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  1. Muphet added a post in a topic Explorer Event Series   

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  2. Muphet added a post in a topic So is this class still Garbage?   

    `gud` is not a git command. See `git --help`. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  3. Muphet added a post in a topic Maehwa Pvp Nerf In KR   

    blader in west version still has 70% of kr original skill damage.
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  4. Muphet added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    i want fixed box to have red nose too.
    red nose's armor for lyfe

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  5. Muphet added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 12th   

    i see weak rangers got their buffs and maehwa biggest update again:
    ugh that wall of text hurt my eyez
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  6. Muphet added a post in a topic I can't farm , get killed everytime   

    there are people with tri gear on manes. sometimes even better (i am with tri and i already got deleted twice there).
    oh and ppl pk guille because its unfair adventage. #death2guile
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  7. Muphet added a post in a topic Boss Gear, Kzarka   

    two reasons:
    1. they just increase post count on forums without any knowledge on the topic
    2. they don't want you to have boss gear so they can always be one step ahead of you.
    i am pretty sure most of people stays in second category. exactly same thing was with p2w drama. rich people hated because they are not rich anymore comparing to wealthy players. best grinding spot sausans? no, it's just misleading information provided by top 5% of players so there is less people on actualy good grinding spots. kzarka being BIS weapon? again, no. you can outperform kzarka with liverto+agerian. the only difference will be that you will have less HP/bonus AP than other people.
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  8. Muphet added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 5th   

    bdo goes gambling :3
    let's waste some silver
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  9. Muphet added a post in a topic How many re-rolled due to Awakening Release   

    i play mae since release. i have full duo/tri boss gear with 190/244 powah. i still lose most of ranger/zerk encounters. node wars? don't start it. if i die so many times to random rangers in open world, going to node wars or rfb where ten times more rangers are in one place i would get titled.
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  10. Muphet added a post in a topic Boss drop rate   

    1. i noticed time/damage does not matter. sometimes i am getting literally nothing and twice (so far) got tree spirit belt from dim with single hit.
    2. i noticed that when i die on boss, there is much lower chance of getting any loot at all.
    3. level doesn't matter as long as you are at least 50, otherwise you do not actually hit the boss so your damage doesn't count as contribution in that event = no rewards.
    4. i noticed that "last hit" attacker is quite often getting loot.
    after opening your loot box, loot is being generated by stupid ass rng.
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  11. Muphet added a post in a topic How many re-rolled due to Awakening Release   

    yeah just remember that if you want to have fun AND have chances to win in pvp, this is not class for you. even tho they said this is pure single target good for pvp class, it's completely opposite. 
    if you are at endgame (boss armor, enchanted to +18 and beyond) you can still match and win most of the fights unless there is sb with similar gear. then you are fkd.
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  12. Muphet added a post in a topic Most uncommon class so far!   

    cool, i clicked without reading. and then there was nothing to change because i main maehwa and it's least played character :3
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  13. Muphet added a post in a topic Ogre Spawn Map with Screenshots   

    there are 10 ogres there and i will post you screens when i get back home (or video even). been farming those for couple months now and there is no mistake.
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  14. Muphet added a post in a topic Hello!! No need for blade after awake?   

    like everybody has level 60 before awakening.
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