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  1. Turbocleave added a topic in Suggestions   

    Valencia Travel Clothes Costume, Hide helmet option?
    I'm a fan of the new Valencia Travel Clothes costume, but I was wondering if it was intentional or a bug that helmet that cannot be hidden? If it is indeed intentional, would it be something that could be implemented?

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  2. Turbocleave added a post in a topic NaughtyNation is recruting! (PvP)   

  3. Turbocleave added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Guild Ship Weight Bug?
    I am not too sure what is going on, but the guild boat has 5000LT capacity, but when loaded with 2500LT of cannonballs it becomes overweight.
    The issue did not start happening on our first session, it was loaded with 2500LT of cannonballs and 1000LT of monster loot, but when we reloaded at ratt, the boat started having problems with being over weight capacity despite my having had offloaded the monster loot and only restored our cannonball count to its original 2500LT.
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  4. Turbocleave added a post in a topic Best Siege ever   

  5. Turbocleave added a post in a topic Best Siege ever   

    Feel free to come out for a 1v1 if you're feelin unrequited
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  6. Turbocleave added a post in a topic Best Siege ever   

    we managed to push them back with our 40 man siege team, good fight tho cho

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  7. Turbocleave added a post in a topic What is happening with Iconic?   

    As strongly as we may feel, understand those opposite of you can feel just as strongly and in different ways. We are all at odds against our loyalties and our hearts. Attracting forces come and go, times change and people do too. Whatever times shared with those we are sad to have lost are still there, friends lost and friends made, battles won and battles lost, think of all the hundreds of hours that you have enjoyed and suffered with them. Focus on what you've made, rather than what is lost.
    I've traveled down this road before and while it is bittersweet, it is a path that I would gladly take again. With every pass through come more enemies and more friends to fight them with.
    To those who stayed, we are brothers to the end, to those who've gone, brothers all the same.
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  8. Turbocleave added a post in a topic Iconic on the verge of disbanding???   

    U WONT
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  9. Turbocleave added a post in a topic Iconic on the verge of disbanding???   

    ayy post ur warscores from the fight, u wont
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  10. Turbocleave added a post in a topic "Top" Guilds: Instead of Loaning People Out, Why Not PvP?   

    Good to see you around bro, glad that the veritas secret police didn't make u disappear.
    I think a lot of people do enjoy the mechanics and play siege provide, and if you have a castle there's no other way to enjoy that content throughout the week.
    For myself I like arena play so I could do duels/teamfights all week and get my fix. Not to say there's no world pvp as well, but it's sparse and often (but not always) short-lived.
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  11. Turbocleave added a post in a topic Relevant Recruiting! T1-3 node war guild now!   

    lordy is salt the only setting you guys have, give u guys a bump and all u have for me is tilt
    GL in node wars
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  12. Turbocleave added a post in a topic RIP Relevant   

    you're out of ur element donny
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  13. Turbocleave added a post in a topic Relevant Recruiting! T1-3 node war guild now!   

    lmk if u are looking for a guide on how to take balenos with just 15 people
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  14. Turbocleave added a post in a topic RIP Relevant   

    nawww geek came and took my title, u gotta take him on for it 
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  15. Turbocleave added a post in a topic <Releconic>   

    Ay yo is that a legacy alliance I smell?!?! 

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