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  1. olivia_t added a post in a topic Farming   

    In my experience, the way humidity affects the need to prune is that you have to prune more often when there is a big discrepancy between the ideal humidity level for your seed and the humidity of the soil. So growing plants that need a lot of humidity in dry areas and plants that need dryness in relatively wet areas both increase the need for pruning.
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  2. olivia_t added a post in a topic New World Event Series   

    Hmmm... when you hover over the xp boost icon it only says 50% instead of 150%. Just a typo, or...?
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  3. olivia_t added a post in a topic Change Character Location   

    It doesn't have anything to do with the slot they're in. It's the order in which you created your characters, including deleted ones. Those with even index numbers (the characters your created 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.) will be able to pick up the quests same as before.
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  4. olivia_t added a post in a topic Possible to Change the Character Portriat After Using Appearance Change Coupon?   

    Edit: Sorry, let me go back and have a look at this, I know I did it somehow, but don't remember the particulars.
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  5. olivia_t added a post in a topic Changed Character Order and now they are reset   

    Same here. Changed the order two or three times and next time I log in it's back to what it was before.
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  6. olivia_t added a post in a topic Possible to Change the Character Portriat After Using Appearance Change Coupon?   

    I haven't tried this after using a coupon, but you can retake your character pic by opening the beauty shop and clicking on the frame symbol at the top left. Make sure you zoom in on the face if that's what you want in the picture, because it just snaps a picture as soon as you click it, you don't get a frame or anything to help you get a specific view. You can retake as many times as you want, though.
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  7. olivia_t added a post in a topic Possible to Play Both My Characters Concurrently? (2 PC's)   

    I'm pretty sure this is what would happen. I've never played a game where you could log into the same account from two different PCs. I'm not even sure that's technically possible.
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  8. olivia_t added a post in a topic Workers in Ancado Inner Harbor   

    The same thing happened to me a few days ago. I thought I'd missed something and didn't bother buying lodging, but if it happened to you too it does sound like a bug.
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  9. olivia_t added a post in a topic Has anyone discovered the Handmaiden "Caroline" NPC in Heidel?   

    Yes, I've gotten Craft Permit: Serendian Special Fabric x1 and Craft Permit: Finest Female Casual Clothes x2 in about 10 stealing attempts. I suspect it's an RNG thing like everything else in this game. Maybe try an alt if you have one (I think you have to be at least lvl 20 to steal though), some of my toons seem better at stealing than others.
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  10. olivia_t added a post in a topic No QQ post this patch??   

    It's becoming hard to distinguish between pre-patch qq and post-patch qq. It's practically seamless and I don't pay attention anymore.
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  11. olivia_t added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Artisan Worker Contract?   

    I was talking about 'crits' which seem to be rarer with artisan workers, but if you're doing a lot of trading crates I guess the extra crates are something you'd want. You can actually change one skill of your worker once he hits lvl 30 +50% exp. but I suspect it's another rng thing like the horse skills and you get a random skill instead (never actually tried it).
    Also, you can use your workers in other cities as long as you move the materials they need to the storage of their home town (I have my Heidel workers craft armour in Glish), but of course it's not always feasible if you have to move the goods a long way to do it.
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  12. olivia_t added a post in a topic Horse Problems   

    It does. It should be in the list as you scroll down, and it will say 'injury', so should be easy to spot if it is there.
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  13. olivia_t added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Artisan Worker Contract?   

    It could just be something that is usually only available in the pearl shop in another region. I wouldn't be bothered by it, even if it did show up in our cash shop, because it's a silly thing to spend money on. I have 10+ artisan workers that I levelled from general or skilled, and it's nothing I was particularly focused on, it just happened. Just from observation I would say they are not better than professional workers anyway. I seem to get a lot more additional/special items from professional or even skilled than from artisan workers. I don't think I've ever gotten a 'lucky' tool or an upgraded weapon/piece of armour from an artisan worker, they all came from skilled or professional. So they can put them in the cash shop for all I care.
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  14. olivia_t added a post in a topic New Attendance Reward Bug   

    Same problem Edan Val E1 - 'Cannot apply results to memory' then logged in alt and had the stamp but no items in bag.
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  15. olivia_t added a post in a topic Alfredo and Clorince not giving Amity quests...   

    Lol, yes that was pretty much my first reaction when I found out. You only really need to do these once on one character to get the associated knowledge. The minimum level to get the quest is 13, and getting there takes maybe 10 minutes. Amity is shared across your alts, so you won't have to level it over again.
    But yes, the whole thing is kind of stupid.
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