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  1. Danjiano added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Wizards and witches can easily drop heilang to  50% in a single lava/poison pool.
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  2. Danjiano added a post in a topic Bug ?   

  3. Danjiano added a post in a topic Without Complaint: Additions/Class Adjustments   

    Replace one of the bound skills we have with a knockdown.
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  4. Danjiano added a post in a topic LvL 56 Tamer PvE grinding rotation   

    Or just use Beast Rampage which recovers 45 HP per hit.
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  5. Danjiano added a post in a topic LBP bug   

    Using Cloud Ride usually fixes it too.
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  6. Danjiano added a post in a topic Hey which one is better for pve only musa or tamer?   

    Tamer has higher sustain than Musa does.
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  7. Danjiano added a post in a topic Hey which one is better for pve only musa or tamer?   

    Musa by a long shot.
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  8. Danjiano added a post in a topic KR patch note for 2nd March   

    Does anyone have any images of the navigation/sailing outfit?
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  9. Danjiano added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    EU Serendia6, still waiting for a boss to spawn.
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  10. Danjiano added a post in a topic [Bug] Heilang vs Water   

    Had a reset for today so finally went and recorded the issue. The final upgrade makes Heilang hypersensitive to any water. This makes grinding in areas with water much slower:
    You might want to avoid maxing Heilang for now.
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  11. Danjiano added a post in a topic What does heilang do exactly?   

    It's not that bad. It has its uses.
    Don't just sprint with it, it's somewhat slow and drains stamina fast. Try sprinting and jumping instead.
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  12. Danjiano added a post in a topic Is Tamer a good class to start my adventure in BDO?   

    My sides
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  13. Danjiano added a post in a topic What does heilang do exactly?   

    Yes it is. Fixed.
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  14. Danjiano added a post in a topic Why is there only one heilang?   

    Nah, anyone can. Set Heilang to Stay so he doesn't move around and let anyone attack him for a while. Best I've seen so far is a warrior killing him in about 5 minutes.
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  15. Danjiano added a post in a topic What does heilang do exactly?   

    Heilang attacks alongside you. Whenever you use a skill he'll use a specific attack. It adds quite a bit of damage to your attacks, and adds additional CC to some abilities like Void Lightning or Surging Tide. Note that he only does damage while you use your abilities. His autoattacks don't even tickle people.
    He'll also randomly CC on his own. Don't rely on this too much though, just see it as a lucky save if someone gets their combo interrupted.
    You can also absorb him to get a very powerful offensive buff.
    While you have him out, he'll allow you to pull twice as many mobs than your usual limit. This is very useful for grinding.
    Finally, you can ride him once you reach Lv 49. You can fight while riding him, but it's not recommended unless you're facing very weak mobs. While it is comparable to a low tier horse in terms of movement speed, it's true use is as a parachute, or to drop to the bottom of the ocean faster while diving.
    Just have him out when fighting, He'll help you out a little on a lot of your attacks and is generally a nuisance to your enemies. There's no real downside to having him out.
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