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  1. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic Farming needs a buff   

    massive CP sink
    huge time investment to be efficient
    0 gain from leveling the skill up (less energy consumption is hardly worth it, u get this for gathering too, as well as better and more loot)
    this is why I turned all my fences in and invested in crates
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  2. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic NERF dark knight   

    each class should own its role. back line damage spikers are going to have higher k/d hence the wiz/dk being higher. that chart wasn't pulled from 1v1s, it was pulled from conquest where tactics play a large part.
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  3. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic NERF dark knight   

    they didn't say stronger, it has a higher k/d ratio, which kinda makes sense considering its a long range glass cannon
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  4. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic Lazy Peon as Sorc "Game Sucks!" Lazy Peon as Wiz "Best MMORPG on the market"   

    lettuce be reality, kakao paid him to come back and make a positive review. why do you think he made a couple videos about a grand return and then pretty much disappeared after about a week
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  5. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic Farming questions   

    once u start farming special crops the grow times range from 4-8 hours. im almost master farming now, with 10 fences I normally only check my crops once in the morning and once at night
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  6. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic Solo grind with DK is hella fun!   

    y do u Q up for a few seconds when u get to a pack? just aoe whats in range and move on, anything that wasn't caught will follow u, and moving onto a group with 5 mobs is worth more than killing the 1 mob that was left alive in the previous pack. it doesnt seem like a lot but over the course of a few hours ur missing out on a lot of kills.
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  7. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic What will you do?   

    its usually posted in the announcements sections the day before patch
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  8. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic Lack of Costume Choices   

    weapon looks pretty cool. no thx on the tutu tho
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  9. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic This class gets me addicted to grinding, lol   

    theres tons of streams up on twitch, especially early morning in NA.
    they literally teleport/dash (no collision) through packs and the mobs just die
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  10. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic PVE valk buffs incoming (March 16th 2017)   

    does anyone else feel that pve damage was never an issue?
    I feel like the mechanical deficiencies of our class's clear speed are completely ignored (i.e decent AOE and mobility from pack to pack)
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  11. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic Is there a better potion to craft besides H.C.G.J.?   

    u can process highly concentrated into refined
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  12. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic Whats your follow up?....   

    it has floating, which is even better
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  13. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic Whats your follow up?....   

    you wanna knock them down before you blow your wheel of fortune
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  14. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic How to survive - PvE   

    u should be using your close range mobility to keep the mobs off while at the same time positioning urself behind the mobs for the back attack modifier.
    shift+a/d is good for this
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  15. Lick_MyCrit added a post in a topic Any info on new drops on the upcoming new areas?   

    new boss set that interchangeable with the old set. only piece out for KR right now is the griffin helm
    also they have a gem slot on their costumes
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