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  1. Jaux added a post in a topic How do people get 450+ AP? Also, Maehwa gear recs...   

    Nobody has 450 AP. Max you can realistically get with full TET BIS items is around 230 AP. When people flash big numbers like that they mean combined AP/DP. Works a bit like gear score if you're familiar with that concept. Now, this is what you should aim for at the start. These are the items you want to spend money attaining/upgrading at the beginning. They are really cheap and easily obtainable items so you can just go with whatever you got until you buy these.
    Rings: PRI/DUO blue coral rings/ Mark of Shadow
    Earrings: PRI/DUO Red/Blue Coral Earring or Witch's Earring
    Neck: TRI Bares Necklace(Same stats as Ogre Ring except 1/20th of the price)
    Waist: PRI/DUO/TRI Belt of Shultz the gladiator
    Armor: Strenght of Heve or Grunil
    Weapon: Yuria til you can get Liverto
    Offhand: Whichever is appropriate for your class.
    If you get Ogre ring, Basilisk belt, Crescent Ring it might be best to just sell them rather than save. It's good money that can boost your overall gear by a ton. And you can't afford to upgrade them at the start anyway. There are easier and cheaper AP to be gained.
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  2. Jaux added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    Don't jinx it
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  3. Jaux added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    That one even has teeth. Nature is completely unreasonable.
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  4. Jaux added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    8-10 hours is pretty standard for most MMO's. BDO usually has only 5 hours. But they schedule their maintenance like retards. It should start during nighttime and end sometime in the morning hours. That's how most MMO's do it.
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  5. Jaux added a post in a topic Rangers/Wizards damage needs a NERF against mobs!   

    But it's not just one mob when you're grinding. Kill a pack of 10 mobs, pets loot 4, now I need to loot the remaining 6 or skip. Even if it takes just a second or two it adds up over the course of an hour. 4 tier 3 pets... I, and many others, aren't Dubai kids with infinity wallets. It's insane to consider tier 3 pets to be the norm.
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  6. Jaux added a post in a topic Rangers/Wizards damage needs a NERF against mobs!   

    I think it's a fair trade-off. As a ranged class you need to go loot what you kill and since you're generally at range when you kill stuff you need to walk up to the dead mob and loot. There's downtime there for ranged classes that melee doesn't have.
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  7. Jaux added a post in a topic No P2W - Petition   

    Honestly at these prices it's a retard check and not P2W. More like P2Spectrum
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  8. Jaux added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Hahah what absolute full potato people pay 15 euro for 6 mil gold. I can't believe people are this retarded. 10/10 entertainment to see this shit go up on market for these prices.
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  9. Jaux added a post in a topic People crying P2W need to get a JOB!   

    Think you misunderstood. It was targeted at OP because eagerly parting with your money on pointless things is typical poor people behavior, and the reason most poor people stay poor. I just though it was funny that he's talking down on poor people while being very obviously either poor or young money himself.
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  10. Jaux added a post in a topic People crying P2W need to get a JOB!   

    This is the reason poor people stay poor.
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  11. Jaux added a post in a topic P2W? Would you?   

    No, I think cheating/skipping degrades the experience of playing games and it trivialize your achievements within the game. What's the point playing an RPG, a game that is designed to focus on character development, if you skip the entire development process?
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  12. Jaux added a post in a topic Thank You Daum for Giving Us Working Players a Chance!   

    You're a full-time forum troll then? Is that supposed to be better?
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  13. Jaux added a post in a topic Thank You Daum for Giving Us Working Players a Chance!   

    "I'm just trolling, guys. I'm not retarded. Plz belif!"
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  14. Jaux added a post in a topic Who support paytowin?   

    No but I paid for a product that was advertised as not P2W. I don't enjoy that type of game because it removes the journey and takes you to the final destination in one fell swoop. I feel I'm more in the right here as costumer because I paid for the advertised product and my investment was said to ensure the integrity of the product. Me and others like me are the ones getting -----ed over here.
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