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  1. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic It's time to be completely honest, Sorcs aren't high skill cap, and they're not balanced   

    Here are my experiences as a 128 AP / 155 DP sorcerer against equally geared players.
    Vs Warrior/Valk : Ignore in open world PvP no one will die.
    VS Tamer : Don't get hit by their Q, you will die.
    Vs Ranger : If the ranger uses Q-Cancel over shotgun finish the fight fast or die
    Vs Sorcerer : Play Smart, better sorc wins.
    Vs. Wizard : RIP Wizard
    Vs. Guild : You'll get a few kills then die from any CC. A warrior grabs you = Dead, a wizard residuals you = dead, a ranger charges his knockdown like a smart person = dead. Any CC with more than 5 people around WILL KILL you (will equally geared players). Not if a guild flags on a +15 sorc without the stats to back it up, the sorc can 1vX just because of gear scaling.
    Maybe people just aren't geared but once you hit +15 all gear (Or really close) you realize that a lot of classes don't die in a single burst and can ----- your shit up just as fast as you can. I feel people complaining about sorcerers just aren't geared yet or are only dueling and not actually PvPing where potion spam matters. In any situation with a gear difference the Sorc will ultimately look very OP compared to the other classes. The way the gear scaling and game is a sorc with better gear than an enemy looks broken as ----- when in reality it's just gear difference.
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  2. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Story Time (The Ogre Ring)   

    In the end though, I feel this is one of those things that happens in a video game that our guild will remember.
    Days later from this event and many many hours of farming I have gotten an ogre ring. I was with a guild mate killing ogres with the loot set for special deals. When the ring was listed he graciously let me have it, best guild mate ever. The grind is over, life can move on.
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  3. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Addresing Negative Karma effects   

    I think there needs to be a way to gain Karma outside of killing enemies. Fishing, trading, gathering, processing, alchemy, everything in game that doesn't involve killing others should give me karma. It's a shame when I spend a full day gathering and raising my Alchemy levels and remain at 1k Karma from the previous day of grinding and defending my spot.
    Also...Red players should be able to defend themselves with no Karma loss. Basically if a red player gets attacked they shouldn't lose karma for killing the person that attacked them. I personally feel changes as simple as that combined with the karma system detailed in this subforum would make for some crazy fun Opvp.
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  4. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic another gillie wearer   

    On the contrary, I love it when people try to gank me. Cause they get killed instead.
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  5. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic another gillie wearer   

    I'm at Ogres and gank people without the suit, does that make me evil too? I also own the Guille suit and choose not to wear it cause I'd rather look fly while killing Ogres.
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  6. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Story Time (The Ogre Ring)   

    Can confirm story, still hunting ogres today. Till no ring.
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  7. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Ultimate jubre talisman   

    Ultimate Yuria took me 3 stones. Ultimate Jubre is on stone number 4 and counting. If you go check out the rest of the forums it seems to be a fairly low chance of upgrading.
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  8. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Tier 3 Ultimate Forges...working?   

    Took me 3 stones to get this baby.

    Now working on Ultimate Jubre Talisman. Tried 1 stone at green just now and it failed. Going to blue tonight and try more stones tomorrow.
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  9. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Sorc vs Sorc   

    I haven't done so myself, but wouldn't specking KD reduction on your gear make it a lot easier to win. Granted if both sorcs run the same gear neither will land knockdowns easily.
    In my experiences of Sorcerer vs Sorcerer i normally end up winning because they step into range of Shadow Eruption. Eruption then the ultimate into dark flames generally does the trick.
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  10. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic abyssal flame / dark flame problems   

    I just don't have Abyssal flame. Problem SOLVED!
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  11. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Grunils...Should I?   

    Currently I have a full +14 Agerian/Zereth boots set. I'm still on the fence of changing. Overall I want boss armor and feel that I can just keep what I have for now and work towards that. On the other hand the benefits to full grunil are just great.
    Just unsure as to what I want to do right now.
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  12. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

    The rain just ended.

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  13. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Wealth Ranking System?   

    Girlfriend was ranked #2 then #1 on Calpheon E1 the other day. She had ~100k in silver and was under level 30. At the time I was also logged in with over 10m in silver and 500k on my person and wasn't even ranked.
    Wealth system is not working as anyone says it is.
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  14. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Removal of gifting   

    404 Error Human Emotions not found.
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  15. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Removal of gifting   

    Just a personal story here. The first week the game came out I mentioned to my significant other that I liked the set of glasses in the pearl shot from CBT2 that wasn't in release. I mentioned that I wouldn't spend money on the current ones, not because I didn't like they, but because I'd rather just wait and get the ones I liked more. A few days later she playfully tells me to check my mail and looky there, the set of glasses. I was elated at her act of love and it was a pretty warm moment. She had left over cash after getting the items she wanted for her character and gifted me the glasses.
    Gifting things like this is not the same as saying "here's a gift card" or "Use this $20 note on Pearls". It's the specific act of kindness/love when gifting a specific item that holds weight. Am I going to stop buying pearls over this, no. Am I going to stop playing the game for this, no. I'm just disappointing in daums actions with limited community features all in favor of "OMG BOTS". These bots aren't going to ruin the game at the rate, adding in features that restrict normal players will.
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  16. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Grinding Armor   

