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  1. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard WAY TO OP   

    Kakao already stated that witches/wizards and their new addition dk need some serious balancing aka nerfing, but seeing all these fotm muppets defending their classes is so cute. 
    Please do continue
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  2. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Should I hit level 50?   

    There is a lot of single player rpg games where no Jackass McGee will ever be able to bruise your ego.
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  3. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    So what you are suggesting is to give up the spot to some pos who think he can just log in/come in to the spot and start grinding it even tho someone is already there. You do realize that some people search for spots for hour + before they start doing their rotations right ? They check channels and if they see someone they switch/move to another place talk to the guy grinding and ask when he is done etc, and all that just to give up to one shitter who just comes in and starts ks'ing
    To me it sounds like you are one of those entiltled shitters who karma bombs and i wish more people knew how to deal with pathetic 'old school pvpers' like you so you would already move on to another game.
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  4. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    There are ways to deal with it like joining the guild, making some friends who can help you or even talking with guy who tries to take over spot like in any proper sandbox mmo, but no they choose to abuse broken game mechanic and hide behind tos like pathetic little rats they are. If anything karma bombing makes people grief even more, i for one enjoy a lot killing these kind of people but not so i loose karma and they loose nothing, no simply bring them down to low hp and let mobs do the rest.
    You commies need to learn that this game was never meant to be level playground where everyone is suppose to be equal and have same rights to best spots, no matter if they started playing game or they playing it for a year or they good at game or bad. Kakako made serious mistake by removing xp loss on death, but still they are ways around, even more painful that that 1%. And like i said before that change made people grief each other even more both ways.
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  5. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Is there a way to avoid PVP?   

    One year in eu/na two years in korea and mind you in korea pvp is more open since they dont have this awful karma system as we do, and game is still open pvp, dream on that it will ever change.
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  6. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Why I'm upset and confused   

    Hypocritical? How is that hypocritical that people defend something they paid for, it's not like we are in pve only game demanding and crying for open world pvp because this is exactly what is going here, pve crowd joins owpvp game cries on forums that they are getting ganked, they want pvp immunity unless they flag etc, that xp change is direct result of those tears.
    Funny how you telling me to grow a spine, something that clearly you don't have and never will. Just gtfo where your place is already because we both know that this xp bullshit wont last week and as soon it will get reverted you will see true meaning of griefing.
    No they did't, but they still felt entitled to the rewards that mythic offered simply because they bought the game. And so if they can't clear mythic no one should and blizzard must remove mythic raids and move rewards to place where 99% community can complete. There was big discussion about it on mmo-chmpion few weeks back.
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  7. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Why I'm upset and confused   

    This whole drama only shows that real toxic crowd and most cancerous are carebears in most mmos, they buy game with open world pvp they ----- about getting ganked, same was in dakrfall people cried they loose their gear in full loot game , same in eve in uo, albion hell even in world of warcraft they cried to remove mythic raiding because it's too hard takes too much time and effort.
    It's pathetic really so many pve mmos to choose from, with casual content yet they come to few games that are hardcore one way or another and they try with their endless tears to change core features to fit their playstyle.
    Obnoxious entitled little shits, no wonder some people griefing the shit out of them hoping they will quit before they do too much damage on forums, i think ill start too.
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  8. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    How can you be so clueless about game you play and it's core features. 
    And yea you are correct calling you an imbecile is an insult to them, i'm sorry imbeciles.
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  9. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Ganking is pvp you imbecile and it is open pvp game too, if you don't want to pvp and you can't handle being killed then this game is clearly not for you.
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  10. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    It's not the carebears that are the problem here, i know few guys that play only for pve/life skills and yet they manage to be 55lvl+ and decently geared. The issue is with people who are worthless when not guided/protected step by step by the game systems they can't change instance when ganked, they cant move to a different spot for some stupid reason, they can't talk to people grinding maybe they will just simply invite them. No that's too hard for some easier to be whiny ----- on forums. 
    In games with owpvp there needs to be consequnces for dying for both reds and non reds otherwise they will open huge window for exploitation and cancerous gameplay if just 1 side suffers. People who oppose this are spoiled by games like gw/wow and any other thempark on market and they want to convert bdo into one which is beyond fkn stupid. Don't like it gtfo already. That xp bs wont last a week anyway.
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  11. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Reddit is a little step behind tumblr so their acceptance don't surprise me at all.
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  12. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    It is his if he was there first, in every mmo ks'ing mobs is not ok. In bdo you can change channels go and work on something else talk to guy ask him when he is done and come back then but you choose to be an asshole and follow him and ks mobs, but when he finally kills you he is a griefer  in your fcked up twisted empty mind. 
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  13. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Not bothering him he is in his grinding spot, taking his mobs how is that not bothering him lol. Holy fck you shitters think you deserve to be respected by everyone yet you don't respect others.
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  14. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Holy ----- what an entitled little shit you are.
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  15. ph4ntommm added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Barely hardcore yet people cried for weeks how owpvp is bad and xp loss is so awful they cant do shit and they uninstall/refund so devs finally bend over to them and removed xp loss.
    If it's not hardcore for you anyway why do you care then, wasting your time on forums like that.
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