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  1. Lyvectra added a topic in General   

    Imperial Cooking Buff
    I'm a Master 12 cook and I'm extremely disappointed that there is no benefit for reaching Master 1, 10, or higher.  Since there is no reward for getting these higher levels, could we at LEAST be able to turn in a greater variety of dishes to the imperial cooking trader, particularly Valencian dishes?  We get so many materials for Valencian recipes, but there is little incentive to make them at the moment other than as fodder for getting cooking exp and byproducts when we run out of non-Valencian mats.  I can make Teff Bread faster than I can turn into King of Jungle Hamburg or Teff Sandwich.  I'm overflowing with Valencian foods and can't sell it all fast enough.  Can't we add a few Valencian dishes to the Imperial Cooking Trader?  Make sure they are dishes that use Teff and Freekeh, please!
    P.S. I have the same problem with Freekeh as I do with Teff---too much of it and too little to do with it.  There are only two Valencian recipes that use Freekeh, and the rest use Teff.  On top of that, the Freekeh dishes are either annoying to make (Freekeh Snake Stew requires me to gather snake meat for 4 hours) or not worthwhile (Pistachio Rice gives a lower Processing Success Chance than Couscous.  Come on, guys...why would anyone buy that...).
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  2. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Striker TIME/weapons?   

    I guess I read the date wrong on their slideshow then, because I saw August 2020.
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  3. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening coming next week / new content reveal this Saturday - Updated*   

    This announcement sounds pretty big for all that effort.  What is it?  A dungeon system?  Incentivized group grinding?  The release of Haso as a full continent?  The completion of the current continent?  An entire lore rework and accompanying quest/cutscene reworks?  The addition of the Sage dimension?  Vertical expansion of the map?  Are they merging more companies?
    Honestly, they've been pretty well on time with their maintenances.  Really predictable and dependable to be up when they say it will be.  Yesterday was not typical for them, so I actually wonder if Kakao KR dropped this on them on patch day and they were like "OMG WE HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THIS RIGHT NOW!" "NO, WE HAVE TO GET THE PATCH OUT!"  "RIGHT!  NOW!"  "OMG THE PAAATCCCHHHH!!!"
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  4. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    Unfortunately, this seems to be pretty accurate.  The only legit complaint is the last one, I even said that in one of my previous posts.  I'd gladly pay quintuple what the current horse prices are.  I, the buyer, think that horse prices are ridiculously low for what I'd be willing to pay for a good horse.
    It just boggles my mind that any SELLER could be AGAINST a change that would allow their product to reach MORE PEOPLE.
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  5. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    And yet, I wasn't complaining.  In fact, I've had no interest in getting a better horse until today, specifically because it's a waste of time to sit in front of the stablehand for 16 hours a day.  At no point have I complained about anything.  All of my points have been to explain one thing: that this system is fairer to the general population and addresses a problem that they originally fixed in the general marketplace and should have fixed in ALL of the marketplaces----which they did with this patch.  That's great that you have all those high proficiencies.  I don't, and again I reiterate I'm not one of those people who can spend all day with the game open.  Of course someone who can have it open all day would have higher proficiency in more things.  But if you could only fit doing all of that into a smaller time frame, could you have gotten that many that high?  No.  And it's unreasonable to have the same expectations for other players.  If someone has the money to buy a horse, and one is posted, they should have the chance to get it.  It's as simple as that.
    Question about that.  Wouldn't you be more inclined to post them now?  I mean, before, a T8 could take eons to get, and the price was, idk, X million.  But now with the T5s out in the wild, the price is still X million but it only takes half an eon to get.  Shouldn't that double your rate of income from what it used to be?  And shouldn't this notification system mean that the horses you ARE selling have a larger audience of buyers so that it sells faster?  If you're doing it for profit, that is....if the price hasn't changed and it doesn't matter to you who buys it, shouldn't this be a win-win situation for you?
