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  1. Morrolan added a post in a topic Announcement: The Melding of Orcanaria & Broodmother Contest   

    Very proud of you guys so far
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  2. Morrolan added a post in a topic Announcement: The Melding of Orcanaria & Broodmother Contest   

    We are the NA Twitch community plus the NA Siege community, which consists of dozens of guilds and thousands of individuals. We also do guides, help new players, and expose the game to people who aren't familiar with it.
    We are also professional memers, which means that petty shit talk such as this invigorates us, like gasoline on a socially anxious fire. Please continue!
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  3. Morrolan added a post in a topic Announcement: The Melding of Orcanaria & Broodmother Contest   

    people definitely care, you're just out of the loop friend
    Anyway the 1 artisan memory thing was a joke - I just whispered Kaishe and told him I'll pay more, so get to work everybody
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  4. Morrolan added a post in a topic Bheg's & Pre-Orders: What to Expect   

    Bheg gloves are much more common since the patch. Run your Bheg scrolls in a group from the daily quest and you will have gloves in no time.
    Also don't believe what anyone says about accuracy. Test it yourself. It's likely you don't even need them unless you're fighting an opponent with some sort of artificial evasion.
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  5. Morrolan added a topic in Guides   

    [Video Guide] Enhancing & Failstacking
    Hey everyone, for those of you who missed it on Reddit over the weekend, I have finally published part 1 of my Enhancing & Failstacking guide. Part 2 is on the way. Enjoy!
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  6. Morrolan added a post in a topic night EXP ?   

    It's a 50% bonus, which stacks additively with every other type of XP bonus you can acquire.
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  7. Morrolan added a topic in Guides   

    Location of Camel, Crescent Shrine, & Crescent Mountain
    This video will show you exactly where to find the Camel for adventuring into the Desert, as well as an easy route to one of the most popular (and difficult to find) Desert locations: Crescent Shrine & Crescent Mountain. Enjoy!
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  8. Morrolan added a topic in Guides   

    Valencia Worker Node Guide
    Hey everyone, you might remember me from the Top 10 Node video from a while back - I've released a Valencia Worker Node guide and thought some of you might find it useful. Feel free to ask questions
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  9. Morrolan added a topic in Guides   

    How I got 260+ Contribution, plus Alchemy & Gathering
    Hey everyone, this guide will show you a few routes (other than the Calpheon route) to get a ton of Contribution EXP, as well as Alchemy & Gathering XP for those who are interested. Questions welcome as always.
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  10. Morrolan added a topic in Guides   

    Worker Node Guide & Top 10 List from a 250CP Player
    Hey everyone - you may have already seen this on Reddit but I figured I'd post it here so others can see it as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rI_P_wgES0
    I'll be making two followup videos over the next week: one to to explain my favorite manufacturing uses for the materials that you will obtain from this list, and another to explain how I got so much contribution in just over 1 month of playing (I started the game a few weeks post-launch).
    Feel free to ask questions
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