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  1. Artorrius added a post in a topic Crafting metal solvent/leather glazy ?   

    Daammnn, ok Thanks for the replies !
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  2. Artorrius added a topic in General   

    Crafting metal solvent/leather glazy ?
    Yo. Just a quick simple question. At which skill level will you be able to produce more then 1 Leather Glaze and/or Metal Solvents using 1 batch of materials ? I got a bunch of mats saved up from my workers and wonder if i should wait to use them. Thanks!
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  3. Artorrius added a topic in Warrior   

    Need help on what to upgrade next 57 War
    Hello fellow warriors! 57 warrior here looking for some advice on where i should head next in terms of upgrades. I feel like i got all my basic upgrades down but i'm interested in increasing my AP so i can farm more efficiently/effectively. My main goal as of right now is PvE.

    Full Grunil ultimate DUO with TRI chest piece.
    TRI: ultimate Yuria Longsword
    TRI: Mercenary's Great Sword ( Green )
    DUO: Ultimate Vangertz Shield
    And i am using a full set of Jarette's accessories.

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  4. Artorrius added a post in a topic Looking for legitimate advice on my system specs   

    Well you people haven't failed to deliver on the help, that's for sure. I OC my CPU and i was just grinding Bashim for about 2 hours. 60 FPS the entire time. I still get about 40 FPS in Heidel or other populate areas but that's fine. My goal was to be able to farm and kill mobs, explore, gather, ect and do so with a solid 55 - 60 FPS. OC'ing my CPU is exactly what was needed!
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  5. Artorrius added a post in a topic Looking for legitimate advice on my system specs   

    I'm actually using the Hyper 212 evo right now. I'll get a friend to help me to OC my CPU since i haven't actually tried overclocking a PC before. Appreciate the replies, suggestions.
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  6. Artorrius added a post in a topic Looking for legitimate advice on my system specs   

    I'll do that right now. My CPU already has a decent built in cooler as is. I will see if i have access to an auto OC feature first.
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  7. Artorrius added a topic in General   

    Looking for legitimate advice on my system specs
    Like most people, my performance drops horrendously when in Heidel or any other populate area. However when out in the world farming mobs or exploring i get around 40 - 60 frames. I run my res @ 1920 x 1080 with texture and graphic quality both on high and i have everything else turned on besides Anti-Aliasing, SSAO, Improved distance and High-End mode, of course.
    I would like some honest advice on what i should try and upgrade as to be able to run this game comfortably on high with everything turned on ( besides High-End mode ).

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit
    Video Card: GTX 670 SLI

    Now i realize that the GTX 670 is outdated but i am running SLI and i do just fine on most other games on high or almost maxed settings. I'm just looking for some advice or hopefully to get pointed in the right direction, thank you.
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  8. Artorrius added a post in a topic Reminder to spend time in forums 24h/day   

    This line of reasoning makes almost no sense. Its not "basic" research, what is that even supposed to mean ? Was everyone just meant to go into google and type in "Hidden future BDO content" or something ? Are people seriously this dense that they cannot understand this ? How can you reasonable expect everyone to know that they we're meant to save their bundles because of a future update for which there was literally ZERO information unless you played on KR/RU or somehow had this itch that this could happen. It's absurd.
    People have a right to be upset and comments like this are just there to taunt those people.
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