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  1. Drahken added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    Did I say anything about being entitled? I worked for those crates like anyone else does in any other profession. And no there is no limit to the amount you can stack. Call it an exploit if you will, but the developers acknowledged its existence and allowed it. And no, I would not have gotten to master in one blow. I was already Artisan 5 and what I had would have taken me the rest of the way with the food buffs and elixirs, or are you going to call that an exploit too?  And can you read? I would not have complained at all if they had SAID SOMETHING instead of stealth nerfing everything. And I also stated it was bad timing on my part turning them in that day, but again if they had posted the change no problem. So yes, the game ate my crates idiot.
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  2. Drahken added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    You bung hole, you just don't get it. I can't play 24/7 to do trading back and forth. Making trade crates was the only way to get trade exp and get master before I die. You can't afk trade you know. And its not just the fact that they changed it. But mainly for me is that they changed it and said NOTHING. It took me months of gathering ore and wood to make the crates and then (due to my bad timing I suppose) I go to turn them in and got NOTHING - NILL for exp. If they had SAID SOMETHING I would have happily trudged down to Ancado Harbor with my crates but NO, now they are all gone and I am back to square one. This change, just like the fishing one doesn't effect those already at Master, but it greatly changes things for those trying to get there.
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  3. Drahken added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    Another patch goes by and still no mention of the destruction of trade exp. At the very least they could give us a reach around and whisper in our ear that they have decided to destroy yet another life skill and that the only way to level it is by running trade routes for the rest of your natural life. And if you are lucky, you might reach master before next year. its kill mobs or go home. 
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  4. Drahken added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    Better? Really? Well I did a little test today. Before the patch at Artisan level trading I could make Amulet of Lover's (cheap little things I know) and 20 would get me 2% from storage guy in Epheria to the trade manager in Epheria at 10% exp bonus. Now today I took 68 from Epheria to Altinova (still at Artisan Level) and with a 28% bonus to exp, I got 1%.....1%.... Now tell me that is better than is was before.
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  5. Drahken added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    So, a patch goes by and still no comment from the GMs. If this is not by design then this is a 10 min fix. If it is another stealth nerf then I expect a damn apology. Either way everyone should get all their crates back that we wasted because they thought it funny. 
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  6. Drahken added a topic in General   

    Mount Longevity
    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that wagons and boats are longevity at twice the rate as before? It is very noticeable especially on my wagon.Was there something mentioned in patch notes that I missed? 
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  7. Drahken added a topic in General   

    New Penguin no gaining exp?
    Is it just me or is the new penguin pet not getting any experience? I had him out for 3+ hours and the bar is totally empty.
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  8. Drahken added a topic in PVE   

    Life Skills
    Can someone tell me what good it is to level Gathering,processing fishing? I am Prof 7 in gathering, Skilled 4 in fishing and skilled 10 in processing. After the last patch it seems that none of that mattes anymore. I was under the impression that as you level those skills you got better at them. Well, in the last few days when I chop trees I get nothing but 1 or 2 logs and no timber 60% of the time. Last night fishing I got bones 11 times in a row and gray items 50% of the time. and processing, its nothing but processing not going as planned 80% of the time. Am I missing something in the patch notes?
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  9. Drahken added a post in a topic Fishing Hotspots now move and are marked with seagulls/fish (UPDATING)   

    Being a non artisan/master, I see problems that here and bdfishers do not see or have not commented on. In order to level you need a steady stream of blue/yellow fish. Without the stable blue hot spots, it will take forever to get a level of fishing. Before today, if I fished all day and into the night I could get 1 level using Sute tea and the fishers outfit. Now, forget it. You can't even afk fish anymore. And boats are going to die off 10x faster. For those who are not already rich this patch is death. Fishing was the one thing I really enjoyed. I read the MaoMao forums and set up my nodes and was having a great time. Now its all gone. You can literally drive your boat around for 30 min and never see the hotspots + as an added bonus you no exp from them. This patch caters to the already leveled and rich fisherman. I see posts of guys showing their huge catch of yellows saying he new patch is great and neglecting to add that they are masters and could catch a grunt in a toilet bowl .I have been out all today trying to cope and at best I can say that profit wise it has been cut in 1/2 for me and exp is in the crapper.
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  10. Drahken added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Server Lock
    Why is it every time I get booted from the server due to issues on server side, I cannot get into any server but the one that is having issues? This does me no good whatsoever in getting back into the game to play. I get locked out for 10 min or more. This also is an issue when my character does not have the correct appearance and I try to change channels to fix this. I have read somewhere that this may be due to keeping people from checking different trade markets and if that is the case I got news for you. The ones not trying to buck the system are getting screwed. Just make it so that you can only sell the object on the same server that it was acquired for a certain length of time. 
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