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  1. fallout added a post in a topic Valk shield bug - breakdown of communication?   

    Wizard pets? Dying? funny joke, friend
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  2. fallout added a post in a topic Absolutely broken fort location.   

    >not answering
    so out of character lel

    Guilds are actively downvoting this on reddit to ensure they can continue to abuse it under the radar. This is how broken it is.
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  3. fallout added a topic in General   

    Absolutely broken fort location.
    See here: http://imgur.com/a/8ku33
    I've just finished up a nodewar on the node Altinova Gateway to find a guild using this absolutely bullshit location. PA specifically design the Node War Grid to ensure that most locations like this are unusable, but it seems they missed a spot here. Please spread this far and wide so it's fixed!
    (also, fix valk shield plz)
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  4. fallout added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Valk block fix when?
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  5. fallout added a post in a topic [Notice] Known Issues - Apr. 26 *Updated*   

    Hey guys, I hear the server will be restarted soon and the hotfix immediately applied for this important issue with the ca$h shop.
    But the less important bug with Valk's shield being broken? That'll be fixed soon™.
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  6. fallout added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Wear it with pride
    Get your profile picture here until this is fixed!

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  7. fallout added a post in a topic Valk shield bug - breakdown of communication?   

    1. As many as it takes to get it fixed. As many FIX VALK SHIELD profile pictures as it takes for Kakao to prioritise this.
    2. Thank you, it's taken 3 weeks now but as much as you're only a volunteer moderator I consider this official word that is is a bug. I don't really appreciate the sarcastic tone in saying that "anyone with common sense", because we've known it's a bug, we've simply wanted official confirmation, and as much as it's taken 3 weeks and a lot of effort and locked threads, this is at least some sort of progress. 
    3+4+5+8. Then please push Kakao to prioritise the class PVE buffs that include the Valk cast speed buff, because in all likelihood those vast changes will accidentally fix the shield bug. That patch requires no translation, it's just PVE changes. It needs bringing forwards, not put in a box to be done eventually.
    6+7. Sometimes saying nothing is saying more than something. I will consider this tacit confirmation that Kakao sucks at communicating with Pearl Abyss.
    9. I'm not about to report you, because you've actually provided some useful information today, but I will kindly advise you that locking isn't always the answer. In future it would be better if the discussion could be moved to the Valkyrie forum. I posted it in General to get it more widely noticed because as I said earlier: we're sick of not being acknowledged.

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  8. fallout added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Valk shield bug - breakdown of communication?
    Continuation of the below thread:
    to @Alterist I say:
    - Why lock when you can just move? You're actively shutting down discussion when we have questions that need answering.
    - If Kakao know about it, why haven't they told us whether this is an intended stealth nerf or a bug yet?
    - If Kakao require Pearl Abyss to fix it, why does this issue not exist on the KR client?
    - Why should Pearl Abyss go out of their way to fix something that Kakao obviously f---ed up themselves?
    - In which case, if Kakao broke this themselves, why can't they fix it?
    - Is the breakdown of communication with the community in any way a reflection of Kakao's lack of communication with Pearl Abyss?
    - Do Kakao even have a direct line of communication with Pearl Abyss anymore for fixes like this?
    - Why do we sometimes get balance changes instantly that require no translation, and other times these patches get ignored for months?
    @Alterist I know some of these questions may be a bit beyond you but I would appreciate very much if you could pass these on to those actually able to answer them, because I think I speak for all Valkyries when I say we are sick of this.
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  9. fallout added a post in a topic Please fix   

    @GM Felaxus
    Please fix.
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  10. fallout added a post in a topic Why are Kakao ignoring us?   

    Hey guys I have an idea, let's all reroll to the FOTM and buy all those weight limit and inventory slot expansions. That'll solve all of our issues while giving money to Kakao, who we all love dearly from the bottom of our hearts.
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  11. fallout added a topic in General   

    Why are Kakao ignoring us?
    3 weeks now, no Valk shield fix. It's also now been 2 months since the Valk PVE + cast speed buff in KR also, and no word on that.

    Post made 17:04, locked 17:06.
    Maybe if Kakao were as fast at fixing bugs as they are at moderating their forum, we'd have the shield fixed and our cast speed buffed by now. :thinking: 
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  12. fallout added a topic in General   

    Suggestion to Kakao to greatly improve the game.
    Fix Valkyrie's shield. 
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  13. fallout added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    Screw the sticker UI, fix Valkyrie. 
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  14. fallout added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    PVE buffs when?
    Valk shield fix when?
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