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  1. Brunack added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    I agree with you, the resist crystals are garbage due to 60% caps & ignore resist crystals.
    Also, people keep saying this is not a PvP game, yet the main endgame (apart from afk fishing for the rest of your days) is node and territory wars.
    The life skill system leaves a lot to be desired really, mostly it's done afk. That leaves only grinding left. It comes back around to it again, PvP is the focus of endgame whether it's between guilds at nodes or private duelling. That's the case with a lot of MMOs due to a finite amount of content. This game's content doesn't even incorporate group dungeons or raids, so I'd say this is absolutely a PvP focussed game at the moment unless they release something that proves it otherwise.
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  2. Brunack added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    I have already previously admitted Wizards need to be changed. That's a different topic though and other classes shortcomings (tamer for example) or OP aspects (musa/mae dash) need to be looked at from a different aspect that doesn't screw every other class.
    As I've said before: wizards are the silliest designed class that could have possibly come out since awakenings. They tried to turn a squishy and quite slow character into a melee ranged class and they tried to do it with abilities that locked the class into place while it casts.... which means the abilities need super armour or blocks to make them survivable enough to be viable or the class just gets one shot from range. Take away that super armour and it's a gutted class, leave it in and it is stupidly strong. Take away the damage it deals and using the awakening is stupid, might as well stay with staff and again make the class non-viable. They really didn't think it through. The class needs a complete makeover to bring it into line. However that doesn't mean chaining CC's is a good idea, all it does is add to the problems in this game. They need to be scaling back the problems, not adding to them.
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  3. Brunack added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    I didn't say remove all CC's, just chaining them together is stupid.
    It's not, unfortunately when you have Aus ping plus play a class like wiz you don't have many blocks and your I-frames have fairly large cooldowns.
    I agree that the system isn't perfect, one way of improving it is removing perma-cc's
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  4. Brunack added a post in a topic What feature in other games would you like to see in this one?   

    Some sort of CC immunity after the first one so you can't get chain CC'd.
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  5. Brunack added a topic in General   

    Chain CC's have to go!
    Basically what the title says. Chaining CC's so that you literally can't fight back is the stupidest and cheapest thing in PvP at the moment. It has to go. I'm basically ready to quit this game over it because PvP was the reason I came here and although some of the other aspects of this game are ok, that is game breaking. Surely there's a better way to balance PvP. This meta of whoever gets the first CC wins the fight is ridiculous.
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  6. Brunack added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    I'd like to point out that having some games around that have progression as a core element is a good thing. Having patience and building your strength is sometimes a good thing, it's very satisfying finding some asshole who pk's you only to go and get stronger, go find him/her and destroy them. On the other hand, I do admit that the grind in this game is pretty boring. I'd like to see some other ways to level apart from the billions of mobs. Give us some dungeons, group events, raids with an objective etc and I'd be happy. In an MMO PvE and PvP should go hand in hand, not just one or the other.

    What I do agree with in this post: the RNG sucks. Having luck determine whether or not you can progress is a terrible idea because you end up with people who put in huge amounts of effort who could be a real asset to the game's community that are then locked out of being competitive due to dumb luck. Effort and commitment should equal reward and progression, but in this game they sometimes don't.
    I'd also like to point out that the imbalance in this game (or at least to the point of what it is now) is fairly recent. Before awakenings there were problems (think I-frames with the sorc and ranger desynch) but it was much closer to being balanced then today's meta. I could take on a level 55 wiz/witch while playing my level 52 wizard and still have a very real chance of winning.

    The big issue that I read that you are complaining about is actually having to put in some effort to get strong. Not all games should just give you everything.
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  7. Brunack added a topic in General   

    World Bosses & Lag
    At the moment we are all aware of the lag, we have all experienced it. We also know that all PvE deaths force you to lose items and exp. The combination of the two is forcing players to choose between experiencing game content and progression. I have no problems with a risk vs. reward system, but when server instability is involved it creates a toxic environment and resentment towards the game.
    Personally I used to love doing boss encounters, but have put them off recently due to the servers being so unstable. Today I chose to go and take part in game content and was forced to regret it due to the server teleporting me into Kzarka's breath and then dying to an attack from Bheg that had absolutely no animation as he was being leashed. I lost tens of millions in crystals due to this. I lodged a ticket and hope they recompense, but am not all that hopeful.
    The only resolution that I can see until they fix the server lag (which being realistic, could be never) is to remove exp loss and gem destruction from world bosses (leave normal PvE trash mob loss as it is). I want to go and play the game and progress onto other areas, but at the moment I'm forced to avoid playing which is an utter waste of my time being here at all.
    I hope this changes (and to be fair I hope it's a temporary fix only, I like the risk vs. reward) because I would love to play all aspects of this game properly.
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  8. Brunack added a post in a topic Prepare yourselves for the meta shift and choose wisely   

