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  1. Axvalor added a post in a topic Call me crazy but the game is running a lot better after today's patch   

    I call you crazy. As everyone is on the internet, you know For me, today's patch was awful...but I didnt notice about the new option, I'll try tomorrow. Btw xingcode threw some errors, just after entering the first time, the game closed and the message appeared. Someone had tge same problem?
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  2. Axvalor added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    I dont think they are going to do that. And they shoudnt... imho, of course. It would be like months of development (and wait for EU/NA) just to have exactly the same thing (most popular and populated grind spot) with different appearence. Such a waste.
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  3. Axvalor added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Well, it will be just temporarily, and is nice that Famme's even takes time to prepare that kind of stuff. That camels are just too good
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  4. Axvalor added a post in a topic Need help with Life skill Profit   

    I think that Velia hotspot is the only passive hotspot since a few patches. Also the passive hotspot isn't a safe zone anymore. I don't recommend anyone fishing there, fishing at random places without exhausted resources and getting more fishes (and also more relics) is much better than the probability of coelacanth there.
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  5. Axvalor added a post in a topic Low SP points   

    At the beginning I was talking about the item in the image. I was surprised that you said that you could use it before 56, because you said "I used the free reset feature you get at 45 lvl". I must have misunderstood something, dont worry. The important part was all the rest of the text
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  6. Axvalor added a post in a topic Low SP points   

    You can reset your skills for free before lvl 56. I don't know how did you use Armstrong's skill guide given when you reach lvl 45, it's suposed not to work. Maybe I'm wrong or didn't understand correctly. In any case, is perfectly normal that you have much less skill points, in first place because some time ago (when that guides were done, I asume) leveling was more difficult. Therefore, it was neccesary to grind more, which means more skill points at the same level. Also, take into account that leveling will become harder and harder from now on, so maybe at lvl 55 you have near 500 skill points too. You don't have to worry about anything, in any case. When you level up, and you go to grind harder mobs, you will get a lot of sp in no time, as the amount of sp isnt related with your level, just with what you are killing.
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  7. Axvalor added a post in a topic What to do in Port Ratt   

    And don't forget about Valencia III at the north of the current one...It may take some time till Port Ratt becomes the Port of a real city. Apart from fishing, it may be only useful for trading and staying there if you are going to hunt monsters.
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  8. Axvalor added a post in a topic Starter's dilemmas   

    First, I must say that being difficult doesnt mean that you wont be able to do nothing if you are an average player. It means that you'll have to try harder if you want to get the 100% of its power, but is a good class even if you don't. If you like it, go for it. 3-4 hours of playtime is enough to master every class (of course, not only in the 7 days of the trial). And answering your question, I have heard the same about sorc, but I've never used it, so I cannot tell for sure. But take into account that after 56 all classes get their awakenings, a Scythe for Sorc and a Sword for Ranger. So, if you really want to play a ranged class, you should try Witch, Wizard.
    At the beginning you may think that there is a lot to do. "Too much", you may think. The game isn't really beginner friendly, altough it will guide you trough the map, and giving you quest to learn and so on, it will take you some time to get used to everything. But the players will help you if you need, in the forum for example. And yes, there are a lot of guilds that recruit beginners. Some guilds also have a requirement, in general X AP/DP and maybe VoIP programs. They are PVP focused, but don't worry if you are interested in PVP, you'll be able to reach that point relatively easily.
    About the last question: altough the game "has no limits" there are a lot of soft caps that limit aspects of the game, making beginners to being able to catch older players. Also, there are always a lot of events and stuff that helps newest players (exclusive rewards, Olvia channels for +EXP). I think 3-4 hours are enough to catch up anything you want in the game
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  9. Axvalor added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    They should specify "Any moment between <current_date> and 2020" when people ask about ETA. That way people would stop complaining about extended maintenances due to technical problems.
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  10. Axvalor added a post in a topic House fame event   

    Yeap, as far as I know, Fame is calculated when you first login, and then the reward is sent to you.
    About leveling...i think is doable. Choose clases that can grind good pre-awakening. Good luck.
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  11. Axvalor added a post in a topic House fame event   

    Then, as Harow pointed, you must have received a lot of millions from the fame system of the days that it didn't even exist. Game was launched on 3rd March 2016, and you bought the game in mid February 2017. Providing that any of your characters was lvl 15 (and I'm sure of it), you received, at least, 250k/day (200k per level, 50k per energy+contribution). 300 days have passed since your account was created (they are more, but calculations are easier this way). So, you had in your mail 300x250k = 75 millions. With that, you can buy all the items given as reward of the event. Problem solved.
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  12. Axvalor added a post in a topic Combat Experience Bonus Weekends - March/April 2017   

    It has been several events, in fact. It started in August 2016 with the warrior awakening.
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  13. Axvalor added a post in a topic Do We Get More Coupons?   

    Maybe it changed with today's patch, but now you can purchase pearl items if your pearls are less than the max price but more than the -20% price. For example, I've just bought something of 500 pearls having 440.
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  14. Axvalor added a post in a topic How many horses i can own?   

    You can get houses using contribution points with the function of Horse Ranch. That will increase the amount of horses you can have in that town. Also, you can buy stable expansion (pearl shop). It that isn't enough at a certain point. you can use remote collection to keep horses inside a stable even after having more than the limit.
    Edit: You may haven't noticed yet that you can have 3 horses at each stable. Maybe that answers the question
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  15. Axvalor added a post in a topic Does kaokao reduce or change definition of channel crowded?   

    My first tought was "Fck DK release events. I won't be able to have decent fps in any big city."
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