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  1. Karylles added a post in a topic FOUR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS   

    the sad part of it is, that it only plays a boring 3 second loop. you aren't able to play a pentatonic scale. what a silly thing to do. i am pretty disappointed.
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  2. Karylles added a post in a topic Hide Name - Except PvP Enabled Players   

    yes, been searching the forum for someone having a similiar suggestion. 
    It would be great to be able to turn off names, besides

    1. party/guild members (which is an option already)
    2. Enemy clan names. 

    So only relevant names pop up on the screen. Since i understand having "anonynmus" PvP players not shown until they attack could be an intended mechanic, i don't see the reason why we shouldn't be able to see enemy clan members, which are at war with own clan. Since they would glow red anyway, if you turn on names. So in the end there should be an option to turn on Enemy/Alliance/Guild/Party names only. 

    Another way to handle this would be to turn off names in cities and towns. though i like the first suggestion more.

    his way you don't have to go to settings menu and change name visibility all the time in and outside of towns. Names inside of towns are absolutely unneeded and just an annoyance. people turn on names, only to be able to see possible enemies. I'm actually astonished, how nobody besides Shynxie suggested this.
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  3. Karylles added a post in a topic Add an Indicator to the Mini Map to Show Dead Guild Members   

    yes. very important in my opinion. 
    also: having HP bars of your teammates for wizard's healing skill would be nice. both are things i would love to see added and would contribute to better cooperative gameplay.
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  4. Karylles added a post in a topic BDO has so much content your head will spin   

    i might get some hate for this, but the more i consider, the more I think bdo is not really a sandbox.
    its a content-less (besides inactvie graphical content) themepark disguised as sandbox.

    in a sandbox guilds get created that provide pvp security for other simple gathering guilds as their own means of money making.

    or players with ships provide rides to far away islands for others not so fortunate players. some service and money making out of the box, you know.

    in a sandbox there would be different ways to work together to kill off a monster, not that spam and lag fest like todays monster hunting.

    all in all,  there are incentives for player made events, like maybe building a bridge out of all those unneeded boats and rafts to pirate island, just for the sake of creating something. there is content giving incentive to people to create own content or at least trade the basic items of the game, which also is not happening really, regarding tools and utensils.

    and of course meaningful things to explore, small events around your character that happen in the world or objects, that are tangable within it. at the very, very least finding a treasure under water.

    all in all i see it as a theme park, with way to simple (and otherwise way to difficult and time consuming unless endgamer) or non-almost non-existing content. i don't see the sandbox there.

    of course there is many things "to do", but all those activities that we are talking about are more themepark than sandbox.
    and when we talk about adventures, then there is none.

    while i already read from the gamedevs personally in their interviews,  that they really are keen to provide meaningful adventures, other than "go grind 100feathers". so it's their own intention, but i don't see more than just the lip serviced intention. 
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  5. Karylles added a post in a topic BDO has so much content your head will spin   


    True. What I really can't understand is how they provide all these huge worlds and beauty graphics and neat objects all around, but fail to make you interact in ANY way with or in it.

    Watch this video and look at the comments, everyone has the same thought: "wow, great stuff, but can you actualyl do something with it?". you really don't have to be a genius game-dev to put in some content, at the very least having some treasures or something worthwhile exploring. 

    Same with quests. i was baffled how they could create such a great setting with the valencia storyline, that screamed for an epic quest (those giant ancient golems). and simply having them stand around in the desert to "extract" something from them (namely, hit R). i really wished for some, at least 1 or 2 nice questlines or activities, that make you team up with your friends in order to have a short but meaningful adventure. the saddest part of it is: the graphical content is there, more than enough! from sunken ships, to ancient relics to boss monsters. many mechanics are alraedy implemented and there to take (climbing, and now swimming, hunting. etc) all these things can just be used to create an adventure that is worth playing through. not only to get the contribution points and items in the end.

