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  1. Malikaia added a post in a topic Help with a main.   

    DK isnt melee, so might wanna rethink ur main lol.
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  2. Malikaia added a post in a topic Pve Channels ?   

    You cant honestly believe that lol......
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  3. Malikaia added a post in a topic How far are you with your sailboat crafting?   

    Only 500, my workers keep stopping for some reason and i dunno why :(. They have stamina and i have the materials they just decided to stop QQ

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  4. Malikaia added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   

    Why the ----- do we still have these laggy ass xmas decorations.
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  5. Malikaia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 18th   

    Fame system another thing to make the rich richer?
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  6. Malikaia added a post in a topic Valk ulti   

    Well fast button presses, quick grab, spacebar, into castigatio or something. If waited around for the confirm on grab you've lost valuable dps time lol.
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  7. Malikaia added a post in a topic Valk ulti   

    ^ This is my most common ----- up -_-.
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  8. Malikaia added a post in a topic [01/28/2017 Update] The Ultimate Valkyrie Gear/Skill/Combo Guide   

    I guess, im just wondering why on korea none seem to take it.
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  9. Malikaia added a post in a topic [01/28/2017 Update] The Ultimate Valkyrie Gear/Skill/Combo Guide   

    In your builds you take the 57 flow, lucem fluxum, is there a reason for this? All builds i find chose not to take it, or if they do they end up locking it.
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  10. Malikaia added a post in a topic             

    Pansy thread. "Might makes right", fight for your spawns.
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  11. Malikaia added a post in a topic Valencia EXP nerfed?   

    Yea i went bashims and was doing 2% an hour 57-58. Exp does feel a fair bit less.
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  12. Malikaia added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    Does the new content come with a swimming overhaul? As the swimming in this game is damn awful lol.
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  13. Malikaia added a post in a topic Valk Awakening and SP Sustain and general tips   

    Just slap in a couple extractions if you cba to pot for pve, never have to worry about it again then lol.
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  14. Malikaia added a post in a topic Valkyrie Buffs on KR 12/29/2016 :D   

    Main issue i find vs warrior is that my grab never lands and theirs never misses lol :(. But then i find my grab just seems to never land anyways and then it fails and u hit space for the quick switch but because it was a fail it doesnt switch and you jump on spot and ur screwed
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  15. Malikaia added a post in a topic Problems I have with this Class   

    Tbh ignore the vocal minority of nay sayers. I got a 57 ninja, 56 war, 56 witch and my valk im playing which is 56 nearing 57 and tbh she farms just as fast as the war and much faster than the ninja.
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