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  1. Midway added a post in a topic I made an Equipment Calculator for BDO   

    Has this been abandoned? It could use an update of the new classes and a few other things. Just wondering.
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  2. Midway added a post in a topic Side effect of P2W tax reduction   

    Knee jerk reaction from the community because people are unemployed thinking someone with money will somehow come out on top. Why would people sell for a minimum witht the tax reduction in the first place? Yeah, you might gain a little more. But if I have a tax reduction i'm gonna go for more profit and just sell a penny under everyone else like i've been doing. Stuff still sells at that point. People need to chill.
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  3. Midway added a post in a topic DF underperforms in PvE?   

    If you read the patch notes. 
    Adjusted the skill Dark Flame to bring it in line other Sorcerer abilities by adding 100% chance of Critical Hit in PvP.
    The tooltip description of Dark Flame will be modified in a later maintenance to reflect this change with the following lines:
    “100% chance of Critical Hit in PvP” and “Using the skill during cooldown (in PvE) will not activate the Critical Hit Effect.”
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  4. Midway added a post in a topic Official statement regarding ninja/kunoichi delay till july   

    Didnt they say they're gonna rework the skill tree's.
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  5. Midway added a post in a topic Stuck on Now Processing (June 17th)   

    version dat 1312
    Launcher version

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  6. Midway added a post in a topic <EDAN> Baka join today!   

  7. Midway added a topic in US Guild   

    [Edan] 50 Witch Looking for Active Guild
    I'm looking for a fairly active guild here on Edan. I'm enjoying the game but i've been missing out on a lot of content because the group of friends I came over with weren't interested in the pvp side of things. I'm looking for active voice coms, pref TS, if possible but not a deal breaker. Friendly atmosphere, with a chance to meet new people. If you have any questions please message me. I've just left my guild around 8pm EST. So i'm currently on a 24 hr cooldown timer.
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  8. Midway added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch vs Sorc after Witches awakening...
    I hope
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  9. Midway added a post in a topic Trying to figure out this sorc build   

    That is one bad ranger.
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  10. Midway added a post in a topic At a loss...   

    Thank you all for the reply's. Sorry I haven't replied back sooner. As much as I love my witch, I guess I prefer melee over ranged. My guild leader has dragged me along to level a Sorc and i'm starting to enjoy the game play a bit more. Gonna give warrior a shot today as well. I'll keep my witch for world bosses, since melee seems to have issues with them. Thank's again for everything guys.
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  11. Midway added a topic in Classes   

    At a loss...
    I'm not sure what to do. I play a witch lvl 50, getting kinda bored of her. Tried ranger (lvl 50), don't really like it either. Mostly because of the constant healing/mana potion popping and Shotgun combo failing. Question is should i stick with my witch. Is it even worth it or try something else? If so what other class should i try. I'm having trouble just getting another character past level 10 and feeling defeated. In past MMO's i've played feral druid (wow), imperial agent/sith assassin (swtor), mesmer/elementalist (gw2), necro (gw1). I'm waiting on the ninja and kunoichi to come out, hoping they will be more my play style. But i'm worried i'm gonna be completely useless.
    My Witch has full grunil most of it around +10-11, yuria staff +14, steel dagger +11 bronze dagger +9, MoS and RoGD, kalis neck, Pri: kalis belt, Duo Bares earring, Pri Bares earring.
    Did I fall out of love with the class or just get burnt out from the game? Please, would love some advice before i drop the game all together. It's a beautiful game, but it's hard to play it when I feel this way logging into my character.
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  12. Midway added a post in a topic Maewha Seals Bundle - 12   

    Woot, i've sent in a support ticket last night. Here's hoping it gets fixed!
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  13. Midway added a post in a topic Maewha Seals Bundle - 12   

    Same thing happened to me as well. Can this be undone??
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  14. Midway added a post in a topic 12 Maehwa Seals in a pattern only gave me a +3 reward bundle   

    Same thing happened to me. Only got the 3 package instead of the 12. Hope this can get resolved.
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