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  1. Nosimo added a post in a topic Korrea Bosses Atack Patern/ Red Ground VS EU Bosses   

    what makes you think the red circles will do anything to help with lag, if the boss animations are desynching from the damage, the circles are going to dsync too.  End result, people -----ing to have the circles removed because they are useless.   
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  2. Nosimo added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    Because they added it a few patches ago, it's just a hidden skill         
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  3. Nosimo added a post in a topic NA Server Location & Possible Migration in Future?   

    WTFast isn't a real fix, you may see your ping lower because your not pinging the game server, your seeing the ping to the WTFast routing thingies.   I used up the free trial on it and it wasn't worth paying for.  Also a lot of channels use different routing to the servers, playing from mid east coast I can go from 200 ping to 40 ping just by changing channels.
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  4. Nosimo added a post in a topic So, I overclocked my CPU to 5.0GHz   

    I don't see how OCing is going to increase the engines "draw distance".  It may load the different lods slightly faster but all the morphing of objects as you get closer to them is still going be there.  Video please. 
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  5. Nosimo added a topic in General   

    The new desert "dunes
    Is there anyway to turn off the "fake" dune shadows?  It looks cheesy and doesn't really respect lightsources at dawn/dusk, more or less gives me a headache.
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  6. Nosimo added a post in a topic Basilisk belt   

    How to sell inventory and storage slots,  this crap is pretty standard for cash shop games.
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  7. Nosimo added a post in a topic Durability problem   

    Any effect on enhancement failure durability loss?
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  8. Nosimo added a post in a topic Are you guys happy of what ranger has become after 17/06   

    I don't think he literally meant we can't use them.  I have the problem where I have to stop and let them loot because I'm moving around so much in combat they seem to spend more time chasing me than looting.
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  9. Nosimo added a post in a topic Durability problem   

    I feel like it's completely rng now.
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  10. Nosimo added a post in a topic Durability problem   

    100 durability and an hour out of mh and oh is all I get as well.  
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  11. Nosimo added a post in a topic Security ALERT.... 0xE019100b   

    Same issue when I just updated, rollback time I guess
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