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  1. Zeiken added a post in a topic Do you enjoy the Red Battlefield?   

    Hell no, are you on some kind of drugs to even ask this?

    In my 10 years of pvp based mmorpg gaming i havent yet come across PvP game objectively bad as BDO.
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  2. Zeiken added a post in a topic Why do I feel like I've been ripped off yet again?   

    Dailies, endless chores, grinding easy mobs, desync, class balance, hidden stats, no trading, high taxes, non rewarding lifeskills, zero diversity builds, rng everywhere, boss loot system, pop in and enchanting system are really tipping the scales now, BDO survives only because there is nothing to challenge its open world fantasy mmorpg style gameplay.
    All the good things like unique classes, cool combat systems, immersive and open world really cant hold up anymore vs everything i listed.
    In the end all BDO did for me was spark interest in EvE online again... Now i only wish i actually like spaceships over swords and elfs.
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  3. Zeiken added a post in a topic Player to Player Sale   

    Yes you should, And this is the single thing that will probably prevent this game being huge success it could be. People just dont want to be restricted in their hobbies more than they are outside of them. I can go roam and roam nice open world and adventure with my friends, and now you tell me i cant give or receive any items from them?
    This is actually also biggest factor making me myself quit. Also funny how fanboys will defend this until cows go home. There is no argument to be made on restricting goldsellers on legit players expense, it would be like fixing dirty floors on supermarkets by forcing every single customer to take off their shoes.
    That would not fly in shopping world as it didnt go off well in gaming world either. BDO is good game which people wont remeber in 5 years.
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  4. Zeiken added a post in a topic [Arena] Maehwa vs Valkyrie   

    Even worse its quite hard to land any precise cc´s with the desync issue. Often when i try to bait SoJ out and dash backwards into stub arrow cancel i just get rubberbanded back into cc or the fligth time of stub arrow just gets desynced and valkyrie can just shield up the arrow.
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  5. Zeiken added a post in a topic [Arena] Maehwa vs Valkyrie   

    Winner of most clueless post on plum class forum, as expected of guy with chinese childrens comic book picture as avatar. Valks are extremely good vs plum/blader and can be considered hard counter because their shield stance gives 100% cc immunity even if you hit them on back.
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  6. Zeiken added a post in a topic What the latest patch has done to my guild..   

    posting for dank memes
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  7. Zeiken added a post in a topic Dedgame   

    Deadenested ded that ded game can be
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  8. Zeiken added a post in a topic June 29th - Valencia Part I Update Feedback   

    Rather have it done properly delayed than have it being shitshow and big hit to playerbase.
    Also any posts from devs that even implicate possible fix to desync are good news.
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  9. Zeiken added a post in a topic Current issues in KR server   

  10. Zeiken added a post in a topic Poor balance between Ingame activities   

    T3 is still solid midway upgrade for someone new who wants some speed but cant yet afford t6 from market.
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  11. Zeiken added a post in a topic Poor balance between Ingame activities   

    T3 with drift and sprint or instant accel is about 3 mill, and personally i would not buy horse for any long use if it didnt have two of those three skills.
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  12. Zeiken added a post in a topic Tamer class state   

    My blader has passive for melee evasion. That passive is constantly dead against all the good pvp classes. duam plz fix.
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  13. Zeiken added a post in a topic So, you're telling me I have to pay cash to play RNG on horses?   

    Pretty simple, you dont have to pay money to reset skills, which was original complaint op made.
    If its still hard to understand i would recommend bdo wiki articles on this subject.
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  14. Zeiken added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons - REPOST   

    awakenings will fix it
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  15. Zeiken added a post in a topic How do you feel about the late awakening release?   

    I feel like shit, im tired because i slept 2-3 hours last nigth, but still i have to go barbers shop where i have time booked for today. Should i just call them and cancel the booking?
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