    There is never true balance between the classes. At the moment Witch/Wiz takes the crown for a lot of things, but I'm predicting it will get over-nerfed and become a sitting duck in PvP and their damage is getting a nerf so it's possible they may not be anywhere near as competitive in PvE, Wizard I believe will be the one to get hit harder of the two by the nerfs given it was basically turned into a semi-melee class.
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  9. Brunack added a topic in General   

    Serious issue with the lag
    Hey guys,
    Just addressing an issue that has probably been talked about a billion times already. All the same, going to speak up anyway.
    Lag. Need I say more?
    I'm currently afraid to go and grind because the servers are so unstable I might disconnect or lag out and get killed, which seems pretty counter-productive to me. I go out to grind and end up going backwards in progress without making a mistake or it being my fault. Not a positive position to be in when a core mechanic of the game is progression.
    A pretty simple message seems appropriate here to the dev's and game producers: fix the servers before you add new content, or at least stabilise them to a point where we can feel comfortable to play, I understand there will always be lag, but right now it's ridiculous. There's no point having content in game no one can play right now, so what's the point of adding yet more stuff to the game if there's no one who can enjoy it?
    That would seem the logical conclusion, and yet...
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  10. Brunack added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    In reality BDO really screwed up wizards. They are way too strong.
    The devs took a very squishy class and tried to make it a melee class with cast timers... which means you need to give them a way to survive when they decide to get in range to use their skills. This is why almost every skill has a block or super armour. Take the super armour away and you're left with a class that gets one shot, leave it in and you have (potentially) the strongest class in the game. Hits hard and is very hard to kill, has heals and a teleport that can temporarily get you out of trouble.
    Now don't get me wrong, these last couple of months have been amazing (I have mained a wizard since I started playing this game, was my first character before I understood what balancing was like and have stuck with it through thick and thin), but I can recognise a balance issue when I see one and would like to see it rectified even to my detriment.

    Personally I don't think there is a very good solution to the problem, leave the super armour in and it's as it is now, but take it out and you gut a class. I think a good step in the right direction would be to raise the cooldowns/remove the ability to chain cc's so no class can just sit there and spam skills to remain in super armour, or keep a character perma-cc'd/grabbed (I'm looking at you zerkers and tamers). Since awakenings there is very little balance, I'm not sure that is going to change any time soon.
    Pretty sure some items listed as "DP" are actually evasion though. Someone linked me a chart with what gear's "DP" gives evasion and what is damage reduction. I'm yet to test it properly, but if it turns out to be true it's the stupidest and most broken shit I've seen in a game. To be serious we need gear that shows its actual stats, not hidden or mis-labelled shit all over the place.
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  11. Brunack added a post in a topic BOOST YOUR MARKETPLACE BIDDING NOW.   

    I personally would like to see super rare items be the result of certain quests, or group dungeon content. Much like the earing of dim magical power and its upgrades works through a quest system.
    The better the item, the harder and longer the quest to get it, even to the point of one quest taking weeks/months of work to get it, at least you would know that you can get it at some point plus you're working as a team with people and (hopefully) having fun in actual content rather than grinding/market camping/praying to RNGesus. Right now you have to go through weeks/months of effort to get something and even then you may never be successful. I want to see a direct correlation between effort and level/gear, I'm tired of the way luck and RNG works in this game it's way too full on.
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  12. Brunack added a post in a topic Male Dark Knight   

    I remember hearing about that male ranger class. Why didn't it go through? Surely it couldn't have been more toxic than the female counterpart in it's day?
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  13. Brunack added a post in a topic COMPLETELY LOST EPHERIA SAIL BOAT!   

    This happened to our guild boat at one time. Though ours was slightly different. The pirates aggro'd on us, but switched aggro to a guild mate's personal boat and we were left there stuck. After the pirates died we were able to remote collect however.
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  14. Brunack added a post in a topic New player with love/hate intrest in this cluttered/bugged MMO   

    You need to learn "Magnum" and drop the "Blue Steel" look, until then you'll never learn to turn left.
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  15. Brunack added a post in a topic male archer, male sorcerer ever going to be added?   

    Given that in Tarif there are male sorcerer NPCs, the people who are spouting lore are talking garbage.
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