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  1. Beirut added a post in a topic Wizard or Witch   

    This helps you out alot more
    (were finnaly releasing it^^)
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  2. Beirut added a post in a topic My first actual node war lots of fun also deaths :D   

    some advice of a witch player whos used to nodewars.
    you might want to use the [event]hot black tea if you have themUse 2 or 3 different foods in a rotation for example valencian special > calpheon special > serendia special > repeatelixers which you got from the black spirit might help youMana pots/Hp pots/[event]Paela/whale tendon potionSummon your pet for a free dot dmg unless your in hidingget your ap abit higher around 160-180 should be fine for the nodewars now (except when facing high ranked guilds)use crystals gems on your gearuse a horse for long distancesalchemy crystalMax hp scrollcommunicate through a communication program to tell which skill you are about to popwhen you are about to do skills such as protected area use them with sage memory to instantly help them if theyr alrdy in battle otherwise you will protect only the deathput your resurrection on your hotkeybar because you might want to revive someone in nodewarsbuy kits for addtional resurrectiontry to use as much as possible awakening skills because they do more dmg and gives an additional superarmor or blockIf you are low on mana and you dont have any pots with you consider blocking in awakening mode or atleast use mana drainuse your toxic field more oftenuse shift + w + tab for long and fast running distancesdont use ur double teleport all the timeuse ur buffs besides allies so they get buffed aswelluse ur buffs in a way so that you dont have alot of cd on it for example speed spell + magical shield > awakening buff > speed spell + magical shield > wait till next encounter 1:30 mins all the time buffedtry to stand behind your allies so when they has the agro from the enemie you can cast freely without having alot to worry that you will be anhiliated by someone else.try to use ur V key if you get CCedlearn the sweet spots of your class to do massive dmglearn to position better with your teammatesnever walk in unawakened form if your teleport is on cd because you will not have alot of SA skills or blocks which will protect you against assasinsto get used to teambattle try to do red battlefield so you get a feel of your surroundings and assasinsfor more tips feel free to duel me or message me
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  3. Beirut added a post in a topic Another Gearing Question   

    For faster answers you might want to go ask this on discort there are plenty of people who ask these questions.
    Witch/Wizard - https://discord.gg/tsSvKsG
    I personally would choose to atleast reach the 200 ap cap before taking dp into consideration when you already have 200 dp that is. The reason for that is is that it is easyer to clear faster meaning more money and exp. When you have 200 ap you also stand a chance against most people in pvp.
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  4. Beirut added a post in a topic Wizard PvP Guides, Advice, Basic Strategies   

    because some people want to be better then to blow up everytime he goes in.
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  5. Beirut added a post in a topic Wizard PvP Guides, Advice, Basic Strategies   

    I'm more of a witch player but I can give you some advice.
    Lava field - gets more agroRMB when pet summoning cd is reset - the next atk of the summon will stiffenswapping between awaken and non awaken will give you frontal blockwhile pvp move alot for the best desync to avoid most stuffYou have one down smash or grab to prolong your combos (you could use freeze but it aint tht wise)super armor will resist CC when it is IN the animation not at the beginningC + walk to a direction gives a faster swap weaponsC + S will switch weapons while teleportingLMB - stand still>move>stand still will shoots alot of bullets which will regenerate fast or just put manadrain on ur hotkeybarputting healing aura/spellbound heart on ur hotkey bar willl not let you switch out to your non awakened weaponputting your summons on ur hotkey bar will give you the possibility to desummonlock one of the summons will negate changing summons while casting (f)auto aim by holding LMB onto the red crosshair will give you opportunities to cast several spells directly onto the foeputting your camera higher will let you cast over terain but will be harder to fight at close rangeI could miss out on somethings but I geuss with this you will still progress. For further questions ask real wizards on discort.
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  6. Beirut added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    and no argument yet again *sigh* 
    If you listened to the korean translators they actually sayd it himself but o wait you dont know any korean don't you?
    Making a chart is easy, making a reliable chart is very hard especially wih so many exceptions.
    Alright listen to this REAL argument.
    Backened up with all the calculations and numbers which are given in bdo you will see that if you compare classes that some are better then others. 
    most times hit abilitie = dark knight
    Flat DMG of skills = Berserker
    Most accuracy = Warrior
    Most CRIT = Warrior
    Most CC skills on abilities = Berserker
    Most multipliers skills down/air = Ninja
    Most SA = Berserker
    Most blocks = Tamer
    Most iframes = Berserker/tamer/ninja
    Most count buffs on abilities = Warrior
    Most count debuffs on abilities = Warrior
    Lesses CD = Witch
    Most average + cc + crits =Berserker
    Suprised? not one of them does witch or wizard exceed other classes in fact they are actually underpowered but in reality this is different. They want to buff other classes do not make me laugh BDO has so much code that they have a hard time to program, translate or do tests correctly.
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  7. Beirut added a post in a topic Wizard or Witch   

