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  1. striderbob added a post in a topic Ranger - Bow Skill/Mastery - How important it is ?   

    edit: nevermind already answered
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  2. striderbob added a topic in Suggestions   

    Bigger Black Spirit Quest menu
    Decent sized monitors are pretty cheap this days so why we have to use a couple inches crammed on the bottom of the screen for Black Spirit quest and dailies seems rather dated. I don't think it would take much work to change it to something like this: 
    Even with my crappy Photoshop skills something similar to this is a lot easier to view.
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  3. striderbob added a post in a topic Low FPS on Solid PC Build   

    try rolling back drivers, newest Nvidia drivers are suppose to be shitty for BDO
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  4. striderbob added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Orwen Mediah channels still having problems?
    Mediah 1 died on me, now 2
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  5. striderbob added a topic in PVE   

    Can't send warehouse items from Heidel to Cepheria Port?
    Can you not send items directly to Epheria Port? It won't allow me to send my warehouse items from Heidel -> Epheria Port and vice versa....only Heidel -> Calpheon. All the nodes are connected as far as I know, here's a screenshot. What am I missing?
    I also don't get a distance bonus when taking trade goods from the trade manager in Epheria Port to Heidel or vice versa. I confused.
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  6. striderbob added a post in a topic All claims for conqeror's on 28th will not get until 3rd March.   

    I got an in-game mail telling me to reclaim the items. Go to my account...Website Maintenance!
    Glad I paid 100 bucks to have a CBT3
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  7. striderbob added a post in a topic Show off your BDO gaming setup   

  8. striderbob added a post in a topic Quests make me feel like I'm stupid   

    Then I got impatient too quick, cause the dark mist dude would was only giving me a bunch of pointless quests to learn about the mechanics of the game.
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  9. striderbob added a post in a topic Quests make me feel like I'm stupid   

    Yea, it also turned me off from trying other classes in the CBT when you would get stuck doing a bunch of tutorials - HOW TO WALK, HOW TO USE POTION. I mean really?
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  10. striderbob added a post in a topic Grinding Class?   

    Tamer seemed super easy to grind after level 20, grab a pack of mobs, hold down 1 button, and they all dead. I was only level 26 so I don't know if it changes later.
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  11. striderbob added a post in a topic Why This Game Will Kill WoW   

    This thread seems to pop up for every MMORPG and always turns false. Only thing that will kill WoW is it self.
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  12. striderbob added a post in a topic Black Desert music didn't impress me, is it only me?   

    I usually turn it off right away, no matter how amazing a sound track is it will get repetitive and drive me nuts. Unless I'm mindlessly grinding in which case I turn on the TV or my own tunes.
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  13. striderbob added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

  14. striderbob added a post in a topic A idea that may make mobs more of a challange.   

    People are already complaining about leveling speed. Making mobs harder would probably make it even worse.
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  15. striderbob added a post in a topic Don't let BDO loose in the Semi Finals from B&S!   

    Oh no! BDO is loose! As opposed to being tight?
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