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  1. Death_Grips added a post in a topic just a cool tamer pvp vid i found   

    keep the memes going
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  2. Death_Grips added a post in a topic just a cool tamer pvp vid i found   

    Nice moves! very interesting playstyle.
    Anyone have an idea how he cancels tree climb with spray scratch at 1:10?
    Looks like Tree Climb > Evasion into Spray Scratch into LBP
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  3. Death_Grips added a post in a topic What's your elixir setup for pve?   

    I use elixir of splendid experience for increased exp gain
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  4. Death_Grips added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

    Can anyone confirm that this bug is back since the last maintenance? I have noticed it multiple times now as shown in OPs video
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  5. Death_Grips added a post in a topic Without Complaint: Additions/Class Adjustments   

    Change it so a ranger simply shooting at us from far away wont stop moonlight halfway through (I dont think this mechanic is intended)
    Fix the bug where we switch to shortsword while our staff visually is still equipped when freefalling
    Give us Frontal Guard on Allround Spinner ultimate or make the duration of the cc at least as long as the animation
    Give us Absorb Heilang buffs even if we use it while Heilang is not summoned like its the case with Heilang: Berserk
    Those are the things that bother me the most in daily pvp. Of course there are other problems which are related to desync like getting ccd mid iframe / mid SA but I doubt that can be fixed easily and probably concerns other classes as well.
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  6. Death_Grips added a post in a topic Would you want a human pet?   

    ...my personal slave?
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  7. Death_Grips added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Wale Farm (T1)
    Sfora & SforaII vs. Fuq vs. Pyrolyse vs. VeniVidiVici vs. Cryptic
    VeniVidiVici were taken out by Sfora first. Next was Pyrolyse. We (Fuq) went for the SforaII Fort in the meantime and took them out after about an hour. Cryptic kept attacking the Sfora Fort and got it down to about 60%. After Pyrolyse Sfora went for Cryptic. In the last 15 Minutes we tried to rush their base and got it to about 20% but had to go back and defend our Base since they had more people than us (around 30 from Sfora vs. us with 13 people). They were able to destroy our base 2 minutes before the end. :feelsbadman:
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  8. Death_Grips added a post in a topic Would you like to see a Cyber Ninja skin?   

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  9. Death_Grips added a post in a topic :(   

    You shouldve canceled vermilion with leaves dropping into grab easy win.
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  10. Death_Grips added a post in a topic Doot Doot   

    And then he posted a picture of his lvl 56 Tamer...you obviously know what you are talking about!
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  11. Death_Grips added a post in a topic If you want to stop gifting on items, prices need to be raised significnatly on market place   

    You dont understand. The Client doesnt gift pearls so he can buy and actually get a tet ogre. He gifts pearls so that someone posts a tet ogre on the marketplace. The Client knows from the start that he might not get it.
    You might think thats not fair but trust me there are many people who will gladly gift pearls just for the chance on getting a rare item.
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  12. Death_Grips added a post in a topic Silicon Studio   

    I dont understand why they are doing this. In a recent Interview regarding the Silicon Studio cooperation, PA said that BDO is already 2 or so years old and the graphics are becoming "outdated" for modern GPUs and I thought he must be joking since this game is so poorly optimized and even with a modern PC its hard to play at a good framerate in certain situations.
    And judging from this video it seems they are really not interested in optimizing their game but in giving us more post processing effects which will just kill the framerate even more.
    Instead of this they should give us options like disabling other players entirely at bosses and other crowded areas.
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  13. Death_Grips added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    Lets do an event where we spawn limited bosses at a certain time on a certain place what could possibly go wrong?
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  14. Death_Grips added a post in a topic Korean tamer feedback post March 3rd KR patch notes   

    made my day
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