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  1. WintersBDO added a post in a topic Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament   

    Can we get Joe Rogan to shoutcast?
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  2. WintersBDO added a post in a topic Is the guild BLACK still around?   

    Oh hey dude
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  3. WintersBDO added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    **blue glow for the dk core plz
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  4. WintersBDO added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    <Black> Orwen
    Winters, XO and acting GM of <Black> on Orwen. As a guild with humble beginnings that has put in a tremendous amount of man hours and effort to bring our guild to the state that we are in it is alarming to think it all may have been for nothing. The guild itself is worried about the future of this game having heard this announcement, both for the effort bearing no fruit and the potential loss of competition. It has become apparent that there will be an enormous loss of playerbase simply from the concept being reintroduced and if it becomes official this game will die immediately. We love BDO over here and have had no intentions of leaving until today.
    <Black> DOES NOT support this change.
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  5. WintersBDO added a post in a topic Attention all Orwen gaming community leaders   

    I count at an 8th grade lvl don't go there with me fam 
    My jawline is -----ing CHISELED dude. And you're racist as ----- for making Sheol asian CAN I GET AN ADMIN PLIS
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  6. WintersBDO added a post in a topic [NA - Orwen] <Black> Recruiting [Sieges][Zone Control][OWPvP]   

    Using thorns with a healbot :P
    I won't ask lol
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  7. WintersBDO added a post in a topic [NA - Orwen] <Black> Recruiting [Sieges][Zone Control][OWPvP]   

    Didn't stick with ninja?
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  8. WintersBDO added a post in a topic dem Chokepoints doe   

    Rats can't exploit in Serendia RIP, Lords of the Dodge go where the sewers take them.
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  9. WintersBDO added a post in a topic [NA - Orwen] <Black> Recruiting [Sieges][Zone Control][OWPvP]   

    Bump for Nekos super impressive kill feed
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  10. WintersBDO added a post in a topic Pre-Siege Report *Focus Joins Veritas, Promised Castle; Vote: Stay In w/ Veritas, or Leave?; As the Edan Turns*   

    Primary for the guilds that can't handle Valencia content I suppose 

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  11. WintersBDO added a post in a topic Orwen Flex Battleships confirmed   

    Took 2 different uses of sages to kill me. "Stomped"
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  12. WintersBDO added a post in a topic Orwen Flex Battleships confirmed   

    Why you all taking shit so personally? Your guild is weak and can't win a 1v1 there's no evidence to show otherwise. Don't have to get so upset about it. You guys won the territory I'm not denying that, but your video makes it look like it didn't take you 2 hours and your cannons fired more than 2-3 balls each before we killed em.
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  13. WintersBDO added a post in a topic Orwen Flex Battleships confirmed   

    So the video can be defined as "based on a true story" just like every other shit spinster propaganda antic your guild uses. 
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  14. WintersBDO added a post in a topic Recruitment Reopened! - [FoE] 'Fist of the Empire' - All drunken girl PvP-based NA guild (Orwen)   

     It's not an alliance :^]
    We're Flex we have no allies and think we're strong but we plea for help from smaller guilds to barely win territories.
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