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  1. Clouse added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    Dude, same here, I never have had lag issues like what people describe here.
    I live in West Coast U.S. and always assumed this was the reason. my ISP is Charter and I live right by the border to California. I am not sure where the NA servers are located, but generally game servers are either in Texas or CA.
    For the record, i don't life skill outside of afk fishing at night. When I play it's either grinding or PvP.
    My guild did a Node War on Calph 1 on Friday, most of them were lagging and rubberbanding so bad that the game was unplayable for them. A few almost left out of frustration because of it. Me and my wife had no issues at all and the game ran as smooth as ever. I even had someone from the enemy guild whisper me and ask if we were lagging as well.
    Anyone else on West Coast able to confirm if they have issues with lag? If so what ISP?
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  2. Clouse added a post in a topic Can i have a JOB IRL and be competitive at PVP on this game ?   

    I have a full-time job, 2 kids and a wife. I would say im competitive at lvl 59.25 and 482 GS. Been slacking a lot recently playing other games so it could be higher. Last time I really had a solid grind session was just before server merge when I hit 59.
    Me and my wife play together usually everyday for at least a few hours, more on weekends. Im sure even some of the "1%" running around have jobs and maybe even a family. All depends how you spend your time.
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  3. Clouse added a post in a topic Group of friends looking to join a guild   

    Hey there, hopefully I'm not too late.
    Webshrouds would love to have you! We are a quickly growing guild. We have held our T1 nodes for quite awhile and are hoping to make the jump to T2's as we grow in strength and numbers. 
    I'll send you a quick PM, if you have any questions about us let me know!
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  4. Clouse added a post in a topic LolisOfEdan are now recruiting Everyone! Lolis Of Edan   

    It's obviously a zerker only guild.
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  5. Clouse added a post in a topic LolisOfEdan are now recruiting Everyone! Lolis Of Edan   

    Best guild name NA
    If I wasn't happy with my guild I would totally join you guys.
    Best of luck!
    P.S. Can I still be loli-zerker-kun senpai anyway?
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  6. Clouse added a post in a topic n/a   

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
    We strive to be a non-toxic guild. We ask that our members team up or at least communicate with others when moving in to a grind spot. If our members are being griefed they are of course more than welcome to flag up, but we try to make sure none of our members grief or 'Troll' other players.
    That being said, it is impossible to know what all of our members are doing at all times. If one of us truly did gank you multiple times without at least communicating with you beforehand, please let me or one of our other officers know so we can take care of the problem. This goes for anyone that may have future problems with our guild members.
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  7. Clouse added a post in a topic Looking for guild   

    Sent a PM!
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  8. Clouse added a post in a topic Two players looking for guild   

    Sending a PM,
    Look forward to hearing from you!
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  9. Clouse added a post in a topic lowbie Healing in Guild Wars   

    Can also do this with a Protected guildie.
    Have the GM protect all your non-officer witch/wizards and they can free heal in a GvG without any danger, even if they are lvl 61.
    Fought some guilds before that do this. You can always flag on them if they are over 50, but still lose Karma. If the GvG goes on long enough, or you're in a public area like Sarma or outside Altinova entrance you can go neg karma pretty easy.
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  10. Clouse added a post in a topic Announcement: The Melding of Orcanaria & Broodmother Contest   

    I hope the winning entry is a fap worthy picture...
    Although I AM already fapping to orca's picture by itself...
    afk 15 mins
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  11. Clouse added a post in a topic Hardcore player LF guild   

    Sent a PM!
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  12. Clouse added a post in a topic Level 59 musa looking for a guild   

    Sent a PM!
    Hope to hear from you.
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  13. Clouse added a post in a topic Edited   

    Sent a PM!
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  14. Clouse added a post in a topic MMORPG players's choice awards 2016   

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  15. Clouse added a post in a topic Upcoming mmos?   

    They are Fallen. When they rise they become Un-Fallen. When you kill them again they become Re-Fallen... Maybe...
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