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  1. keikomushi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Now that the Velia hotspot is no longer in a safe zone, it enables the following: 
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  2. keikomushi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    No Silver clothes for Hunting yet? It is well and truly time! 
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  3. keikomushi added a post in a topic Lack of communication   

    Preorders are also dependent on the marketplace and region where they are placed. If a lot is not placed in that region, it won't be available for preorder in that region. There is a LOT of RNG with bidding, however. That is how I managed to get the only two pets that I have successfully been able to purchase on the marketplace. I seriously wish that Kakao put a cap on pearl value rather than the number of pearl items per week. It would make more sense and allow more high-demand smaller value items to be placed on the marketplace such as pets.
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  4. keikomushi added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    Karma bombing? Now? No, that isn't a thing. There is very little ramifications these days as opposed to now. Just kill a few mobs and you are back to where you were. The lack of a ramification is now something that people heavily abuse to bully people in-game. I have never karma-bombed anyone but I also don't want to be bullied out of an area because some dickhead has decided that they don't want to share. Seriously, there are a LOT of people that will run down a mountain when they see a person in "their" area even when the spot that the other person is in is not even in their rotation. It would be better to have an option to add to party when in range to cut down on the bullshit. (A button coming up when in range of another person, with higher karma loss if that person decides to attack a person that has shown an interest in sharing an area.
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  5. keikomushi added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    So, you can only do the quest once for the empty pack and there is no way listed to get more, thus reducing the available turn-in to Bareeds III to once during the entire event. Much in all as I like the idea of events, it is a little sad when the events are underwhelming and require little exploration of the world.[Suggestion: Have a quest turn-in for each family per each nation. Perhaps even some event-specific bosses in each nation that have a chance of dropping the packs along with other event-specific loot and other shinies. The latter suggestion would keep the supply low but still encourage people to play with the event content rather than brush past it.]  
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  6. keikomushi added a post in a topic Allow us to ride in wagons (as passengers)   

    But the extra seats are obviously for pet kittehs. :-D
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  7. keikomushi added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Map Bug
    There appears to be a bug when opening the map that can reliably cause the entire machine to crash on my husband's machine. He usually has Disgeia also running in the backyard as well, which suggests a correlation with the resource usage of the machine. He's also noticed that the system resources dramatically lower when opening the map and no other game is running as well. This has been an ongoing issue since the last patch. Has anyone else been noticing the same issue?
    Update: I was just informed by spouse that the machine behaves in the same manner when jumping on a horse whilst having the other program running in the background but on a higher frequency. 
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  8. keikomushi added a post in a topic GUILD POWER RANKING - WEEK 3 XMAS EDITION   

    The game is dead, huh? You are hilarious. Where are you doing your next comedy routine? *poke-poke* 
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  9. keikomushi added a post in a topic Laurens family coin event and being an Aussie   

    The fact that the developers still haven't fixed the reliable and ongoing timezone issue is somewhat baffling. 
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  10. keikomushi added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    The turn-ins stopped several hours before the event was supposed to end. What on earth is up with that? Please allow us to turn the coins in the first few days after the event finishes so that folks don't miss out on their shinies because of this odd error.
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  11. keikomushi added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I got two decent male breedings by breeding two tier 4's at level 25 each. Here is the info: 
    Note that I also got a 6R on the exchange.
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  12. keikomushi added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestion: Status option
    I am a member of a guild and have numerous friends that aren't a part of my guild. Because I do a lot of things AFK when I am asleep or doing household chores, some of my contacts sometimes are not aware when I am AFK or do not wish to be disturbed. As such, I would like to suggest a status option. The idea is to set a status (likely in the character sheet) that can therefore be seen in guild roster or friendslist so that people don't mistakenly believe that I am avoiding them when I am either away or doing something else. Given that this is a social game by mandate of being an MMORPG, I believe that such a function would be useful and assist people in organizing groups for different forms of game content.
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  13. keikomushi added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Berserker   

    "Destroyer of Dreams" is the general "first 100" for each class on each server. That gives you multiple chances of getting the title if you have classes at a point where they can work towards the awakening. Folks should make sure that they log in early though as it is first in basis. In the case of this last awakening, the servers were up at least 90 minutes earlier than predicted end of maintenance. Also note that some classes have more information on the awakening quest than others, as was the case with Berserker. As such, I in Mediah rather than near Keplan at the start, relying on a guide that listed the start as being at the Mausoleum. It turned out that I did need to be at the Mausoleum, but that was several long horse rides down the quest chain. 
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  14. keikomushi added a post in a topic Extra quests by package?   

    Based on some of the posts that my spouse and I have read, some quests are determined by indexing number. This is the odds and evens scenario in order of when you made the character inclusive of deleted toons. I haven't really paid attention to it personally as I tend to quickly level and play through the early content rather than slow down and enjoy it. Also note that there will also be some quests opened up by having amity of varying stages with specific NPCs which also adds to the entire collection of quests (including some dailies) for your stable of characters. 
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  15. keikomushi added a post in a topic Beginner's Guide to Hunting   

    They've already revealed this is Berserker on another thread, silly. :-D
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