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  1. Yongfu added a post in a topic 58 Witch, Single Dad LF Guild   

    <Fumakh> Is currently recruiting, Node wars x2 a week daily guild missions we have a bunch of players around your level and GS. we use discord and have all the best skills (at work otherwise id list em) Family friendly guild with nothing being mandatory except being in discord to listen to orders during node wars only. /whisper Yongfu if you have questions. Back to the grind!
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  2. Yongfu added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Give them a PVE channel with no mobs so all the fishers and horse trainers can lag that one out
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  3. Yongfu added a post in a topic Striker TIME/weapons?   

    Prob 3 months away for us- if the same time frame for dk release, wish it was sooner tho - Monk life!
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  4. Yongfu added a post in a topic How do you cc?   

    Oh come on now who doesn't like finishing off a enemy player with red moon flare, its like kicking dirt in their face by dying from an unawakened skill. I prefer to finish my kills with flare, be it dot deaths while they have me in a grab, a sticky snowflake while they are downed or even a Oppression for shits and giggles.
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  5. Yongfu added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Crashing near Oceans
    After the update where the pirate's island had an invisible wall placed around it, Any time I go near Any ocean my graphics card driver seems to crash. Screen goes black and then shows pearl abyass logo and then comes back. Never had this issue before and normally run about 130 fps in the ocean.
    Intel i5-4690k cpu 3.50 not overclocking
    16Gig ram
    nivida 980 
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  6. Yongfu added a post in a topic Korean Patch Dec. 29   

    This class has always been broken lol
    We released with broken DP - pre awakened nerfed chase - Awakening released damage nerfed. Class has always been held back on NA. I'm ready for them to release this throttle.
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  7. Yongfu added a post in a topic Moving while AFK fishing   

    Big ship scooped you up- I thought i was safe too on the far side of dock. Woke up in juur sea. Also Port Ratt is crap too fish in btw don't waste your afk time. 
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  8. Yongfu added a post in a topic Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings   

    If you plan on going kzarka+bhegs just go with 1 tri red coral 2 feels like overkill:P
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  9. Yongfu added a post in a topic does maehwa have sustainability?   

    Yes they do most people read that and never skilled it.- but if you have the extra skill points it does amazing on packs of mobs. single targets not so much. works wonders in crescents pre awak. I'd drop it after awakened tho. Its more of a catch your breath and get some health back between nemesis if your mindlessly grinding because the damage isn't impressive. 
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  10. Yongfu added a post in a topic does maehwa have sustainability?   

    nemesis slash-Divider really good pre awake but divider has to be maxed. +
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  11. Yongfu added a post in a topic Heals in duels?   

    If your class comes with it- you can use it, they just being salty.
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  12. Yongfu added a post in a topic Exodus from Maehwa?   

    Ya, i feel they dropped the ball a bit when it came too some of the awakenings, not just ours. They were suppose to "fix the weaknesses of a class" is how I understood it. In PVP I love the new weapon but in PVE ...maybe 5-10% faster clear speeds? Sure higher hp targets I can kill faster but now we just rotate our new cd's in with redmoon. I'd say sorcs were at the bottem of the pve spectrum pre awakening followed by mae then musa. Now I'd say we clear the slowest of all. Its a slow grind too 60
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  13. Yongfu added a post in a topic Update 11/23/2016 - Known Issues   

    When attempting too dye maehwa spear, cannot see item to dye it.
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  14. Yongfu added a post in a topic Some clarifications from the veterans/more experienced. pls   

    The enchant system is rough sometimes....most times... It always seems like i have to put twice the effort in compared to some of my guildies. BUT think of it this way, any western MMO you have raids, in those raids you have BIS items. Sometimes it will take weeks or months to get those drops and some people will not get them until they are vastly useless and better items x3 are dropping. Now, we have a system where it is possible to have BiS items that everyone has access too, sure not everyone will have PEN but everyone should be aiming for Tri. I don't know about you but I don't miss going to raids 5 days a week to get maybe 1 item a month. But yes the system is brutal because it has to be. Never blow up your main set without a back up OR just have 3x the amount of items you think you need to get it back too where it was:P
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  15. Yongfu added a post in a topic Lv 61 Maehwa?   

    I use to always see fuzzy at pirates he put in alot of work and I've seen him blow up his gear fully a few times. made me cringe, super jelly but he deserves it. nice gear you have ended up with so far and grats on 61
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