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  1. Gackt added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    How do you use this discount coupon thing?
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  2. Gackt added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    8/10 i like your ranger's eye colors and hairstyle
    My Wizard
    Infinite's Lee sungJong


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  3. Gackt added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    Fix Wizard Kibelus A set as the chest and boots both clip into the character model, screwed up poly meshes is a rookie mistake to very small indy developers not one running a major mmo this should be fixed since it cost $$ for said items.
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  4. Gackt added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    Please explain how P2P trading kills the game? When every major mmo from wow till now has trading+market place and cash shop yet they arent all dead but some how magically this game will crash if its done? You cant bot trading as players have to both accept exchange item both lock trade and confirm at the end 0 chance of scamming and if you set a tax rate money sink stays the same the only profit is the people who omfg want the item instead of that damn bid system where you sit on 100+million silver trying to buy a value pack and rng fail 30 items in the store LOL and have to wait later to try again. With P2P I could for example buy a valk item from somebody willing to trade it same thing max silver price+tax nobody looses its a win win the only difference is it guarantees i get the item i wanted nothing more, it doesnt deprive anyone else as they could all pm somebody to do the same or try sniping the market place.
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  5. Gackt added a post in a topic Bad pvp system   

    The actual bad pvp is the games obsession with gear, if you dont have +15 gear or tet boss gear then quit bdo, unlike other mmos gear is the onlything that matters in this game, in most mmos if you are higher lvl and better skilled you can defeat almost any player even if they are wearing full pvpsets but in this game i can have a 5yr old pressing auto atk kill you in full boss gear while u do 0 dmg  and die in 3 hits even though you are way better skilled.
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  6. Gackt added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Wizard Kibelius sets
    Im not sure if this has been addressed But there is a huge problem with the Wizard Kibelius sets both armor sets are broken as in poorly made the 3d mesh models clip terribly with the character. this does not happen with other classes.  the A chest armor and boots clip into the character model. The B armor set boots clip into the character model.

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  7. Gackt added a post in a topic New Dark Elf class   

    Looks cool but TBH I would like to see another male class but i digress 
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  8. Gackt added a post in a topic Roleplayers on Uno?   

    i use the rp channel at times but i do find a varying degree of trolls lurking it too
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  9. Gackt added a post in a topic Character/Celebrity/Anime Creation Templates   

    wow great job this is pretty cool
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  10. Gackt added a post in a topic {Character Bio} Ryushiro Hazuki - Ryushiro   

    cool i just sent you a friend request
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  11. Gackt added a post in a topic Roleplayers on Uno?   

    I would like to rp with them just hope they dont require I join and  on top of that i hope they are not one of the 34540guilds we end up declaring war on every day
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  12. Gackt added a post in a topic [NA] Uno RP Channel?   

    I would love to find rp'ers on Uno I have 5 chars some 50+ so ya cant just be like herp a derp ima join orwen ya thats alot of nope
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  13. Gackt added a post in a topic {Character Bio} Mailea Vorkrunne-Windamere   

    what server?
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  14. Gackt added a post in a topic {Character Bio} Ryushiro Hazuki - Ryushiro   

    we should totally rp together I have 4 characters all of them on Uno yeah too far into the game to be like herp a derp transfer to orwen server 
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  15. Gackt added a post in a topic Roleplayers on Uno?   

    Thanks for the info, but im not looking for a guild im already a part of a very large and active pvp guild
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