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  1. muddledtv added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestion: Alchemy and Cooking Animation
    Hey i thought about an suggestion About the animation on alchemy and cooking
    if a Player uses the Alchemy/Cooking tools the character wil pick up and use Fx. picking up and reading the book( even make an extra animation if tool table is use from the back side of the tool table, maybe even add extra processing time on) anyway my thought are it chould add to the immersive moments in the game. hope you see this and think about it  
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  2. muddledtv added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Report player
    i dont think this is how you should speak to any player plz report
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  3. muddledtv added a post in a topic Repair button   

    oh Thanks
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  4. muddledtv added a topic in Suggestions   

    Repair button
    Can we please get an repair button for the game, like in many other games Fx in Battle net Launcher there is an repair game button so we dont have to reinstall the game, when our game is not working as it should or has some errors
    thank you!'
    hope they see this
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  5. muddledtv added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

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  6. muddledtv added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    BOOOOOOOOOOO wtf is this i knew this day whould come if this is true then bye bye bdo you not gonna make it ind EU thats for sure no one likes your idea delete and fire the people that came op with that stupid idea KYS
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  7. muddledtv added a topic in Suggestions   

    Red nose armor why?
    They daum i don't if you can do anything about but lets hope, i have a suggestion on the red nose boss gear because its is not even the same league as tree armor if it could get even an 1 hp per enhancement it chould be a okay piece of gear but now its just even woth look at you might just delete the item tbh the only people that use it is the ones not knowing that tree armor is 25 times better and yes 25 times red nose armor gives 8 hp recovery and tree has 200+ hp and they both gives 100mp
    so lets say you give it a 1hp recovery per enhancement just like the accuracy on bheg gloves, tree armor whould still be bettter but i think you might like it that way i guess?
    it whould also balance the pvp a little gearwise red nose armor is cheap for casual players so not every one goes after the same type of armor all the time i have never seen such madness over gear in a game before
    but still it could be nice with a hp recovery buff and it could be nice to have so not 99% of playeres wants and stalk tree armor and 1% buy the red nose armor if you know what i mean even it out
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  8. muddledtv added a post in a topic Can we get a Sensei Title?   

    that would be awesome and hopefully they could be able to make it lorefriendly
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  9. muddledtv added a topic in Suggestions   

    Can we get a Sensei Title?
    I would like to be able to get a Sensei title some how in the game, i know its a small and silly thing, but hey its here where you can make suggestions right..
    Q: why? A: because i want one/ also i'm not the only one, im sure some naruto fan boy would love that..(myself) aaaaaand it would fit perfect for one of my ninja roleplay when ninjas FINALLY COMES OUT! but anyway...
    Q: Okay? how should you get it? A: Well i don't know maybe kill 10 000 ninja's in some temple on top off an mountain sounds good?
    Q: what kind of player would like this the most? A: Roleplayers and something between
    Thansk for reading my post
    you may like and share for people to see thx
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  10. muddledtv added a post in a topic Ninja/Kuno need to come out now, not later. Read.   

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  11. muddledtv added a post in a topic Forget about warriors people Duam dont care about us   

    A real Warrior never quit
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  12. muddledtv added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 17th   

    Still waiting for ninja's so i can RP naruto.... kappa
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  13. muddledtv added a post in a topic Why can't we see damage being dealt/taken?   

    if they put it in so you have to find it to turn it on then yes, i personally want it when comparing my gear and stats
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  14. muddledtv added a topic in Suggestions   

    Any Chances For A Model Viewer?
    Is there by any chances we can get a model viewer for sceen-shot and record for videoes?
    Fx like the Wow Model viewer.
    Btw Love the game keep it up
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