    I honestly wish I had gone with this over 3 parts Agerian + Zereth boots. I'm not too worries about my choice since I'll be switching in what seems to be a very short amount of time now though. So I will agree that Agerian + Zereth boots is fine and dandy (easier to repair up to +15 for certain), There are clear benefits to 2 heve and 2 Zereth. Check the thread about it somewhere in this section and you'll get a lot more information OP.
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  17. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    Where are the panties that were in CBT2, All you have to do is release them and you can have my money.
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  18. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Help me understand Black Wave   

    The only time black waves did little damage while I was leveling up was when I did not hit enemies.
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  19. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Since warriors at lvl 50+ are useless in PVP, what will you do until Daum fixes the broken class?   

    I'm a little confused, how do you guys lose to sorcerers? As I stated before can't you guys just grab sorcs out of Dark Flame? Or is this really just the terrible desync issues of the game going against me?
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  20. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Help me understand Black Wave   

    I don't really understand what's up with these forums. I'm sitting at 52 and still like having black wave. For group grinding I find it to be very useful. Not only does it max out my shards in one go, but with shard buff it will take out a full mob of Calpheon Elite knights. It's much more mana efficient that everything else so in group grinding I can grind for hours on end with zero potion consumption. At 52 I basically have everything that I think I NEED and want. Claws cleans up after Dark Flame , Black Waves clears mobs on it's own. I never have to worry about dark flames ultimate being on CD and can just kills mobs faster it seems. I hate using shadow eruption and DoD for grinding since they are mana heavy but I use them in PvP all the time.
    Why drop Black waves when right now the only thing I'd probably put points into are the shitty passives and I'd like all the points I can get for when the sycthe comes out. Granted these are my options but when I'm wrecking PvP and PvE right now I can't be too off from something good.
    If I'm strapped for skill points post awakening I'll drop it, but for now it fits very nicely into everything I do. When grinding mobs is the majority of the game why slow it down.
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  21. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic What amount of crafted items would you estimate are actually sellable? I say 4%   

    If you buy the base mats the crafted item should sell for more, but this is not the case for basically every item in game. The time and energy it takes to make some of the high end Alchemy potions is just ridiculous yes you can make like 20k for the potion. Why would anyone sell a potion when the material to make it are worth twice as much.
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  22. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Since warriors at lvl 50+ are useless in PVP, what will you do until Daum fixes the broken class?   

    Playing a sorcerer here and the only class I can't completely destroy are warriors. During Dark Flame they just grab me out of my skill and throw me down. I'm not sure if that's a desync issue or what as some warriors say that can and others say they can't grab during that attack. Sure it might break the shield quickly, but when I'm grabbed mid attack what's the point. A skilled warriors with block every knockdown I through at them 1v1 and just grab me when I go in to break shield with dark flames. With equal gearing a good warrior is just hell for me. In open world a well geared warrior is even worse, if I don't kill them in a single burst they just potion back up to max before I can find another opening. Had good 10 minute long fight with a warrior just cause I couldn't deal enough damage in a short enough time span, granted in that scenario they were better geared that I.
    In GvG it's even worse all a warrior has to do is come up and grab me for any other class to come up and wail on me. Being grabbed in a group fight basically means dead if you have any sort of competent team work skills. It's generally how my party opens up to defend grinding spots. The warrior flags first and grabs and guarantees the kill.
    Edit : Just played around with my warrior guild mate and can say that me being grabbed is mostly do to server desyncs. On his screen I'm pre-animation next to him. On my screen I'm mid attack floating in the air with block frames.
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  23. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic A possible BALANCED fix for inability to trade items between players.   

    I'd still prefer just a guild warehouse though. I really dislike forcing a friend to pay for XXX item if they don't have the processing/gathering for it. Overall if we can't have trading, and we can't have a guild warehouse, then I would accept this.
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  24. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Sorc advantage / disadvantage   

    I have the exact opposite experience. Only class I've had issues with is warriors, block every stun/knockdown and just grab you to death.
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  25. JoeyDee9 added a post in a topic Will upkeep ever be brought to NA?   

    How would an upkeep stop guild wars from happening? What it would stop is the over one week war my guild has been at with another. At this point it's just their players harassing our lower leveled players as they try to finish their grind to 50. Even just a 100k upkeep an hour would have stopped this war after a few days. I love the guild wars, I think they need to be easy to initiate, but I don't think you should be able to war another guild for eternity with no consequences.
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