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  1. xSkyX added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    why you evading my question bro? @NotHero
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  2. xSkyX added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    @NotHero so what about you selling your NA account and then recently stealing it back? Pretty sure it was stolen from a friend as well. :thinking:
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  3. xSkyX added a post in a topic Player <> Player Trading, Market Place Prices.   

    there are several ways around this. One being a system where you can only trade to another player with equal value. For example player A has bheg gloves. Player B wants bheg gloves. Player B has 95m; this player will need to pay player A 77-95m for the gloves. Scenario B. Player A has bhegs. Player B has tree armor. They want what the other has. They can trade base armors to each other. This is just one implementation of player to player trading that denies gold sellers from existing still.
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  4. xSkyX added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Yukimura @CM_Serenity @PM_Jouska get your shit together please.. i was actually excited for all the new things in the patch notes, and well, highly disappointed. revamped patch notes twice and half of the biggest changes, GONE.
    For those curious, as of 3:26PM EST 4/5/2017 the changes are as follows: https://www.diffnow.com/?report=mowr5 <-- first change. https://www.diffnow.com/?report=47kjz <-- 2nd change. (oldest to new1 comparison. new1 to new2 comparison) of the changes in the patch notes so far
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  5. xSkyX added a post in a topic Latest PvP change in kr   

    @6footgeeks this some april fools shit? link a source.
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  6. xSkyX added a post in a topic Trading is so Confusing!   

    I'll be uploading my results to YouTube whenever I get the chance but I got from professional 1 38% to artisan 8 96% with 28140 trash crates from trent/epheria to arehaza using these buffs: value pack, 10% life/trade exp from pets, 10% life exp scroll, perfume of swiftness, time elixir, whale meat salad, GM blessing (10%), +2 trader clothes, professional trader outfit and 10% guild buff. The crates were a mix between iron ore, copper ore, maple and ash timber.
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  7. xSkyX added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    @CM_Aethon the hotfix did not fix the issue, still can't claim the rewards.
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  8. xSkyX added a post in a topic Gathering Event? Nope...   

    and are there.. any updates? I feel as if we are getting the normal runaround.
    just because the fishing part of the event is working does not mean the gathering part is.
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  9. xSkyX added a topic in Suggestions   

    Latent Boss Aura's Change Request!
    May i suggest to Kakao/PA @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @PM_Jouska that Karanda Kutum Kzarka and Nouver have a 100% chance to drop 1 aura, and only 1 aura, for every time you kill them and would receive any sort of natural loot instead of the aura's being part of the RNG on top of the RNG loot system.
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  10. xSkyX added a topic in General   

    It's Nouver Too Late
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @PM_Jouska I guess it's nouver gonna happen.. but is it nouver too late? I thought you'd nouver let us down.. i only find out now it's nouver enough... nouver enough. On a more serious note, is Nouver broken for NA? Hasn't spawned yet...
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  11. xSkyX added a post in a topic Fresh Start Server   

    for this particular event i too predicted the market shift, and adjusted accordingly I just wish i did for everything else..
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  12. xSkyX added a post in a topic Fresh Start Server   

    I'm near level 60, it has nothing to do with exp, it has nothing to do with catching up, it has nothing to do with 'people are too overpowered to compete.' It has EVERYTHING to do with what the phrase means. Fresh. Start. I already explained what Fresh Start means to me (personally) here:
    To correct these mistakes and many more.
    You don't have to agree or like the idea of a fresh start, but i do.
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  13. xSkyX added a post in a topic Fresh Start Server   

    20m/hr grinding? where and how? 'not play until artisan memories go on sale,' sure for the people with $$$, or people who stack loyalties rather than buying weight and such.. but even then, that's not true.. for everyone that knew exactly was coming (when, how and where) they were 10x ahead of everybody else when the content came out, and that is what bugs me because Daum/Kakao are clueless to no end when releasing content. And you're missing the point, full TRI armor is meaningless, even TRI weapons. You're stubborn, like me, so trying to express my viewpoints which differ from yours by a mile will do nothing.
    i did, but i won't respond to any of it; your posts are all banter that offer no calm discussion, much like what was happening with Adelise's responses.
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  14. xSkyX added a post in a topic Fresh Start Server   

    Would be a very different experience if everything was released all at once.. I wouldn't be to keen on that.
    20-30 shards per tri attempt? I feel sorry for you.
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  15. xSkyX added a post in a topic Fresh Start Server   

    Moreso about selling memory frags like an idiot when they were 75k, selling witches and marks when they were 5m instead of taking advantage of the low price and enhancing, gathering sharps/hards before +20 enhancement came out and/or buy them off the mp before they hit the max price etc etc; but yea, on top of everything else i listed, refund of pearls would be icing on the cake. Which is why:
    Your argument/statement is invalid because it's more complicated than starting a new character.
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