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  1. Nezir added a post in a topic #1 Player on server is a karma bombing griefer who suffers no penalties   

    This, I'm starting to think this entire group of "switch channels" crowd lack common sense.
    They're so desperate to defend their stance they spout off with complete lack of sensibility.
    Really? You lose so of course everyone else is hacking...  Refer to the lack of common sense comment above.
    Lets try this for an exercise:
    All penalties for theft are removed, someone moves into your house and starts driving your car.
    Are you going to:
    A:  go find an empty house and abandoned car
    B:  Fight
    (I realize for some, this could be an uncomfortable stretch of their thought process, but don't worry, everything we can do to chip away at the shell of ignorance you currently occupy is a good thing)
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  2. Nezir added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Well thought out, I would like to inject one thing though, the current Karma system is horrid.  Punishing people for flagging/defending in an increasing amount should not be considered.
    What I would like to see is this:
    Node respawn 1st death = 1% loss xp
    Town respawn 1st death = 0% loss xp
    On death you receive a "Death Debuff"
    HP/MP/SP/etc reduced 30% for 10 mins
    If you die to pvp during that time the penalty is doubled across the board and xp loss goes 1/2/4/8/so on (even on town respawn 0/1/2/4/8/so on)
    Each subsequent death in turn doubles the previous penalty.
    Introduce negative xp values, you won't delevel but you will go neg xp.
    Changes the Karma system:
    Leave min/max Karma as they are.
    Flagging and killing a non flagged/non red player is 100k loss(for everyone who damaged them including who got the final hit)
    Flagging and killing another flagged player = no karma loss for any party involved.
    Increased durability loss based on Karma status
    Removal of disenchant/gear drop for red players
    Gem breakage based on a % value determined by the 300,000 to -1,000,000 scale with 1% @ 300,000 and 100% at -1,000,000
    Increased number of town guards/strength of town guards (All major cities and small cities/outposts)
    Have 1 designated city that is for red players (Valencia is suppose to have something like this once released from what I've heard)
    Death as a red gives you only one option for revive, said "Red" town, make the town on the far reaches of the map (Outlaw town(s) should exist at the furthest reaches of society)
    Removal of death count on horses for player kills (stops griefing of breeders) Horse death due to normal means(cliff diving/rivers/etc) remain as normal.
    Outlaw town has it's own AH (only items listed on it are accessable on it, it does not interact with the world at large AH that exists in patrolled towns).
    Flagging is instantaneous, deflagging incurs a 5 min timer that if you attack another player during that time stops the deflag.
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  3. Nezir added a post in a topic Alright screw this shitty game with toxic community   

    I concur, as long as when you leave safe zone, you're automatically flagged for PVP.
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  4. Nezir added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Only time I've attacked or my groups have attacked others is when others come into an area we are grinding(not just the zone but the specific mob pulls we're doing) or when we're attempting to contest an occupied spot. (This is of course outside of war dec's) And as best as I can recall, the only times I've been attacked or killed is when I either was trying to push someone else out or being an ass by disregarding other people in an area.
    I have multiple char's over 50 and I can't honestly believe my experience is all that different from others.  If you're constantly being "Ganked" unnecessarily, sometime you need to look at all of your failed interactions and realize YOU are the problem and not others.
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  5. Nezir added a post in a topic Simple Fix to re-introduce spot defending!   

    You concent to PVP when you leave safe zone. There is no such thing as non consentual PVP.
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  6. Nezir added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    There are a lot of games that cater to what you desire, I would suggest playing those.  BDO does NOT cater to what you desire as at any time you aren't in a safe zone, you are consenting to be killed.
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  7. Nezir added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    The person you're exemplifying won't be competing in nodewars either unless they(Daum/PA) dumb it down to the point where showing up gives them a reward.  DBO is an OWPVP game, if you want safety, hang out in town, if you're ready to accept that conflict occurs and are willing to take part in that conflict, go try to contest areas, you're not entitled to anything without being prepared to fight for it.
    This, kids, is why they need to stop handing out participation awards.  -----ing entitled bunch of pussies is what the world is turning into.
    EVE is a "small" niche game, BDO would be lucky to even grow into that genre/size, and these changes and dumbing down the game won't push it in that direction, it will hamper it as a lot of people want risk vs reward.  If you aren't willing to risk anything, you sure as hell shouldn't be rewarded anything.
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  8. Nezir added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Not testing the t2/t3 mix to get t3 female, more of the point that I want to see if i get more T3A females from the same skins as I used this weekend.
    Just thought it was odd that breeding two horses that favored red more resulted in constant 0 red fouls.
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  9. Nezir added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I've been toying around for the past couple weeks with Taming/Breeding.  I've been doing a lot of research (including reading most of the 595 pages of this thread), going over the calculators, looking at data.
    Saturday I came across an interesting post about getting t3f horses (right now I have a shortage of tier 4 and tier 5 females so figured I would do some breed stock to try to fix the problem).  So this post (and I apologize about not quoting it as I don't remember what page it was on) indicated that a T3 Male lvl3 + T2 Female lvl4 = T3 Female and that the individual had so far a 100% success rate with that formula.
    So I went about collecting a few horses, decided I would start trying to narrow down the color so that I could potentially hit pure breeds later on.
    So these are my results (I apologize in advance as I'm at work and can't make screen shots)
    T2A LvL4 Female "Glue" + T3F LvL 3 Male "Donor" = T3A Female "Hehaw"
    T2A LvL4 Female "Gluetwo" +  T3F LvL3 Male "Donor" = T3A Female "Hehas"
    T2A LvL4 Female "Gluethree" + T3F LvL3 Male "Donortwo" = T3A Female "Hehar"
    T2A LvL4 Female "Gluefour"  + T3F LvL3 Male "Donortwo" = T3A Female "Hehad"
    So so far was like hrmm, I keep getting T3A's, so thought maybe on the exchanges something different might pop up.
    T2A LvL4 Female "Glue" + T3F LvL 3 Male "Donor" = T3A Female "Hehat"
    T2A LvL4 Female "Gluethree" + T3F LvL3 Male "Donortwo" = T3A Female "Hehaf"
    So all in all, 6 breeds/exchanges, same skins/lvls, identical results.
    4 of these females are being lvled up to 30 to breed with a couple of my T4 males in hopes of getting some T5 females and T4 females.
    Next weekend going to repeat the test to see if it happens again.
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