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  1. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    You're original argument was that BDO is p2w because people often said it wasn't p2w...  That logic is extremely flawed.  You didn't even bring up "advantages" until your last post.  If you're abandoning that (flawed) argument for a new one, fine.  But don't just act like that was your reasoning from the beginning lol
    To address this new "advantages" argument of yours:  Sorry, but no.  Pay-to-win is when a cash shop offers items that give players an edge in pvp.  (Items that deal more damage or reduce damage, etc)  Convenience items do not fit this description.  So what if you have more inv slots?  PvP has nothing to do with inventory space.  Not to mention most pearl items can be bought off the marketplace (given a fair amount of luck and LOTS of time)
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  2. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic HTF this bidding system work?   

    The in-game description???  All the trouble here comes down to poor translation.  "Bidding" in this game isn't REALLY bidding.  It is a lottery.  Everyone that wants to buy the item places their name in a hat, after a few seconds one name gets randomly drawn from that hat.
    There are four possible messages you will receive when you try to "confirm bid":  
    Failed to Purchase Item - You were not chosen to win the bid.  Someone ELSE won the bid, but hasn't claimed their item yet.
    Item Already Sold - You were not chosen to win the bid.  Whomever DID win has already claimed the item.
    Quantity Invalid - (only on items with more than one in the stack) You were not chosen to win the bid.  Whomever DID win has claimed a PART of the stack, and not the WHOLE stack.  (this means that the remaining items in that stack will go to "fastest-clicker-wins")
    Successfully Purchased Item - You were chosen to win the bid.  Congrats, you bought it.
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  3. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Wow... You REALLY don't get it do you?? lol
    I used your logic to argue my point.  That's the problem with your logic.  It is fundamentally flawed.
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  4. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    I just showed how your "logic" is flawed.  Not my fault if it went over your head! 
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  5. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Faulty logic is faulty...  I'll show you how.
    Man, I wonder how many times people have to say "it's p2w."
    I hear it for each and every item in the cash shop, and all you people do is say "it's p2w!!!"  How long before you realize that the very fact that you have to say it soooo much proves that it is, in fact, NOT p2w.
    See??  I can do it too.
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  6. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Marketplace Pre-Order   

    MVP right here.  Thank you, good sir, for doin the lord's work.
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  7. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Apologies to the new players   

    What exactly are you on about??  What "experience"?  This game has only ever been a grind.  There's no experience besides that.  Granted, there are several different types of grind, but its all still a grind.  Whether your lvl 12 or 58.  Questing in this game sucks.  Boring af.  Leveling faster isn't a "flaw".  People can choose to level at their own pace.  If you want to gain levels super fast, grind like hell on the weekends and use your exp boosts.  Wanna take your time?  Then don't use the boosts.  Nothing you've mentioned is "killing the game".
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  8. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    No one is saying it's rigged....  We're saying it IS gambling.  There's no denying it.  You don't HAVE to go in a casino throw your money at blackjack, but it's still defined as gambling and regulated.  If your pet's tier doesn't go up you LOST money.  That is an objective fact.  Quit arguing the facts...  If you wanna say "don't want to gamble? Then don't gamble", fine.  But don't sit there and say that it isn't gambling, because it is.
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  9. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Bruh, do you know the definition of gambling??  I'll help you out..
    gam·bleˈɡambəl/verbgerund or present participle: gambling1.play games of chance for money; bet."she was fond of gambling on cards and horses"  2.take risky action in the hope of a desired result."the British could only gamble that something would turn up"  
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  10. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Getting fishing ability to +5   

    I'm in a guild with some friends.  We're pretty new and are no where near the +2/3 fishing.  I'm not willing to spend rl money just for a +1 to fishing.  The fishing pet is event only. Both the Steel Rod and Golden Rod are level locked.  My fishing is currently only Apprentice 8.  Plus, the Balenos Rod is better for AFK fishing, so if you can get +5 without having to use Steel/Goden Rod your fishing speed will increase more.
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  11. KILLZ0NE added a topic in General   

    Getting fishing ability to +5
    Currently I have the +2 fisherman's clothes, and I'm using the Balenos Special which brings my Fishing Ability to +4.  I've been looking to get that last +1, and I've come across the Fruit Wine.  According to the tool tip it gives +1 Fishing Speed Rank, but the Fishing Ability bar in the Profile page doesn't increase after using the wine.  Am I missing something?  I know you can use elixirs or paste bait, but both only last 5 min.  And paste bait has that annoying animation you have to go through.
    Are there better items to get you to +5 Fishing?  I'm currently working on getting a Sturdy Alchemy stone, but that's gonna take a while, as I haven't even started leveling alchemy.
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  12. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Help With Warrior   

    How do you not get wrecked during Ground Smash's wind up?
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  13. KILLZ0NE added a topic in Warrior   

    Help With Warrior
    So, I created a warrior the other day and I'm having a tough time getting a feel for the class.  Leveling it to 30 has been a bear (at least compared to my musa and sorc). What tips could you guys give me to help out? My current strategy is to draw aggro, guard, wait for an opening, use take down, then chop kick -> spinning slash -> guard (repeat) This is incredibly slow, and if I try to add in a little extra damage (usually by adding thrust after slash as well as adding ground roar after thrust) I take too much damage. I use at least two pots per group. Its getting to be annoying.
    So I am curious, what skills combo well with spinning slash? What CC is reliable/quick to use? If I get lazy I take damage during take down, if I get ambitious I take damage either during thrust or ground roar. I know at 40 the cancels open up, which will help a lot I think. But I haven't found anything mentioning what to do before that.
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  14. KILLZ0NE added a post in a topic Getting Pinnacle Game Profiler To Work With BDO   

    The game does support controllers. However, Pinnacle is a much more powerful tool. I never was able to get it to work with Pinnacle, but Padstarr (Pinnacle's "cousin") works perfectly. 
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  15. KILLZ0NE added a topic in General   

    Getting Pinnacle Game Profiler To Work With BDO
    Hey! So, I just started play Black Desert after coming over from Tera. I use Pinnacle Game Profiler (PGP) which is a 3rd party app that lets you use a controller instead of a keyboard for PC games. I've used it for several games (most recently GW2 and Tera) and it works great for those games. However, it doesn't seem to work for BDO. I'm not sure if this is on PGP's side or BDO's. Has anyone else gotten this or another similar 3rd party app (like Xpadder) to work for BDO? The innate controller support for BDO is one of the best I've seen in a PC game, but it doesn't offer as much versatility as PGP. 
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