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  1. Ninjago added a post in a topic Easy Trading Level Up?   

    Thanks Garkin!
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  2. Ninjago added a post in a topic THE AMAZING MARGORIA MONSTER LOOT TABLE   

    Would have been nice if the sea monster hunting in Margoria gives comfort to hunting skill.
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  3. Ninjago added a post in a topic Bug - npc doesnt give knowledge   

    Thank you! 👍👍👍
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  4. Ninjago added a post in a topic Halloween Candy?   

    Yea.... no one could believe how dependable an Alt to an RNG chance in this game.  From the beginning of the game till now, I have never succeeded to make a duo accessories, I have burnt millions of silver and blew MoS, blue corals, ancient cores and witches  from trying to duo ranging from failstack + 25 to +41. I have to resort to buy a duo if I ever succeed to snipe one from market (so far succeed in one...sigh) .  But I can farm up to 7 candies 🍭 an hour easily either at Manes, Marsha, Hexes , Fogans, Ghaza Bandits etc...so much I just consumed now to keep my energy 💯 % up when I do gathering 😣... ( I did not invest any energy on any of those nodes...period)
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  5. Ninjago added a post in a topic You'll get more fun smashing your head against a wall than playing this game!   

    I log in to farm candies.... I'm motivated for something my RNG is good at... 😖😖😖😖😖
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  6. Ninjago added a post in a topic [Guild] Crafting Materials - for non-guild house owners?   

    Yea.. I done that chain quest 3 times now and such a noob I am, I couldn't figure out how to or what to do with all those rewards. As my guild couldn't own a guild house, so I destroyed all those rewards 😪😪😪😪
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  7. Ninjago added a post in a topic [Fishing] Fishing Advancement Quests - Fish species name corrections & quantities.   

    Lol... yea... I finally caught it on my 4th day. I almost felt like the worn out bleary eyed fisherman. I glued my eyes to the monitor and hearing thwack thwack sound as I pulled the trigger... I didn't sleep till I caught it... I was really fixated to catch that bloody fish I can tell you that... 🐟 
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  8. Ninjago added a post in a topic [Fishing] Fishing Advancement Quests - Fish species name corrections & quantities.   

    Ok....wow...probably my ring was at its worst... if I spent near 3 whole days at ocean , blew through near 6 harpoons , and no signs of sperm whales.... sigh... hope I see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. I am too fixated on this quest that I totally ignored other stuff or aspects of the game right now... one can only pray to rngeezus now 😫
    But thank you you for your kind response.
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  9. Ninjago added a post in a topic [Fishing] Fishing Advancement Quests - Fish species name corrections & quantities.   

    I have problem catching the Sperm Whale by harpoon. I spent near last 3 solid days but to no avail mainly around Daton Island. I need that fish to complete the level 50 fishing quest and I do appreciate if anyone can help me or let me know where I can catch that species in the ocean. Thanks! 
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  10. Ninjago added a post in a topic Imperial Fish Trader Locations   

    Another one named Hirio is outside by the road at Splashing Point
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  11. Ninjago added a post in a topic Auction House: Item WAS listed, now is not, will it return?   

    SoulSworne, I hoped you don't mind if I can cross check with you or any players reading this thread about cooking with the dried fish. I have a detailed list I made myself on names and the color or rarity for cooking purposes. Since Valencia update, my cooking will fail if I substitute blue grade dried fish for the common dried white fish. When I clicked 'R' on the cooking pot, the past recipe showed the success ingredients I have been using and it doesn't work since this patch. Did you notice this change or was there mention in the patch notes I may have missed? In that case the change made all the different grade/rarity fish to be the same common ingredients from now.  Thanks! 
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  12. Ninjago added a post in a topic Auction House: Item WAS listed, now is not, will it return?   

    I know this sounds silly... I usually put up dried fish up for sale if I really run out of bank space (I tend to hoard bunch of stuff). I listed a batch of dried angler in AH but no luck to sell it off for 3 weeks. So I cancelled it and relisted before I took off to do some farming and in less than 5 mins, I received the notification via mail that they were sold. I never checked if the dried fish I put up 'vanished' in the AH lusting before I relisted it again but I will check it asap I log into the game today. I have about 10 other dried fish listed and unsold over 2 weeks. Thanks for this heads up.
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  13. Ninjago added a topic in PVE   

    Wrong fish name in fishing quests?
    I spent whole day doing fishing quests. Ten out of ten fishing quests both inland and sea has conflicting names. I have turned in Rockfish to complete Tapertail Anchovy , Octopus for Jellyfish, Skipjack for Gunnel, Laundry for fishing net and so forth.  However, I can't find the correct fish for the fishing quest called Food for stamina. I have a screenshot below. 
    So, what fish is actually needed? 
    Thanks ahead to anyone who can help me.

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  14. Ninjago added a post in a topic level 30 gathering advacement quest bugged or..?   

    Thank you Fyrel 
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  15. Ninjago added a post in a topic level 30 gathering advacement quest bugged or..?   

    I have also spent many hours looking for the pure crystal quest cum knowledge since gathering pro 5 and processing pro 1 but to no avail. After researching online and reading all the available info, I decided to level both of those craft and kept going back to Keplan to see if it trigger the quest for me. It was not UNTIL my Gathering was pro 6 and Processing hit pro 5 , that the quest finally triggered for me. It was the dwarf guy standing behind the metalsmith guy whom you trade in your hunter seals for Black stones. 
    From there onward, you will not only succeed to learn to make pure crystals but also succession of quests like making sturdy plywood. However, I stopped short at making the Superior Soft hide because there was a warning I must achieve Shaking level skill 1???? Most of the game translation is so far off... I hate to fail alchemy quests because some of the raw data are hard to come buy (my fault because I didn't do farming crops yet) and the marketplace botting makes such ingredients beyond my grasp. 
    If anyone has completed the superior soft skin quest..please update or let me know if any further level must be obtained to prevent failure. I don't even know shaking is a separate level to achieve in the game till this quest popped.
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