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Posts posted by WastedJoker

  1. I've got 5 atk speed and still find it a bit clunky. I got used to it after a little while but for pvp I am certainly worried the flow isn't as smooth (i.e quick) as previous.


    Mind you, I'm currently running around with duo armour and duo awakening after a TET roullette session so I'm not seeing the full dmg improvements which may be more persuasive :P

  2. Can the ultimate version be cancelled out of? Because sometimes it's hard to tell if the 2nd hit has landed and I'm worried I'm accidentally cancelling the 2nd hit.


    It is good that you can lock and unlock it , so it is up to everyone to decide if they like it or not :)

    Yeah except locking it is to accept lower damage. One of my favourite applications pre-patch PvE was echo pierce into black turtle into flow: intimidation. With Ult Echo Pierce enabled it is a lot harder to flow into Black Turtle because that 2nd hit interrupts. It just doesn't flow well enough.

  4. I'm guessing that the bots took all of the marketplace Black Stone Weapon on Saturday and today they are all 300,000.  :(  This is getting really annoying.

    30 mins ago there were no BS weapons on market. 5 mins after that there were suddenly 1200+.

  5. Hasrah needs to be buffed anyways. It's not worth it in either XP nor silver and the mobs are just super annoying

    And it might just be a tiny Tamer thing but it seems like every little terrain change can't be walked over, you need to jump over every little tiny step :x

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  6. you can get more dmg if perfectly positioned normal echo, 

    ult echo is too slow to be good and the range increase is too small for it to be relevant


    its awesome for pve (the best thing ever) but for pvp so far i'm leaning towards old echo cus i can't really see anything this echo is good for 

    Yeah, it feels really slow and you're stationary far longer with the new one :(

  7. My laptop used to be able to run the game ok at low res. Well enough for lifeskilling stuff.


    Last patch has killed the game on laptop for me. Not sure if it's the sticker ui stuff (I've not used it at any point).

  8. Contact your preferred gaming sites via their submission forms or via twitter/facebook. Most of these sites welcome news tips about games from their userbase.


    PCGamer might be worth tipping off since they had a few stories about Dremlock recently.

  9. the thing is, if they increase the drop rates then no-life/jobless will just out-perfrom those with an actual job by insurmountable margin. so I believe this is y they keeping everything extremely hard to get and control how much BiS gear is on the market by having a welfare economy.

    The only way to balance no-lifers against some sort of-lifers is by having a hard max limit on drops.

  10. I think Skilled --> Professional --> Artisan --> Master just doesn't scale up right.  ...the whole idea of "oh you use less energy!" is CRAP to me, that's a cute way of saying "Oh you're EXPECTED to stay in the field longer doing this incredibly boring tedious activity and you're gonna NEED to do that b/c we're a**holes who don't want to give player any other means of generating Crystal Shards which literally gate everyone else's Gear progress"

    No b****, I want a BIGGER YIELD period...keep your stupid energy discount and just give me more Resources per chop

    More energy = more shards though.

  11. That would be xigncode, a program you've had installed since you installed BDO.

    I've had it false positive on starting firefox for some css checkup, surprised this is the first time you've seen it.

    I've been well aware of xigncode and never had an issue except when the xhunter1.sys file disappeared but my main issue is that the warning looks so incredibly dodgy like those fake "You've got a virus" ads that tricks grannies into ringing premium rate numbers.

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  12. I've just been updating the Snappy Driver tool when I got this popup:




    I mean, it looks shady as f*** so I obviously looked straight into it.

    The file is called xm.exe and it exists in C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2

    The properties of the file show it is from a company called Wellbia.com.

    A quick google shows this is linked to xigncode.

  13. Uncheck the sticky ui thing. Hearing people on channel chat complaining is cuz of that.

    I can't see any option to turn off sticker ui. I've not even enabled the option on any of the game windows :(

  14. razer naga epic chroma

    Maybe it is an issue with the razer synapse framework?


    I recall uninstalling all razer drivers (also used usbdeview from nirsoft) and reinstalling and I don't think I've had the issue since.

  15. The real reason they don't disclose this Info is because they just don't want to have to deal with the bug reports that would flood in when most of this stuff is proven not to work like they thought they had programmed it to work

    I have posted this image so many times...





  16. Ugh, it really annoys me that my gear/crystal choices mean I have to use the movement speed costumes but they're usually the crappest looking ones :(

  17. Do you know what - I have had this issue but it's only now that I've read your post that I realised it only affected me when browsing this forum.

    I put it down to recently doing a fresh install of the win10 creators update or some weirdness when alt-tabbing out of the game to browse forums while I did something like grind crystals etc or even just some weirdness with h/w acceleration in my browser.

    I'm using Firefox 32bit, btw.

  18. I only ever killed someone taking my spot if I had my daily up or like a week or so ago when a guildy asked me if I'd hold mountain spot for him while he grabbed some food. I had to kill two interlopers rather than let my guildy down B|

    Otherwise I just try to outgrind them or make myself a nuisance in the hopes they opt to lose karma.

    Unless it's a fellow Tamer in which case I am very polite and have even ceded the spot out of a sense of solidarity.