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  6. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    T5 at the time I got mine was the T7 of the world.  Now, the T7s will be the T5s of the world.  And those people trading horses between their accounts in order to stack their money can't do it anymore in secret.  That's the most important point.  Maybe now it's worth taking the time to horse breed, but a lot of people probably still won't for the other reasons I listed.  What if I told you that you had to alchemy your way all the way up to a good alchemy stone?  Or cook your way up to being able to make the top grade Valencian Meals or Arehaza Specials?  You couldn't do that in any reasonable amount of time AND keep up on your horse training.  That wouldn't be fair for me to expect everyone to be able to cook in the master levels just so I wouldn't have to take my time making Valencian meals.  It wouldn't be fair to expect people to spend time out in Valencia farming lion meat when I have the cooking proficiency to benefit the most from it.  So you expecting people to "just go out and breed" horses themselves is like telling someone with beginner anything to do that thing with any sort of efficiency---it's ridiculous and unrealistic.  I'm not breeding because I can't leave my computer on all day and night just to ride some wagon around in a game.  Other people have the hardware to do that, and prefer to afk the game for days at a time, which is exactly what horse training allows you to do.  Think about it.  If I'm grinding for 4 hours a day, then I'm not afk on a horse or wagon, am I?  Grinding exp means I'm not doing any kind of life skill.  If I'm logged off, I'm not horse training.  Some people simply do not have the equipment or the time or the ability to do some things in the game.  What do you expect?  Someone to spend their daily x number of hours on the game just to afk on a horse?  Why would anyone do that when they're right there in front of the computer with the game open?  That's stupid.  You're not playing if you're just watching your character ride a horse.  No one does that.  You're saying that because some people don't have the ability to afk ride their horse around by leaving the game open while they sleep or don't want to spend their free time watching their character passively gain horse exp while they could instead be actively playing in that same time, those people don't deserve a better horse---even though they very well could be earning the money to pay for one by playing the game actively, not passively, in some other way.  By that logic, only the horse breeders would have horses---and those breeders also should not sell those horses to people who can pay for them.  That's not only denying other players the ability to get the items they need, that's also denying your fellow breeders the ability to make money off of horses they don't want sitting in their stables anymore.
    No one expects horse breeders to make 100 T8s if they don't want to.  If you're only breeding for yourself, then you're only breeding for yourself.  That's fine.  Some breeders really like breeding for breeding's sake, and so they WILL make more than one T8, and they WILL want to sell it.  If you're not one of those people and you're only breeding a bunch of T7s to try for a T8 you want, then you'll still have a bunch of trash T7s that are out of breeds that you may want to cash out on rather than merge.  No one feels entitled to a T8 or a T9.  I expect if I want something like that, then I will have to breed it myself unless some horse breeder decides to liquidate.  But I do expect to see T7s on the horse market and I do expect to have a system that fairly informs me when they are being posted so I can rush back from my desert grind to try to get it, or pause my cooking in order to wait at the stablehand for a reasonable amount of time (not all day).
    Like your guildmates, I'm happy with my T5.  But, now I can keep my eye out for a better one, should it come along.  I don't know what made you think anyone felt entitled to a T7/T8.  And if your guildmates are happy with their T5/T6, then why were you so concerned with not being able to secret trade horses to them in the first place?  They wouldn't have wanted to pay for them if they were happy with their current ones.
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  7. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    I didn't ask if there was a person in charge of sexual harassment.  I asked if the officers would actually kick out someone who was harassing another guild member.  Basically, I was asking if the officers actually had any balls to be officers and do the right thing in a tough situation.  He said no, he wouldn't kick out someone who was harassing another guild member.  And if he told you anything other than that, then he's even dumber than I originally thought to have not understood my question.  So, I guess Sirbalin and his officers have no balls.  Although, I guess that should have been clear in the way he talked to the underage girl in his guild the way a pedophile talks to his next target.  (And FYI, I was not the only female in there who saw his behavior and thought he was a creep---I wasn't even the first one to point it out.)
