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  1. TheCure added a post in a topic Player <> Player Trading, Market Place Prices.   

    Yea I would think its a good idea seening that it seems 90% of the wanted items go to people who can seem to click buy and buy max stacks in .1sec off the market place(bots).Now they made it to where you can't even trade a horse to a friend with a 10 min wait time and a -----ing notice.So please yes allow personal trading in the game.I'm sick of spending months to get a item and letting a bot buy it.As for the gold-sellers maybe you guys can ban the players that use them like every other game or not allow you to trade money or let you sell items on the Auction/Horse maket that guildies can see and buy within 5mins?I see the server lag,rubber banning and reloading are still here so really what do you guys do aside for copy and paste from Kr BDO? 
    LMAO there are already people selling boss gear for pearls Ofc its a scam though but i see them spam that in world chat.So why not just open it up so friends don't have to waste months for a 5% chance to get a item that friend is wanting to give for free.That or ban the market bots
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  2. TheCure added a post in a topic BDO OwPVP (Open World PvP)   

    Sounds like someone wants a loop hole for trading.
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  3. TheCure added a post in a topic More male classes   

    I think he means more and more guys like to dress up in drag these days.If this was a moba i'd understand but its looking more like tera 2.0
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  4. TheCure added a post in a topic More male classes   

     I'd suggest they make a sex change coupon.
    To hell with that. 
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  5. TheCure added a post in a topic On to gender locked classes...   

    I'm sure its because they closed the last one.
    Well yea they shouldn't be making another badass looking class as a female only.From what i'm reading they should have just made it a male class and no one would be making these post.
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  6. TheCure added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    I can't make it a male 
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  7. TheCure added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance September 7th   

    Uno isn't empty.
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  8. TheCure added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    Please tell me this release list is a joke.Sorc 2nd...Ranger 3rd Wtf is with this bullshit.
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  9. TheCure added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    If they really wanted to stop the OP classes they should add a lock on for melee classes.Ranged classes have it so all classes should have it or you know none of the classes should have it.
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  10. TheCure added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    LOL this is the same logic about the Value pack.All this uproar about 30% off MP blah,blah.Then saying ok well atleast make it for 500 Loyalties a day so we would buy Blah,blah,blah....I like WTF.
    P.S. If you really think a item is bad for the game then don't buy it.Please don't say its bad then try to go off to write a plan that is convenient to you.
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  11. TheCure added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 3rd   

    zzz a 12hr maintenance and only costumes they added were maid and some YMCA costume.I was really hoping for a new ninja costume.
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  12. TheCure added a post in a topic Castle Siege Terrain Exploit   

    What petition?Seems to me players cheated because they couldn't win a node by playing it normal.
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  13. TheCure added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    What lvl are you now?
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  14. TheCure added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance July 22nd   

    I really don't think the whole server used it.I wasn't even sure it was real.
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  15. TheCure added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance July 22nd   

    I thought you would get ban for bugs like this.
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  16. TheCure added a post in a topic Fix ranger abilities   

    Oh god i hope they stop this "fixing a class" bullshit Just because A class can't 1-3 shot a player.Fyi there are 10 classes in this game but seems only 2 classes cry buffs for EVERY week.
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  17. TheCure added a post in a topic Are you joking?   

    They need to make male counterparts for them soon if they plan to keep those classes op.
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  18. TheCure added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    So they gave us this crap instead of the ninja.
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  19. TheCure added a post in a topic Professional Griefers   

    Lol Or you and your pt could move spots.1v4 and he is the griefer.This is a joke one person farming in a area then a fill pt comes and trys to push them out.I hope more people start doing this to give the real griefer negative karma and They start delvling their gear for being dicks
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  20. TheCure added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 29th   

    When are they going to add the ninja?
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  21. TheCure added a post in a topic Disappointed about the Ninja / Kuno answer of the Q&A   

    Well thats bullshit.So people who have max shit on the tamer get max gear the min the ninja comes out.
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  22. TheCure added a post in a topic Valencia Part 1 is coming to BDO !   

    Who -----ing cares if the kr took 6 months.They are rising everything to make it harder to catch up with the ninja.Its not like they can't add the ninja, its just they don't want to.
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  23. TheCure added a post in a topic What new class would you like to see?   

    I'd would i like to see Kung Fu class
    Male class.Way to many female classes
    Weapon: dual nunchucks
    *Side note around the same age as the Musa not 14 like the tamer or 70+ like the wizard
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  24. TheCure added a post in a topic Will there be any more male classes?   

    Thank you guys for the reply and info.
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  25. TheCure added a topic in Classes   

    Will there be any more male classes?
    I know there will be a ninja(male)/kunoichi(female)  but, so far there are 6(7) females and 4(5) males which i find lame.Guess i should have read the classes before i got the game.But does anyone know if they will make a male ranger,pirate or something like that?
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