathered proving it being bugged?

    The evidence showing that this class was not in the state it was in prior to the changes made with awakening?
    Yet you provide a video of a 56 musa,  likely geared as he is the leader of Mango,   and is likely killing / fighting 50s-55s?     I don't see this as evidence against it NOT being bugged.   Holy crap max.
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  10. AgentNorth added a post in a topic State of the game via PvtWiggle's Opinion   

    What is really frustrating about this video,  is a lot more complicated issues than what are stated.
    Hes on the smallest EU server,  so i feel for him in the state of "Major guilds"
    World bosses giving too much loot is really laughable,   as the way they are designed is rewarding the same people constantly,  while the majority of people will never get a Kzarka drop / liverto,  and MIGHT just get some crystals, silver, and hunter seals.   Being upset because you are getting 20+ blackstones a day is a joke...do you know how many of these I go through a day?   Can't really see eye to eye to him, as I participate in world bosses every single day since March,  and my opinion on them has changed pretty drastically.
    The content release plan is lacking visibility.    By this, I mean, like Wiggles said,  we have no clue when anything is coming,  and patch notes never drop until after a patch.   There is more underlying issues,  when content included in patches is also never discussed,  and we have half finished patch notes not including details that should be available.  A fine example was to include how all those bundles people were saving for months?  Well guess what, they DO include boss armor, and you gave these people a significant head start on the Mediah 2 patch.   This goes further into detail with Ninja changes made every single patch,  including the drop rates of Marks of shadow, witches earrings, and etc,  being nerfed this patch,  after JUST being buffed during the patch from the previous week.   What kind of a joke is that?  Why aren't details like that included?
    He fails to mention the incredibly bad server structure on our version either.   Something I know why sieges are being delayed,  is due to this.  In Korea,  the server structure is completely different and is balanced for a 1-10 ping difference.  We don't have that here in the NA/EU as the structure is so vastly different.  One of the biggest issues we face every single day is the desync, rubberbanding,  server related crashing / lagging,  and so forth.   Until any of that would to be fixed,  I don't think we could ever see a solid improvement on our current pvp system,  thus never seeing sieges.   This engine / servers can't seem to support our relatively small population (that also is decreasing ever so slightly)

    I guess I find myself burnt out as well due to the over the top RNG mechanics we face in every aspect of this game.   Let it be upgrading gear,  crafting, horse breeding, fishing, getting good drops, and so forth.   The amount of RNG is mind numbing,  and really seems silly after spending months of play time.   God forbid half the population can't be on top of the gear grind,  because they can't DUO a mark of shadow for the life of them due to RNG mechanics punishing them every single attempt to upgrade.   
    I guess we could also be upset that the class many of us were excited about,  was released broken and bugged too....
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  11. AgentNorth added a post in a topic The Reason Why This Game is imbalanced   

    Can confirm,  rich get richer scenario with world bosses is honestly nonsense.
    Always the same sorcs and rangers getting drops,  who continually get better geared, each and every drop.
    I know multiple sorcs on Edan who have now received 4+ Kzarka drops,  and monopolize all of those drops (By not selling, and even make video clips of using other kzarkas to repair theirs)
    This is more related to my frustration with how world boss loot is done,  and I genuinely don't care to give a 2 cents opinion on class imbalance,  as we are so oddly behind on certain patches.  

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  12. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    Blader was absolutely fine in KR up until the release of Awakening,  thus we got forced the buggy awakening patch in our version,  thus we are in the state we are in.
    Basically until its fixed in KR,  it won't be fixed here.

    Worst part is....same thing is likely to happen with ninja release....
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  13. AgentNorth added a post in a topic Field Bosses and Boss Armour   

    Is anyone else surprised that Multiple people with less than 5 posts,  randomly appeared on this thread?
    Honestly though.

    World bosses add an element that is desired in the game,  but it obviously needs work.  There is no reason for the current "rich get richer" system, in which the same players are consistently getting the best drops.  Real RNG needs to be added to ALL those who participate for 80% of the fight.  (not just hitting it once and waiting)
    Having a completely RNG limited system currently in game for the boss armor, is not okay either.

    Am I the only one disappointed that this thread talks about people not having time to appear at world bosses due to jobs and life,  yet continues to defend endless grinding?  What is wrong with people thinking 12+ hour grinding a day equates content?  Its not.   Its forcing you to stay online longer to do simple stuff.
    Thread and guilds participating int he "world boss's need removed" are a joke.
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  14. AgentNorth added a post in a topic [Poll] Remove or keep fieldbosses?   

    Like let me make this clear...
    World bosses definitely could use some changes to how the current loot system works.  Balancing around the top dps always getting best loot, is absurd.    Our version is not fighting over these bosses,  but rather cooperating to kill them.  This much is a given. 

    I don't get loot every day,  but I sure as hell enjoy the adventure trying to achieve drops.   I spent the past 2 months learning rotations, boss attacks, and even strategies I could use to maximize my attempts at loot.   

    Just because you showed up, died and lost exp,  and got nothing as you participated almost 2% of the kill,  does not mean the bosses should be removed.
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  15. AgentNorth added a post in a topic [Poll] Remove or keep fieldbosses?   

    Literally trying to remove one of the few things I enjoy in BDO,  just because you can't enjoy it?

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