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  1. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 19th   

    I purchased thr Hallloween Item Bundle. I collected it (and the separate bloody suit entry) from my account page and am still waiting for them to arrive in my mail. However, I noticed I somehow have a second Bloody Suit item available in my account.
    Is there an yissue with the purchase of these items?
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  2. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 19th   

    That should have been the first thing you tried before posting your concerns, to be fair.
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  3. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 19th   

    Thank you for the fun update, devs. Enjoying the game more than ever so please keep working hard
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  4. WastedJoker added a topic in Tamer   

    What natural bonus do Tamers get?
    Hi, not sure how to phrase this but I was reading that Kunos get a natural evasion bonus per level. do Tamers get similar? Is there a list of what each class "gets"?
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  5. WastedJoker added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Need to completely wipe settings before launching game
    I run BDO on two machines (not at the same time, obviously) - a desktop and a laptop. I've not had a single problem with my desktop but on the laptop, every 3rd/4th relaunch, I have to delete the contents of the following folders
    Documents/Black Desert
    Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\Cache
    before the game will take me to the Start screen. If I don't clear out those folders it will frequently hang at the KakoaGames splash screen before the mouse suddenly moves to the top left and becomes "Not responding".
    I've changed graphics drivers etc to no avail.
    Specs: Windows 10 x64, 6GB ram, nVidia 640M, 120GB SSD - I generally only do light tasks on this machine such as fishing, gathering, or trading since the game can't run well enough for pvp/pve things.
    Anyone have any idea what might cause it?
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  6. WastedJoker added a post in a topic What does the Venecil Dress Set effect do?   

    How does it work then? Do I just press L for it to show my storage?
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  7. WastedJoker added a post in a topic What does the Venecil Dress Set effect do?   

    The fact it puts the things in your inventory makes this outfit useless for me.
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  8. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Tamer pet reliance   

    Reset the CD on death and stop him despawning when I step in a puddle would be great.
    Ideally I'd like Heilang not to have a timer so once summoned he is permanently there but that might be a bit too kind.
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  9. WastedJoker added a post in a topic PvP for TAMER is STILL POOR! THANKS!   

    The real trick for Tamer is that the hit detection for soaring kick and bolt/jolt seems very narrow.
    The CC thing was a bug and was recently fixed, no? Same as Heilang being able to cc through superarmour.
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  10. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Tamer Awakening   

    I was under the impression Tamers are an assassin class so it seems weird to give us an Awakening that goes away from that. We're meant to hunt around the edges of skirmishes to take out an unknowing target with quick hits and stuns, not fanny about with stationary blocks trying to be a tank.
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  11. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Video of 56 Tamer grinding crescent shrine   

    Oh, I'm a level 56 Tamer and thought you'd come out of Void Lightning into Fearful Trembling but I'd never seen FT put so many into the air in one go, hence my curiosity
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  12. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Video of 56 Tamer grinding crescent shrine   

    At the one minute mark, you use Void lightning....what is the move you do afterwards that launches them?
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  13. WastedJoker added a post in a topic New awakening System, what will you do ?   

    Not sure I see the point of putting HP recovery on Void Lightning - it's a longer CD.
    I'm definitely going to play around with the DoT skills - I'm not ingame to check but I think the 3 skills that you can apply DoT effects on are pretty chainable too.
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  14. WastedJoker added a post in a topic What the hell is wrong with awakening skills?!   

    I've tried fixing it by resetting a pre-patch awakened skill but it still doesn't appear in the list.
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  15. WastedJoker added a post in a topic lost contribution points   

    Yup - I had 4 CP prior to the patch and got 15 CP back from selling all houses needed to purchase the yuria and grunil forges
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  16. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Processing doesn't consume energy   

    Patch notes for todays patch:
    Energy won’t be consumed when processing(L)
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  17. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Lost +15 Grunil shoes   

    What a relief that must have been for you
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  18. WastedJoker added a post in a topic lost contribution points   

    I got my CP back from the yuria and grunil forge...is that the same thing?
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  19. WastedJoker added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Tamer: Lightning of Earth skill notes show incorrect dmg values
    Patch notes state:
    Damage for 1st and 2nd hit of Heilang: Lightning of Earth has been increased.
    Lvl 1 95.76% -> 152%
    but as per screenshot:

    It's either a cosmetic error or the damage has not changed? 
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  20. WastedJoker added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    I made lvl50 just yesterday :cry: 6M out of pocket
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  21. WastedJoker added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    pls ignore, very stupid person inside
    I'll buy a bunch of standard level items to repair the durability of my standard item (+12 currently) and will select "Continuous". It does it's thing and when I check the item, it has not recovered to max durability despite there being sufficient items/cash to allow it to reach 100% durability. In this instance it has reached 85%.
    The last time it happened it did the same thing then suddenly it reached 100% with no input from me. I am sure it happened previously too but I just put it down to forgetfulness.
    Is there some kind of delay to durability repair?
    Gah, just realised what it is - max durability is restored but the item may still need a standard repair.
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