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  1. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Well guess my 7 day val packs are really just 5 day val packs cuz on average I have been losing that every F'n week for the past month. Every time I alt toons on the weekend it's a disconnect fest. No more wasted days please. 
    What was the reason to apply a favorite server to log into on the login screen?
    I can log in fine Mon thru Fri after work, but on the weekend it's good F'n luck. 
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  2. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic It is time. Mutant Ogre/Troll Kill Today! 4/7   

    Knock that Troll The F out \m/

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  3. Odinthor021 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Customer support
    I would just like to thank GM Dresden for their quick response for my Fishing boat being stuck out in the waters off Arita Island. I was out mining and gathering goose eggs when I became stranded. I sure am glad I didn't lose any of my valuables aboard ship. Thanks again for the quick response and helping me avoid a death on the high seas
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  4. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic A title by any other name would read as vague   

    Aside from taking exception to the American murderer comment, to each his own opinion.
    May I ask why you were afk in a F'n combat zone?????
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  5. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic Thanks for the new 5k and 10k hours rewards !   

    Gotta love what the 3000 hour reward states. lol 

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  6. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Geez a 1.72gb patch I can't wait to see all the fixes in the patch notes
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  7. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic Night Vendor needs higher chance in items of BOSS level   

    I always seem to get the cheap stuff.
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  8. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Well I can't wait to see which minor bugs are fixed. How about ya fix the F'n major problems? I was worried that maybe the DK's upper eyelashes were having some bearing on game play.
    Maybe distill up some of that Black Spirit whiskey and see if getting drunk helps the minor bug fixes actually get implemented. This shit week after week is getting on my nerves.
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  9. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic Personal Journal broken   

    Now that sure makes a lot of sense lol  Stifled by a time change.
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  10. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic The State of Black Desert Online   

    How many more comments is PA and Kakao gonna get like this ? One would think they wouldn't want to chase away the player base.
    Actually I love this game when I can stay logged in long enough to play but lately, since the DK release things have just gotten worse. 
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  11. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic Onions - Is there a patch where they can be harvested by hand?   

    Do the "Empty Storage" daily from Zara Lynch that gives you either 10 onion or pepper.
    Get onion seeds from the thickets and bushes from around Olivia plenty of them there, also along the road into Heidel coming from Velia.
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  12. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic BDO makes a truly wretched first impression   

    Lol I'm 60 F'n years old and had no problems figuring this game out, Maybe be it's just something in the Gene's I dunno When I read forum post like this I can see why I enjoy this game even more.
    I'm not trying to be insulting or inflammatory to anyone,but seriously how can you not know about all of the in game help that's there?
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  13. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic What is going on with this game?   

    Had this problem in Hexe last night, rode back to Calph to do some cooking game froze couldn't log back in so I just said F uck it and played something else cuz why do I want to work myself up over this same BS that's been going on for quite a while now.
    Thankfully I had a fresh 12 back of beer to drink
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  14. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic DIsconnect A LOT   

    Why is it that everytime I pop a new 7 day val pac I can't play? For the past 3 weeks I have lost at least 2 days and can't hardly get anything done on my ship cuz of the silly DC's
    Are there any plans on looking into this or do I just have to go and play every other game that I have no issues with? 
    What in the hell is going on?
    Are you planning to sell enough of the Black Spirit Whiskey to get this shit fixed?
    This is really starting to get old 
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  15. Odinthor021 added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    Sorry I guess I skimmed over some of the key points I feel better now.  
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