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  1. TrueKarma added a post in a topic "http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136299-dont-v-in-duels/Don't V In Duels"   

    The only reason i can see why V should not be allowed in duels is to give classes with grab an advantage, which funny enough the two strongest 1v1 classes warrior and zerk.
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  2. TrueKarma added a post in a topic Proto Single-handedly Ruins 1 Year anniversary for Everyone   

    Im quite dissapointed with our 1 year annoversary, was atleast hoping for a full sale.
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  3. TrueKarma added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    only x1 20% coupon for 1 year anniversary sale? and why can't your loyal players get stuff like value packs from attentance rewards?
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  4. TrueKarma added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Best patch ty
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  5. TrueKarma added a post in a topic Karma system revamp? (civil discussion please)   

    i do agree we need a new system, but i think a debufff that would increase spawn timers, and like you said decrease karma cost to 0 would be the best solution. having restrictions like 1 level, will just cause us to keep having to deal with griefers. If i was to implement a new system, i would make it like the debuff is added after 2 deaths from the same person. It last 10 mins and will do the following: If killed by any player with said buff on, you will cost no karma for any player. The Debuff is not visable unless someone have flagged. If you die from pvp while wearing the debuff. You will not be able to respawn for 3 mins. You're able to switch chars or channel while in this respawn mode. My estimation is that in the 10 mins you can regain the karma taken from killing him twice.
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  6. TrueKarma added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   

    Wish i was there but was too busy with exp weekend, like the idea 100%  
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  7. TrueKarma added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   

    In general, since the p2w stuff i think you have been doing good, keep it up. But i would like to have the class changes from kr that includes maehwa buffs, and the bigger hp and wp potions in general store Thank you.
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  8. TrueKarma added a post in a topic Very SIMPLE addition to stop 100% Ulti wastes, and give PvE'rs their 200%'s without altering PvP at all.   

    dont think its possible to keep it from openworld pvp. Hopefully with the new blackspirit items at some point we'll be able to reach 200% by ourselves
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  9. TrueKarma added a topic in Suggestions   

    Merge - Items from storage drama
    Since the announcement, there have been some drama going on about the server merge, and that you have chosen to merge warehouses.
    Especially because of all the easy to access and obtain events. That some have taken advatage of and got a lot of "free" value. My concerns personally is that i find this a way to easy profit for the time spend and it will create a even bigger deficit for new players trying to catch up. So i have came up with a solution, that consider the ammount of "work" put into by people who have already done it. And gives a better chance for newer players and a fair chance for current players to obtain the items.
    My suggestion is: Every player that have started on a new server within 2 weeks before the merge announcement, will have the option to level to level 30 or 50 and recieve a Starter bundle. If you have made your first character before that time, you can choose to delete the characters on the server to get a reset. This will also apply to new players in the future picking up the game. (the time limit is ofcause up to you aswell as level requirement if any. Tho i do recommend giving a notice to newer players to save these mats till later, if no level requirement.) The level requirement, serves two purposes. One: Newer players wont instant go sell their blackstones and so fourth and they have a better chance to know what to do with it. And the current player base would have to put in some work to get rewarded. Making the playerbase who already claimed the rewards, not feel cheated. So what should be put in the bundle?
    Well i do not think we should get as rewarded as the people who did them. So i've cut some of the prices short. But here is my suggestion. This can ofcause be changed by you guys to be fair.
    100 black stone armor (1 loyalty box = 70, rest i get from attentance reward and so fouth, still think normal reward takers would have more.)
    100 black stone weapon ( same as previous)
    30 memory fragments (1 L box = 14. Rest again from atttentance reward.)
    15 cron stones (14 from box, 15 sound better than 14 and i guess we probably got atleast 1.)
    15 Sharp Black Crystal Shards (1 L box + and 1 more instead of the concentrated black stones from attentance)
    15 Hard Black Crystal Shards (1 L box + and 1 more instead of the concentrated black stones from attentance)
    50 [event] Cold Dark Beer
    50 [event] Cold Draft Beer
    1 Pet pengiun (attentance reward)
    1 Golden Backbag (attentance reward)
    1 Golden Dagger (attentance reward)
    1 Golden Coal (attentance reward)
    1 100g ingot, 10 million silver (attentance reward)
    1 Defensive Boss armor box, preferably without rednose (attentance reward)
    At this point we could stop as, we have not got as much as the people who did it for real but gives the most wanted i believe, we still miss a lot of rewards, including all the bsa dice games. but i want it to be as fair as possible for all parties. Ofcause its up to you ultimately what you put in, You could add things like underwear or a lot of other stuff likem 7days value packs. I Think majority of the player base would enjoy this feature and give you mostly positive feedback. Especially compared to the alternatives. 1. let it stay as it is. 2. only main servers items transfeer over. 3. remove all event items from you none main server. and all of these except 2. Affect future player base.
    I hoped you enjoy reading this and will be more outspoken in the future on hard to talk about subjects.
    Much love to the game and the comunity.
    (edit: Loyalty pack included hard and sharp shards, i misstook them for concentrated blackstones, so re-editted that.)
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  10. TrueKarma added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    This is bullshit.. giving all items from all servers from all events... ill write a ticket demanding you give all players all the items from all the events on all the servers to the ones That havn't done events on all servers or not at all........................
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  11. TrueKarma added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    Can we stop with the rng boxes . . I get enough rng from the game in general , can we get back to none rng boxes events , That benifit everyone the same. . 
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  12. TrueKarma added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    I hope no one ever buys something from your again. I wish i could buy a better puplisher tho.. someone who doesn't claim stuff then do a complete u-turn. Like we are listen to your feedback or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Thrqnk_r3A&feature=youtu.be&t=1m26s very nice job. Atleast if you want to make these kind of changes atleast find staff that that dont spread lies or in this case a perfect arguement for a refund..
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  13. TrueKarma added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    that is just a bad excuse for being greedy and wanting more of our money, if you want us to enjoy every feature how about no cashshop...... or atleast make it somewhat affortable. Atm i've spend over 200 euroes and you exspect me to pay more to enjoy every feature of the game. Since it doesn't even come close. I Do not want a game where you can do p2w. Instead make the fking items cheaper so everyone can purchase stuff and refund our pearls in the process.. Im gonna get all my money back if this game turns p2w..
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  14. TrueKarma added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    Do not break Bdo.. P2W have no place in our version...
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  15. TrueKarma added a post in a topic P2W will kill BDO as wallet warriors will own PVP   

    I will definitely get my money back, i do not want a p2w game and so far its not, but this change will ruin the game. How Much Money do they want really i've payed them plenty and i bet other people have payed even more. Seriusly how to waste my time...
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