    But since you brought it up, allow me to answer the important question: "WTF, who asks that".  Obviously, women.  Specifically, women who have played several MMORPGs and been put through the bullshit that comes with ineffective guild management who can't control their members.  Guild management who would rather kick out a member who is being harassed rather than kicking out the harasser ("Oh, he's saying gross things to you and using his standing within the guild to abuse any power he has and lord it over you?  That's obviously your fault for being his target, here's a guild kick, it's you who is clearly the problem for even daring to speak to the guild leader about an officer's or other member's behavior.")  To be clear, I do NOT care about this incident, since I'm out and his shitty guild got merged with some other shitty guild that hopefully has better leadership.  But this kind of thing has happened to myself, and other women I've known, enough times that I can't let your comment slide by and pretend that there was definitely no reason that I even thought to ask Balin that question.  Did I think it was silly at the time?  Did I not want to ask, even though someone in the guild was already setting up shop to start creeping on me?  Yeah.  But it had to be asked.  And I'm really glad I did, because he gave me the answer by kicking me.  He would not have done anything, and he would not have been an effective leader.  He wouldn't have wanted to deal with it, and therefore it's a good thing he merged his guild into one where he didn't have to make those kind of decisions because he wouldn't have been able to make good ones.  I hope other women in any guild in any MMO read this somehow and find the courage themselves to ask their guild leaders this hard, seemingly ridiculous question, despite the ridicule they'll get for it at the time or later, because it's important to know how the people they trust to lead---in any setting---are going to respond to a crisis....BEFORE it turns into a crisis.
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  8. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    "can't benefit your friends/guildies in any way".  To that, I quote this:
    Also guilds suck.  I don't care that the special snowflakes want to help their other snowflake friends/guildmates.
    Let's see....spend a year breeding so that I can make less money, or continue to actively play and not afk all day on a wagon and produce a megaton of Heidel lag?  People aren't lazy, they just know that horse breeding isn't a worthwhile thing to do with their time.  I don't think the horse breeders are stupid, so I don't think they somehow don't realize this as well.  However, there's still a ton of horses clogging up my Heidel screen, so I assume those horse breeders are afk on a horse all day for a reason other than money.  The fact that they can do it continuously while afk is the best reason.  No need to worry about inventory space like fishing, no having to come back to the computer every hour like processing, just sitting on the horse and setting up a good path, then walking away for days.
    To be sure, I don't think horse breeders get nearly enough money for their horses.  They could totally quintuple the prices on horses for what I'd pay for them, and I'd be totally cool with it.  Do I think a T8 should be worth 1.2 billion like the TET Dandelion I'm working toward?  Hell yes.  And I think the other horse tiers should scale similarly.  Do I also think it shouldn't take as long to get a horse to level 20 when you need it that high just to get a good chance at the highest tier ranges?  Also yes.  It's ridiculous that it takes that long AND has RNG on top of it.  I understand perfectly well that horse breeding isn't fair, it takes too long, and that it pays terribly for the time that goes into it.  They should reduce the time (and increase the RNG if they must, in order to keep high-tier production rates low) and increase the payout.  But to say that the horse market should be kept in this horrible dark age where only those lucky enough to be in front of the stablehand at the right second get to buy a horse they need is asinine.  I'm grinding, I'm gathering, I'm cooking, I'm waiting in front of the GENERAL marketplace trying to buy weapons and cooking supplies and I have zero time to spend standing in front of the horse market trying to snipe a horse when I'm also standing in front of the MP trying to snipe that damn lamb/lion/snake meat WHICH IS WAY HARDER BY THE WAY.  CURSE YOU, OTHER CHEFS OF BDO!
    What about that new player who needs a T5 horse but can never seem to find one on the marketplace between grind sessions?  They could go months without a horse.  (That was me, by the way.  I was without a horse until they gave all of us a free T5 in a monthly attendance reward.  You know why?  Because whenever I checked the horse market, there was never a damn horse above T2.  You know why again?  Because whenever there was one posted, it was never known to anyone but those people who were swapping it---people like you.)  What about that person who can only play for 1 hour a day, or even 4 hours a day, but needs to spend every precious second grinding, not standing in front of the horse market?  They don't care that you want to secret swap a horse with a friend.  They care that they need a horse.  The notification allows them to be out there for 4 hours grinding, and 10 minutes to run to the horse market when they see a horse go up that is actually worth their time to go to the stablehand to buy.  It unchains them from standing in front of the horse market in the same way that the marketplace changes unchained people from standing in front of the MP all day.  These changes were made in order to prevent solo players from being shut out of the market system by those people who only wanted to trade within their guild and cliques.  Otherwise, all of the best items would be even more concentrated in the top guilds instead of more dispersed throughout the population like they are now.  The horse market should have followed suit at the same time as the MP.  Other people need horses, too, not just your friends---and this allows solo players the opportunity to get what they need.  It's why the MP is the way it is.  It's why the horse market will become this way.  It's a more inclusive system, which is a fairer system for more players.
