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Juciest Lemon

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  1. Juciest Lemon added a topic in Musa   

    Musa Combos
    • 5 replies
  2. Juciest Lemon added a topic in General   

    Did they add extra resistances to Wizard/Witch's heal?
    I used to be able to cc a Wizard or Witch during their pulse heal and their big heal but as of lately I'm never able to cc them during the heal, I've even stacked ignore resistance and I know the attack is hitting because their life goes down. I asked a couple of guild members and they seem to have noticed the same. Has anyone else noticed this?
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  3. Juciest Lemon added a post in a topic Help Me Fix This!   

    This has nothing to do with your graphics card, it's saying that you need administrative permissions  from your computers admin to run the game. right click the game and click "run as administratior" and select "ok" or go to properties > advanced > check the run as administrator box and hopefully that should fix it.
    Another solution is to turn off user account control off in the control panel.
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  4. Juciest Lemon added a post in a topic Fix Musa and do a AP/DP rebalance already.   

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  5. Juciest Lemon added a topic in Musa   

    Fix Musa and do a AP/DP rebalance already.
    I have been playing musa since the class came out in April and thus far I have enjoyed the class and I have put alot of time into it but ever since the last awakenings came out I have been second guessing playing this class at all. At the moment I am waiting for Dark Knight to come out in March so I can reroll to it since obviously pearl abyss has stopped caring about musa at all. I do agree that when musa first came out in KR is was pretty op but since they have nerfed the class into the ground. The damage output for musa is easily out done by nearly every class and most classes can do everything that musa can do but better, hell we don't even get a grab for a 100% melee class. My main problem with musa is that our damage is too low for how long our cooldowns are, we need alot of ap to be even remotely competitive compared to classes like the warrior, we suck at both large and small scale pvp, and they gave pretty much every class the one specialty that musa has which is a dash. Pretty much the only saving grace for the class is the fast grinding speed. I want to keep playing musa but I'm sick of being shafted by every other class in the game. Not to mention how rare it actually is to see a musa with the highest score or relatively high score in RBF. There is obviously a hierarchy of which classes are favored more by the devs.
    As for AP/DP rescale...unless this is done soon the game will have no more progression at all. Fights that end in two seconds aren't fun and turned this game from a game that requires some skill to a game of tag where who ever cc's who first wins. When the area after Kamasilve comes out how is anyone going to be able to go there when people in KR are having problems even getting into Kamasilve, not to mention that when we get Kamasilve only the top 10% of players will actually be able to stand a chance there. They are going to have to add either gear that scales ALOT higher or higher enchantments which will only make people's life in the game worse since the enchantment system is solely based off of luck. The only other option is to number crunch and either upscale or downscale everyone's ap/dp by alot.
    Any thoughts?
    • 63 replies
  6. Juciest Lemon added a topic in General   

    This game needs more minigames :D
    Right now we only have things like red battlefield but I think this game needs more small and large scaled pvp and non-pvp games like capture the flag, random large scale castle sieges (non-guild/non-territory based) and other things. I think it would really expand the life of this game if we had other things we could do besides regular pvp, life skills, and grinding.
    • 1 reply
  7. Juciest Lemon added a post in a topic How do I use memory fragments?   

    Go to a blacksmith> repair> Recover Max Dur.> right click liverto (out of inventory, not out of equipment) > right click memory fragment> click the recover max dur button. Be warned though, memory frags work differently depending on the item grade. Gold outline get repaired 1 dur per fragment, Blue outline gets repaired 2 dur per fragment, Green outline get repaired 5...? i think.. per fragment.  The Artisan's memory button represents a cash shop item you can get that will triple the amount of durability you get from one repair (one repair = 1 memory fragment)
    Hope this helps.
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  8. Juciest Lemon added a post in a topic will this custom PC RUN IT   

    Yes, easily on high/ultra
    I would add a ssd for bdo too, makes load times and rendering ALOT faster
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  9. Juciest Lemon added a topic in Musa   

    Musa Awakening Cancels Video
    • 14 replies
  10. Juciest Lemon added a topic in Musa   

    Awakening Animation Cancels
    Do does anyone know any good animation cancels while in awakening? I know we can switch from awakening to blade by using blooming during a chase but that's not really a cancel as it is a transition. Thanks!
    • 23 replies
  11. Juciest Lemon added a post in a topic Official Nouver statement   

    About a week or 2 ago someone someone asked them this on their twitter and all they said was "Winter" but besides that, im not sure.
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  12. Juciest Lemon added a topic in Art & Media   

    Black Desert: Chariot of Footrace
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  13. Juciest Lemon added a post in a topic Black Desert Needs Musical Instruments!   

    I think they should just add a bard class to the game as a support class that would play music to buff party and guild members on top of having some combat skills. Their main hand could be  guitar\lute and their off hand could be a pick, flute, metranome, tuner, etc. and their awakening could be a giant harp. I think that would be a cool class.
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  14. Juciest Lemon added a topic in General   

    Special Deal loot table worse?
    So I've been grinding these past few days, a few hours at at time (like 4 hours at a time) and I feel like the special deal loot table is considerably worse. I grind at desert fogans and desert nagas and like a week or two ago I've been pullling black stones, ancient language scrolls, rocaba pieces every once in a while. I wouldn't get them every drop but every hour I would average 5-10 special deals. Now however, I'm lucky to get any special deals in an hour of grinding. It could just be awful RNG but alot of my guild mates are getting less and less special deals even if we have some level 10 nodes. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    • 2 replies
  15. Juciest Lemon added a topic in Musa   

    Does anyone else feel like the musa is completely underpowered compared to the other classes?
    I know that this pretty much whining but I have to get this out there. I am level 58 and have 170ap and 280dp which feels like it could be alot even though it probably isnt but every time I get into any serious confrontation with any awakened class and even some non-awakened class I get slaughtered in just a combo or two. I'll use skills like dragon bite, blooming, rising storm and my other ccing skills but they usually do not land any of the cc's even if the damage hits. I understand that awakening classes have extra resistances and there are resistance gems and etc but I would think that with my kutum and all my cc's that at least one would land. It just feels like until musa awakening comes out, our class is a complete joke. I can usually half health my targets in one combo or so but after that combo is over all of my hardest hitting skills and ccing skills are on cool down and the other people heal up with pots or if they're a witch/wizard they use the healing skill and all the work is for nothing. I though musa's were supposed to be fast killers but that doesn't work when our cc's don't work or land how they should and our damage isn't high enough to do significant damage on enemies with equal gear. It also feels like no matter how much DP we have, we can never survive longer than a few combos. I know we'll be completely op when our awakening comes out but at the moment, our base class feels like a joke. Does anyone else feel this way or how do you guys deal with the op classes like the sorc or the ranger among the other classes. Rant over.
    • 13 replies