    to old it's useless
    ooooh my old one. CHEEEERS! to bad it is also old.
    edit: hmmm. It was a bit to soon to release it
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  8. Beirut added a post in a topic Basic Gearing Help - Witch   

    I would personnaly get some weigth gear (hercules might) so I can grind longer getting more cash in the meantime. Or I would get heves armor togain more hp for pvp.
    I woudnt go for a set (4 pieces) gear because later you want to switch out to boss armor so breaking 1 is equal to breaking 2 or more effects.
    Dw about the stones just hurry up to lvl 55 because then a new world will open. You get scrolls everyday meaning free blackstones to your choice making it really easy to get yourself geared. Maybe you could ask someone to powerlvl you so you can learn the class when you got your awakening (the struggle to 60 is real).
    Luck is a weird case of getting more drops but it doesn't provide anything else atm and even with getting more loot nobody knows how it works or that it works or not.
    Yuria isn't a bad choice because the accuracy aint bad on it it is one of the best weapons below the liverto. I would switch at one point to the liverto and then the kzarka. You probably will be stuck at that point because of memory fragments to repair your gear which is a real pain. So best thing you can do at that point is to learn some pve lifeskilling.
    I would start with cooking because it is the easyest to understand and you can train your health level with it + free contribution points which gives you more workers so you can get more free stuff to sell. 
    Well hopefully this helps you a bit
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  9. Beirut added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    it is no use to discuss things with Chun-Chun you all should know that a couple pages back. He really hate this class from its core. 
    Like I sayd over and over the warrior is atm the strongest class if you look at it from your point of view it has everything!
    debuffs, buffs, block, SA, Speed, couple of ranged, DMG, grabs etc.
    but he aint at the top why? because it is harder in the frontline to get ur kd straight so being a ranged class gives you almost everything to get in the top at that chart.
    The tests were done with the best players of KOREA! well korea is great but the playstyle of a korean and a NA/EU is entirely different.
    Further the tests were done with unequal gear, even in the tournament they did not have the maximum gear meaning the tournament was useless.
    Korea has almost no desync and NA/EU has it alot meaning moveable targets are harder to hit.
    The community in rbf are only playing for themself, I never participated one rbf were people knew what theyr doing the only thing they do is gain points by themself disregarding the one with the most points. In rbf you also see that some classes do not have any intention in taking the kills by themself for example berserker meaning a lower kdr.
    I can give numerous reasons why this chart is obviously fake. Only the remaining peole like Chun-Chun who hates the class by its core uses it. He only knows how to brag and yell against other people who wants a real discussion. As far as now he didnt provide any evidence why he thinks so because it is so (for him).
    I can only give you one advice stop discussing things with him because he obviously don't want to listen.
    For further arguments feel free to qoute me so we can discuss things clearly with actual arguments.
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  10. Beirut added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    In terms of buffs I could understand what you are saying and ult output but the dmg without the 100% is actually less overall dmg then other classes except some classes like meawha and musa. The one with the biggest dmg output is kuno and ninja even though they are at the bottom of the list. If you look at the overall kit with ults and debuffs and such then the warrior is the best class to be played. If you want the most CC skills combo take berserker. If you look at which one is save to play and thus has a high kill death ratio then you obviously want to be part of the ranged class because you have less stress and are in a much saver position to do your combos that is why the DK, witch and wiz are seen as to strong because all you need to do is stay in the backline and do your dmg. 
    This is a fact but the skill of the player + situation + playstyle etc plays in a different way. If the skill of the player is comparable to theyr class then witch and wizard without theyr 100% would be somewhere at the middle class. There is no way to balance things right even if they did the players skill isnt up to that.
    Although there are some skills which cant be calculated correctly because they are hidden. If you could show me those then the dmg output would be more accurate.
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  11. Beirut added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    What do you mean?
    I find this question confusing and a bit misleading.
    Are you searching for a slow pace button press then obv it will be witch and wizard.
    If you want to press alot of buttons and just go in mindless well there are tons of classes which are considered op. Some people say these classes are harder to play while you are just basicly performing the same horse trick over and over which is for me considered boring that is why I play the witch this is my own preference.
    Are you looking for a dmg class which isnt hard to play and is alround pretty good then you most likely want to take a warrior.
    If you like to be sonic play meawha and musa the only thing they actually do is jumping around till they find an opportunnity theyr cake when theyr getting caught tho.
    If you want a no brainer class then take berserker, it doesnt matter what grab combo you do the moment you get someone theyr practicly done for in 1 v 1. 
    Also are you looking for group pvp or are you looking for 1 v 1. Depending your choice it will also change your gear and playstyle completly.
    In the end some mechanics are harder to learn then others but that doesnt take away that all classes function in every enviroinment.
    I'm still thinking that warrior/tamer suits you best but it's your choice.
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  12. Beirut added a post in a topic Kutum Vs. Nouver.   

