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  1. Uachet added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Leave as is. Those supporting the game deserve a little extra bonus.
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  2. Uachet added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    Seems you do not know the definition of the word you are using. Being fleeced requires one to not know what one is getting into. 
    So much anger over a game that costs a pittance to play. If you truly have real responsibilities, I would think you could find something more worthy to froth at the mouth over.
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  3. Uachet added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    Hello pot. Can't argue the point so resort to the ad hominem, eh? 
    The game is not balanced for everyone. I dare say the game was made to not be balanced for everyone, since the top players are forced to play like it is their career to keep up with each other.
    Those without the money and time I feel for them, but those without either are probably a vanishingly small percentage of the player population. Those with both, well then I feel more power to them.
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  4. Uachet added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    I do not dine to tell anyone how they spend their money or free time. Yes I do, considering the equation Time = Money, those who have more time are able to leverage it for greater rewards. Those who have less time, but more money should be able to leverage their funds. How do you think those people with more money than time gained it? They gained it by working. Therefore, allowing them to leverage their money will equal out the benefits for both types of participants.
    No, the only one being shafted would be the ones who complain about it. You spend your time as you see fit, I will spend my money as I see fit.

    Evidently it is, if PA continues to make avenues for those of us with less time to spend a little cash to keep up. It seems the future level of grind may be mitigated by infusions of cash.
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  5. Uachet added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    I welcome the changes. I have more money than time, and so I do not mind smoothing out my enjoyment by leveraging my money to make up for my deficit in time.
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  6. Uachet added a post in a topic Sick of +20 being thrown around   

    There is an advantage had out here that Korea did not have, hacks. Are we forgetting the possibility of people who hacked enough to gather the resources needed to +20 their items?
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  7. Uachet added a post in a topic Feedback - June 17th Update   

    I say let the gainfully employed have their fun too. Add the ability to allow costumes to be sold on the market. Time = Money, Friend.
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  8. Uachet added a post in a topic All your dreams of making money through crafting are destroyed, including the economy here after. Here is why (video)   

    I think people need to look up the economic concept called Opportunity Cost. He indirectly mentioned it in the game, when he stated that doing all of the gathering yourself takes time, and with that time you could make more money doing other things (grinding) then gathering the resources and crafting the objects for the final product to sell.
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  9. Uachet added a post in a topic Grats on 59, Glare [Orwen]   

    He could be physically disabled.
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  10. Uachet added a post in a topic world boss and hackers   

    I doubt if he is deluded. His actions betray other intentions.
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  11. Uachet added a post in a topic Thank you Daum for an amazing game   

    I do understand why so much arguing is taking place. It is almost like no one knows what the definition of "shill" is.
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  12. Uachet added a post in a topic Uno Server<LeagueOfAssasins> SteamKeyGiveawayEvents!!!!   

    New guild member doing my duty.
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