    having to climb difficult places to get to a specific point and using rope items for other players, that may not be able to jump that high, providing one coop feature?  having to fight (decent) ambushing mobs, similiar to the already implemented (but for endgame players) ghost ship or trade robbers, when you are on specific active questlines with your friends? or just simple riddles. you know, like in the first tomb raider games? some of these things need a bit of code content, others are even already there but unused. there is tons of things that i actually hope for in mmo's and i am really asking for just the most simplest implementation of it.

    btw.:  that's what i mean with super epic setup, with no content at all. was it to much to create some form of riddle? (put that thing over there, align these three rings in the right way, etc. simple adventure stuff) or spawn a contesting mob in this room, when I hit R on the relic? this setting begged for a simple riddle or for a relic to spawn some kind of an ancient mob that i have to fight in order to progress further. this one simple spawn would be already some kind of "surprising adventure" in the most simple form. 

    and if this is all to much,  then forget what i said, put in some treasure items on island or oceans, at the very least :'( 
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  6. Karylles added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    I'm kinda the least rich person in this game. and i for myself pointed out, how a price system is a signal system and already said, that at least this would work out with >some< items, like unskilled to get by >raw materials<,  >tools and utensils<. such could indeed get capped less and also get "more expensive" and most people still be able to pay.   none of you seems to understand what a price system is there for. which is also no surprise, because it is a very little known fact, even in RL.

    on top of that, maybe i am wrong, but scarce raw materials are already super overpriced, because people, who are rich pre-order with super high bids! i am trying to pre-order rough stones for +150% for days now. i dont even want to know how high i have to bid, to actually get them!
    the only thing i am saying is: give the seller at least part of that overprice, and don't cap it a max! that will of course lead to much more people providing them and meeting demand more!!! tell me why this is wrong, at least for those already cheap items?

    ok, yes. i got you: let's forget about black stones and weapons. but now tell me why this shouldn't happen with raw materials and basic tools?! newcomers going to win out and nobody has to pay more, since they already overprice! the problem is that the money doesn't get to the sellers. nobody think it's worth it. providing logs and rough stones only as an income, because you get 30% of high bids would be super incentive for all noobs and casuals to get money while using life skill. 

    btw. market flippers are nothing else then speculators: they buy stuff (giving the producer a steady income, even if there is no demand!) the second people again start to demand those things, they sell it for a higher price, yes. they speculated on that. that's actually a good thing. and just like always, this high price gives incentive to provide this stuff, because people can cash in for providing those items again.

    but hey, i understand you guys just don't see it that way. neither in RL, nor in Game,. no surprise. i really should stop repeating myself
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  7. Karylles added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    lol, at those socialist claims. well. i love debates about economy, but not here in this forum.  turns out my mises quote was more true than a joke. 
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  8. Karylles added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    thanks for your reply, but it only supports what i say. i know how these are scarce items, but i also know, that many people would start gathering and providing them with a decent profit! ok this is my last post, because you guys kinda don't get the whole concept, which is not to complicated and i won't waste anyones time here and repeat myself again.
    but the best part of your answer is surely this:

    says who? the game devs? you? you want to tell me that was the intended concept of the game? you are just stating a symptom of this price-system and making at normative statement. it doesn't have to be like it, and it sure as hell shouldn't if i am allowed to tell my subjective view on that.

    if we go down that path: its just natural, that a sandbox game should lead to specialization. there should be people building tools, others using them to gather, others using their provided ressources etc.
    I also of course see, how logs are sold on a daily basis, but i also know, how everyone has to provide, just like you said wit hthe tools, all these basic necessities for themselves, which makes everyone worse of!! if you could specialize on one routine, because all the other things are readily available in the AH, you wouldn't waste your time for those, thus creating even more of your specialized stuff (driving down prices even more!) i don't and won't use up all my contribution points for another workbench. 

    well.. enough econ 101. i made my case. 
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  9. Karylles added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    yes, so what? 

    many people are billionaires right now for afk fishing/farming and having a workers routine, selling crates to npc's, which doesn't help anyone, creating inflation.

    why not being a billionaire, IF you are the only one, who actually provides something useful in the AH? please don't fail to see the logical outcome of what happens, if everyone else is seeing that there is just one guy constantly selling 999 logs for 5.000 each...

    what do you think will happen? its only logical, that other ones start gathering logs, or start selling their hoarded ones.

