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  1. mummpi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    How about implementing Ninja/Kunoichi rebalance , how it was intended months ago ??? i feel like theres no need to play this game anymore, like a reall unhealthy relationship, but not bc of the game itself, then bc of managing
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  2. mummpi added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    this is actually so stupid .... whatver p2w changes or not, im honestly start thinking money makes stupid
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  3. mummpi added a post in a topic Dysnc is causing more than just misses   

    its a huge issue, but seems to be ignored by dev and publishers. Having similar issues aswell lots o ppl in my guild got it tooo and get frustrated alot by it. ANother funny ting is all tamers from our guild can only play 6 days a week becaus, the 7th day is before patch day, which means serverside huge laggs by npc, our tamerpet/wolf isnt doing ackshit 1 out of 7 days. teh other 6 days i can at least enjoy the desyncing with my pet together... The frustration gets out of hand quite quick. There are also alot of desync rubberband videos and even suggestions how to fix this issue, but it seems they only want the money from us, instead of fixing this problem.
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  4. mummpi added a post in a topic Super armor damage reduction doesn't work   

    rubebrband issue needs more attention !
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  5. mummpi added a post in a topic A specific netcode fix suggestion that could improve the rubberbanding problem under higher latencies in NA/EU   

    UPVOTE !! serious issue... its a big big big big pile of shame for a pvp game to use such flawed mechanics/code. It frustrates heavily as every class, most when ur dmg combo is reliant on grapple. The worst thing is this issue is long known, but still implemented in this eu/na market version... no wonder ppl go from one to another game in the shortest time when devs release sh** like that. Honestly thats like a kick into customers face, while taking money. On my mind is the quesion : Are we the experiments for the asian market, caus it feels like... fix this else we will loose tons of players, especially when nodewars etc is being released.
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