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  1. K WONG added a post in a topic Boss Armor Pre-Order   

    Really? Thats a lot
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  2. K WONG added a topic in General   

    Boss Armor Pre-Order
     I'm looking to buy all boss armor but I wanted to know everything but what can I expect a pre-order to be for:
    Bheg's GlovesGiath's HelmetMuskan's Shoes
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  3. K WONG added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

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  4. K WONG added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    30 Seals - Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box or Nouver’s Sealed Sub-Weapon Box
    50 Seals - Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, Muskan’s Shoes, Ship Registration: Epheria Sailboat, or PRI: Ogre Ring 
    70 Seals - Dandelion Weapon Box, Tungrad Necklace, Tier 8 Horse with skills Sprint and Instant Accel
    100 Seals - DUO: Ogre Ring, DUO: Tungrad Earring
    150 Seals - Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon (7 Days)Sooo... 
    30Seals we have the choice of one or the other
    50Seals do we get everything or the choice of a pri ogre ring?
    70Seals do we get everything listed?
    100Seals we get both Duo's
    150Seals the coupon what's the point of a coupon?
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  5. K WONG added a post in a topic Free Guest Pass   

    All taken Have Fun
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  6. K WONG added a post in a topic Free Guest Pass   

    UPDATED 4/24/17
    only 3 left
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  7. K WONG added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Free Guest Pass
    Below is guest passes to Black Desert Online (BDO)
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  8. K WONG added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch Progession
    I started this game back when it first was released and just came back to playing it from taking a couple months off. I now see that there is awakening classes and I started a new character the other day. (A Witch). I just wanted to see how my gear/skill points and everything look for the level I currently am? This character is mostly going to be PVE only. I don't like to PVP.
    Thank You

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  9. K WONG added a topic in US Guild   

    New Leveling Witch looking for a guild
    I am a returning player looking for a guild in BDO. Currently working and focusing on leveling up my new Witch (Level 50). My main focus in this game is too get good gear and make money (PVE). I am looking for a guild that does group leveling, fishing, and scrolls.
    My one main question...Does every guild have a daily pay?
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  10. K WONG added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch Accessories
    While leveling up what accessories should I being looking on getting (end game) for witch? PVE only.
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  11. K WONG added a topic in Sorceress   

    Sorceress Gear (End Game)
    My question is what is the best gear for PVE Sorceress? Killing Monsters, Mobs, Questing/Scrolls and to grind to level up. Currently fishing for a while so I can afford to buy good gear. I will be buying none enchanted gear and then powering it over time. I want to get the right gear first so I don't change it over time. Also I am not worried about accessories at this moment.
    What I am shooting for at the moment: Gear List.
    Also (like I said) I am not worried about accessories at the moment but what would you recommend end game?
    ~Thanks Mike
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  12. K WONG added a post in a topic Ultrawide Monitor   

    Do you like that monitor? That was the monitor I was looking at buying or the Dell S2716DG or a LG Ultrawide.
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  13. K WONG added a topic in General   

    Ultrawide Monitor
    Quick question.
    Black desert online does support ultrawide 3440x1440p. But what fps are you getting? and what settings are you using? I have a 980ti I just wanted to see before buying a ultrawide.
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  14. K WONG added a post in a topic BDO Ultrawide compatible?   

    Thanks, Whats graphic card does everyone have? and average fps? at the resolution.
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  15. K WONG added a topic in General   

    BDO Ultrawide compatible?
    Quick question is Black Desert Online Ultrawide Compatible in the settings? I don't want to go into the code and change it to make it 21|9 at 2560x1440p? Any screen shots?
    • 5 replies