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  9. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    I'm just happy to have the CHANCE, baby, WOO!  It's bigger than before! ^.^
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  10. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    Just like the delay on the marketplace to make sure everyone has a fair chance of getting to the stablehand to buy it?

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  11. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    Sure, that's your choice.  I don't see how wanting the horse market to be more accessible is me being an ass.  Frankly, I chose not to voice it, but since you went ahead and took it there: the people who are -----ing about not wanting the horse postings to be broadcasted are the ones I think are asses.  "Oh no, I don't get to secretly swap money with my friends anymore.  First the market system wouldn't let me do that bullshit, now they're changing it so we can't pull this nonsense on the horse market?  How dare they!  We don't get to be secretly rich assholes swapping funds between our accounts anymore where there's less chance of the general population seeing it and sniping it before we can do it with our other accounts!"
    FYI: I have a good horse.  But now I can have a better one.  You know why I haven't gotten a better one before this?  Because I didn't want to stand in front of the damn stablehand all day.  FINALLY WE GET TO SEE WHAT'S POSTED.  This is a LONG overdue change.
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  12. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    Uh I want this in the game.  I'm sure there are way more people who want this in the game than not.  Now we can all see when a horse goes up on the market so we don't have to stand there all day for weeks on end to try to see and snipe a good horse.
    Lol are you serious?  You want to cry about this because you and your friend don't get to secret swap horses anymore?  Lol cry more.  This system should have been fixed to match the market system from day 1.
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  13. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    That's you.  That's what you sound like.
    I've spent $200-400/month on this game since its release.  I appreciated this patch.  I think the furniture is really cute.  Do I wish it had been Kamasylvia?  Yes.  Can I accept that it isn't?  Also yes.
    Do I agree with everything they've done?  No.  (f*** these cooking changes----give me CP or give me more milk byproducts.)  Do I think overall the changes they've made to the game are fair and balanced improvements?  Yes.
    There's a lot more in this game to keep it fun and interesting than there is in similar games (cough, Archeage, cough).  The developers and publisher release things closer to their predicted dates than other games (cough, Archeage).  And they care enough about the playerbase to actually respond to support tickets related to things other than billing problems (f*** you, Trion).  Our GMs and CMs are awesome, funny, creative, and most importantly responsive.  They give a damn.  I'd much rather have the game in this company's hands than in some others I've seen.
    "they don't even know when they will release DK or Kamasylven"----You mean the "DK awakening" and "Kamasylvia".  Considering they missed their initial date, yeah, they probably don't.  Stuff comes up.  And they probably won't be telling us another date until a week or two before it's absolutely ready for release.  So calm down.
    "all they care is to spend our money on drinks and cars"----Ah, yes, I totally believe that you saw all of them, the whole company, riding around in their new Ferraris.  You also saw them out clubbing and getting drunk on vodka while the server room started sparking, eventually being set on fire, and when they returned our lag had become worse.  And now we are stuck with them out partying again while the charred remains of the servers try desperately to keep the game afloat in their absence.  Is that precisely what you saw?
    "remind their CEO that if we are not pleased, he will not have anything to spend. I wish I could see their income chart for the next 7 days, compared to the last 7 days."----https://www.statista.com/statistics/385634/annual-revenue-of-daum-kakao/

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  14. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    It better not get easier to get TET+.  I have worked/am working hard for my gear.
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  15. Lyvectra added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    *cries in Elvish*
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