    I thought the samething till someone showed me a clear test were this is proven.
    Basicly in short what he did is took a kutum used the magic arrow which hit only once. Every hit which was missed on the mob would be abandonded in his test. compare the hp of the mob with the nouver and looked at the overall dmg. 
    So in this test it is clearly seen that accuracy doesn't played a factor in his test against a nouver also the 10% ignore resist is also abandoned in his test which only leaves the ap dmg.
    The ap dmg is clearly lower then the nouver but the nouver hit less so he concluded it has a hidden factor which does more dmg to mobs.
    The actual test is here:
    I was first also confused about that particular test till someone explained to me how he did it. I wanted to test the samething with the nouver and kutum against players in pvp.
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  13. Beirut added a post in a topic Kutum Vs. Nouver.   

    is someone on NA? then I can test it out I got both on pri.
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  14. Beirut added a post in a topic Gear   

    wheter a build is good depends on the player itself. In the late stages we all want to have full boss gear. If you like to support a team you will probably choose a DP build. A DP build is good but is bad at clearing grinds fast enough and has a harder time facing a well skilled geared player.
    AP builds are more independent you will do alot of dmg, clearing speed of grinds is fast and you are aswell valuable in teamfights. AP builds are good but are most of the time squizy meaning you will be punished alot harder if you make a mistake and probably die in one fell swoop. AP builds are good but they are aswell very expensive compared to DP builds. The most average AP everyone take is atleast 200 AP.
    Most people tend to combine accuracy with AP to has a higher chance to hit theyr target, but there are also people who claims that having to many accuracy is inefficient because bhegs glove + kzarka shouldve been enough accuracy to compete with other players.
    Hybrit builds are afcourse the best but has a huge disadvantage in the early runs because it progresses slow from the beginning meaning at the early stages you will have dp and ap but not enough to survive a blow or to one combo an enemie. In the late stages hybrit builds would be the best because they are tanky and deals alot of dmg.
    Evasion builds depends on your preferences. It helps alot to have it but you are sacrificing other resources aswell so you have to look what kind of player you are. The offhand is the one of the most important item to see what kind of playstyle you will face in the future so choose well and do not be hasty.
    Sorry for not giving you a straight answer to the question but the builds depends on the player idk what kind of style you are searching for in this class.
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  15. Beirut added a post in a topic Support Witch build   

    Let me add something, this is true against classes which are well geared skilled players but most of bdo players are casuals, they have bad luck and such. So you will win as a dp witch in 1v1 against lower lvls or geared people.
    That is why theyr seen as a support because they can be more daring and focus more on helping theyr teammates. They still hurt alot but are in the late stages unable to kill someone in one combo so the more you can prolong the fight the more chance you have of winning the battle (if they are not potting ofcourse)
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