    I would even say it counters inflation a bit, because people would sell more to other players and less to npc  not creating so much money from the system.
    also i would speculate, that we would have decipled and specialized workers. instead of today, everyone being forced to provide everything for themselves, we would have people who really do specialize in logging all the time, or others fishing that particular rare seafood etc.  but hey, that's just a guess.
    you should be awarded and not punished, providing these things for other players. i am literally losing money and time selling cooking utensils right now. but i do it, because i want to provide this stuff to people who can't craft it on their own. 
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  10. Karylles added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    I actualy do have an idea what i am talking about. While it is true, that you can't equate real life economy with in game economy, the things I say are easy to grasp basics that should work the same even in game. Anyway:
    Paying overly high prices is what people do already with pre-order. I can't buy rough stone, even though i pay 150% right now, how high do i have to go? 5000%, like you said?
    The only difference right now is, that the seller doesn't get the money, taking away the absolute important <incentive> to produce or sell them! I actually laid it all out already, but i repeat: the second people buy stuff for very high prices, people "trying to cash in" is exactly, what we need. you'll get more and more supply, until people won't be snapping stuff away with 5000% biddings! that's exactly how prices work, in real life AND in a game. and that's exactly why price controls are shit in both worlds.

    again and again: all those noobs could get money with their cheap unskilled labour, without breaking their neck, figuring out how to create a workers routine, to be able to make somewhat decent money. how about you focus on them, instead of those mean billionaires snapping away items for high prices? many people could get logs and rough stones, while the millionaires and billionaires would actually provide high skilled products, that are worth providing. i can't even buy a freaking pickaxe right now for god's sake.

    btw. if people pay way to high prices for crafting materials, they also don't do it for mass production, but because they want to built themselve a ship maybe? how much demand is there, for one rich guy to buy up logs to build a ship for themselves? the second they produce for the market, they can't overprice to much, because it wouldn't be worth it for mass production. so this problem wouldn't even arise that routinely.
    maybe i get you wrong on that, but it sounds like you are telling me price controls work better irl, than supply and demand prices? it's funny how you mean, that i have no idea what i am talking about and trying to spin it a way, that i "only want to cash in". guess what, the solution of scarce resources are exactly those INCENTIVES.
    again²: if you see, that cooking utensils are in such a high demand, that players even pay 5000% for it, you and many other people will be incentivized to provide these utensils. and since there will be surely more and more oh so greedy people trying to "cash in", they will lower the price naturally, because they also want to sell it as soon as possible. there will be people happy with 4000%, and others will be happy to underbid them with 3000% and you will see, that not only demand will be met soon enough, but also the price will get to a reasonable price. that's actually economics 101, and I don't see how this shouldn't be the same in the game-AH, than in RL. prices are signals for scarcity of resources. that's a fact. the first one listening to the signals and getting them right, gets a lot of money, but exactly that leads to people following his path, lowering the price with any new actor providing the same material or tool.

    it's a shame there is no abundance of the basic stuff like rough stones, logs, and tools! that's why i suggest liberating at least some of those basic crafting items, unless someone tells me another reason, why those are scarce. 

    good day.
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  11. Karylles added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    "you are all a bunch of socialists!" - Ludwig van Mises

