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  1. btwHendo added a post in a topic Crescent Shrine : something is wrong with the ring drop at higher lvl node   

    I wish I had read this before I got my node to lvl 10. I was getting decent drops until I finally hit lvl 10 and now I can't get even get an ancient scroll in 2 hours of farming. 
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  2. btwHendo added a topic in Suggestions   

    Deleting non-junk items from invenotry
    I've done this more than once and it drives me nuts. I've accidentally deleted an enhanced fishing rod from my inventory because I'm so used to months of throwing away Steel Fishing Rods when I'm done with them. Muscle memory kicks in and before I know it I'm out a rod. At least they weren't any higher than +4 at most. 
    There are prompts at the vendor when you want to sell any items that aren't junk (white or grey) asking if you are sure you want to sell this item. I just want something similar to this for when throwing away items from your inventory. It would be mildly annoying when grinding mobs to get prompted to throw away stuff like trade items, but i'd rather take than that muscle memory taking over and accidentally deleting something worth millions. 
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  3. btwHendo added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Hunting Musket Bug
    I was enhancing an Apprentice Hunting Musket and building stacks in general on it as well. I got the musket to +7 and took it out to repair the max durability of the musket. I put the musket back in the black spirit and the musket had gone back down to +6. I got +7 again and eventually +8 before it downgraded again back to +7 when i repaired it again. 
    I'd post some screenshots but the system log doesn't show what you enhanced and what it got to. It just says enhancement success. 
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  4. btwHendo added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 29th   

    Cool. I'll have to test it and keep track of what I catch. It could very well mean that which would make a little more sense than 3-7 fish per cast lol.
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  5. btwHendo added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 29th   

    @CM_Tytyes @CM_Jouska
    The number of caught fish has been increased in Freshwater areas(1~1 -> 3~7 fishes)
    Is this part of the patch not working or is there a really weird definition of freshwater. I was fishing on top of a mountain in a lake and still only getting 1 fish unless I am completely misunderstanding this note. 
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  6. btwHendo added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Workers getting stuck with 0s left
    The title pretty much says it all. Multiple times now i'll come back from being afk or just check on my workers while playing the game and the lazy rat bastards will have 0 seconds left to complete a task and not actually complete it. I've tried reloading the ui, swapping to a different character, change channels, going as far as the server menu to change channels and none of these will fix it. I have to log out of the game and log back in for the workers to finish the task and move on to the next.
    This is extremely frustrating when one of the biggest reasons for staying logged in overnight is for workers to keep doing their thing and making me money or harvesting materials for me to turn into something else. It's happened to me several times now. I didn't think to take a picture but I'll be sure to try and remember next time and update this post with a picture next time it happens. 
    Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere else. I did a cursory search and nothing came up immediately. 
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  7. btwHendo added a post in a topic Mevo Muranan Aminity Game   

    Bumping this because it's still a thing in the game. I've done testing with this guy and he reads 100% and still fails without any sort of modifier from others. This dude is an awesome combo breaker in the worst kind of way.
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  8. btwHendo added a topic in Suggestions   

    Easier to Use/Equip Gathering Tools
    Currently if you want to go spend a bunch of energy through gathering, you have to either open your inventory and swap between tools or completely change your quick slot bar every time you want to either gather or pve/pvp. None of that is game breaking in anyway, just a mild annoyance. You have to make sure you're standing still when swapping like all other equipment. Neither is super inconvenient, however I was discussing it in guild and the idea of having an inventory for all of your gathering tools that would automatically use whatever tool is required for the job was brought up or just get rid of the the tool slot and use them directly from the inventory. It's just a small life convenience feature that would probably make a lot of people happier when gathering. I'd love even a couple extra quick slot bars and that would solve the problem so I don't have to change the only one I have every time I change between what I'm doing.
    The only issues I could think of are of course nodes such as trees where you can either chop or extract, and mobs where you can butcher or extract. It would be possible to give these items a menu similar to the menu you get when hovering over npc's and players that allows you to select the appropriate tool for whatever job you want to perform. 
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  9. btwHendo added a post in a topic We are Family!