    Ok, Jokes aside.
    I really dont know about how this works with rare item drops. But I am sure, that price controls on crafted items work as bad in game as in RL. Take advanced cooking utensil for example. People either stack up 10 of the beginner utensils in their houses, or simply hoard dozens of advanced cooking utensils for themselves. many people hate that workaround and i hate it to go into place mode and get rid of those cooking utensils. its not fun and my house doesnt look nice either. and i dont think the gamedevs intended it to play out like that. there are intermediate and advanced utensils for a reason, and being forced to craft all those stuff on your own and only for yourself, because selling it doesn't pay off, is sad. 
    Why shouldn't it be incentivized via prices (which actually have an important function in the economy---> telling you that something has high or low demand) to specialize in them? same goes with fisherboats. i don't know how it is today, but i remember how nobody sold their boats coupons back then , because they would've made a loss, actually. i couldn't get my hands on a boat and it was a pain in the ass to build one.

    so, at least craftable items should be liberated. if anyone is in dire need of a fishing boat, and is willing to pay 50% more for it, why should it be prohibited? its already partly like that with pre-order. only that the one selling the item doesn't get the surplus money. actually pre-ordered prices should be transparent, and also payed out to the seller, so people get incentivized to provide that product. if you have to get rid of inflation or whatnot (seriously, how much more socialist can this get? ) than maybe tax it, but don't cap it!

    moreover i think it's a shame that people have to snipe for usable scantlings or polished stones. that stuff should be provided in huge amounts and a number one income for newbs (unskilled labour), while the pros produce tools and ships (specialized labour) without worrying about getting the materials, and being able to bid higher prices for such ressources, when they are in dire need for mass production.

    and forget about all this monopolies worrying. if this is a craftable item, and someone sells for way to high prices, other players simply get incentive to opt in into that process and sell it cheaper.


    If this was the case, basic materials like rough / polished stones, usable scantlings and such wouldn't be so scarce. also cooking utensils and fishing boats. if those items where crap items, they also wouldn't be sniped away. so maybe you are right on OP's items, but not on the fact that the market has some issues.
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  12. Karylles added a post in a topic Open up the market.   

    sry, posted in wrong thread! couldnt find the delete button!
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  13. Karylles added a post in a topic Pearl Cooking Utensil.   

    yes. having to build 10 utensils in your house and always being forced to throw them out and buy new ones is simply silly.
    next to having pearl utensils, making the advanced utensils worth producing and selling, so people don't hoard them. seriously, many items, that should be mass produced, so people, who cant make the effort on their own, to be able to buy them, is why we have a market in the first place. let people specialize and share their products. it seems like everyone is forced to produce for himself, because there is a constant shortage of all the products. having max-capped prices surely doesn't help. if you really want to stick with price-controls that completely take away the incentive to build high demanded stuff, at least make their production resources cost less. logs, that cant be farmed by workers?  20 polished stones? 

    i am producing them and providing them right now, to help people out, while making losses. it should be incentivized to provide stuff, not punished.
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  14. Karylles added a post in a topic Better Social Player Relationship features.   

    i wished for that for a long time. i remember how many of my buddies, who don't play this anymore told me, that this is just no real multiplayer. it was basically like this:
    the only multiplayer rpg aspect is literally, that you can cook food and share it with your buddies. that's it. and this is from a supposed sandbox game, where shared multiplayer moments like this should be the backbone of the game.

    i always wondered, why someone should not be able to create a cooking workshop and sell it the use of it, and the needed items as a service. or many other things, that just don't work out, because everybody and everything is isolated.
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  15. Karylles added a post in a topic Can we all just admit that Kzarka is a horrible boss.   

    that is actually what i am missing in the boss fights. they even thought of turrets. that is great.
    and you dont see 1000player jumping around smashing buttons without skill, dying without a chance to dodge. i am shocked to see that an years old game like GW2 already implemented that. pearl abyss has no excuse now.

    i start thinking there are people who actually like it the way it is. if you would ask me as a game dev, i would say it's broken. sorry, just my honest opinion. 
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