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  1. Day added a post in a topic Why would I bother with a Kzarka Weapon?   

    Liverto increases accuracy by +1 per tier.
    Kzarka increases accuracy by +2 per tier.
    Kzarka is better solely due to the fact that your offhand can now be Nouver (when released) which increases AP +2 per tier and all resistance 10%. Until Nouver, you can go full AP on your offhand until Valencia 1 is released.
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  2. Day added a post in a topic Sorceress to strong!!!!!!   

    I've yet to lose against a sorc as a level 53 ranger, 99AP/109DP. They can't even escape a ranger if said ranger knows how to unlock the camera, turn to the side, and Q-cancel chase.
    Get better. That's really all there is to it.
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  3. Day added a post in a topic Reduce our durability loss   

    I've noticed a ridiculous amount of durability loss when grinding for over an hour on my bow more than anything. This might explain it, but I'd like to see more testing to confirm.
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  4. Day added a post in a topic Which classes are weak against rangers   

    Hey Shiz, I'm currently on vacation and away from my computer, but I'll be sure to upload some footage of beating warriors and valkyries who out-gear me. 
    Beating them is really just a matter of knowing your combos, when to play aggressively, and when to conserve stamina/mana.
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  5. Day added a post in a topic Anyone tried the game with a 980TI?   

    I have no issues running at max, high end mode on with my 980ti. My entire rig is liquid cooled, though, so the GPU is also running at 1390MHz while the i7 5820k runs at 4.5GHz.
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  6. Day added a post in a topic Daum, let's remove PK at this point... no pvp player likes to be made a fool of.   

    I don't mind the PK system as it currently stands. I was farming Treants earlier today when a wizard decided he wanted to start farming in my grind spot. When asked to leave, he said, "pk me -----" - and so I did.
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  7. Day added a post in a topic Pet breeding. Read this if you're thinking about it.   

    Interesting that T3+T4 always yields another T4. Essentially, if you didn't get good rolls on skills you care about, you can reroll your T4 for skills alone without having to worry about it dropping tiers.
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  8. Day added a post in a topic Ranger CC's   

    I get where you're coming from, but I have to dissent. I've played the Korean client for 11 months, and also have quite a bit of PvP experience. I don't think it's a question of experience at all. If your friend is a warrior or Valkyrie, block will always negate the knockdown. Valkyrie also has a skill that makes them and surrounding allies immune to CC for 6 seconds.
    Be sure in testing that your friend also has no knockdown resist or Zereth/Taritas armor equipped, as pieces of these have innate resistance. Testing should be done naked to assure no outside factors come into play.
    I'm not going to argue it with you, though. Q cancel does in fact knockdown if conditions are met to do so. This isn't 'in theory' at all - it's part of a combo I use very frequently in the PvP I take part in each day, in nearly every fight.
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  9. Day added a post in a topic Ranger CC's   

    Strange, because I get the knockdown in PvP 100% of the time off cooldown while Q-Canceling. Are you sure you're doing it right? [Q]+[A/D]+[LMB]
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  10. Day added a post in a topic Ranger CC's   

    Not quite right. Blasting Gust always knocks down when not on cooldown so long as the enemy isn't in an I-frame. Most people tend to use their skills too quickly, however, and only put out the knockdown on the first Q-cancel.
    That said, OP - here are the CC's that the ranger has:
    - Blasting Gust (off cooldown); Knockdown
    - Explosive Evasive Shot, Knockdown
    - RMB after Call from the Sky (W/F+LMB+SPACE); Stagger
    -Descending Current; Knockdown
    These are most, if not all of the PvP-only ones. I assume you're only concerned about PvP CCs anyway.
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  11. Day added a post in a topic Best evasive shot awakening?   

    I have -Attack Speed 10% for 10 seconds. It's beneficial if you're caught in a warrior/valkyrie's grab and are spamming RMB to escape and i-frame away, and punished them for getting close if you i-frame before they reach you.
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  12. Day added a post in a topic Night Trader and Liverto?   

    In KR it's 4.5m for a Liverto weapon, but he isn't in our version currently. His name is Patrigio.
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  13. Day added a post in a topic Your thoughts on PvP   

    On the subject of warriors/valkyrie, what I've found is that unless I'm lagging I can always pull a win by watching their spear throw/light spear and I-framing at the correct moment, then using the following combo I like to call "Mario '64" to get behind them and combo into a Q-cancel+UCW:
    The "Mario '64":
    Must have: Charging Kick, Call from the Sky, Ride the Wind.
    [W]+[LMB] (my preferred as it has a faster animation and adds some ranged damage) or [W]+[F] > [SPACE] > [W]+[RMB].
    After this combo, you can quickly use [A/D]+[Q]+[LMB] > [SPACE] to nuke half of their health on a well-geared Valkyrie or Warrior. Use your long-range stamina kite ([Hold F]+[Hold LMB]+[Hold A/D] > [SPACE]+[Hold A/D] > [A/D]+[LMB].
    Enjoy juking warrior and valkyrie shield blocks! After numerous battles against the same ones, all geared equally or better, it doesn't seem as though they have a fast enough reaction time to prevent getting back damage from Ultimate Charging Wind, even when initiating with said combo every fight.
    Hope this helps a few of you.
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  14. Day added a post in a topic When to get Liverto Bow?   

    If you have the cash to get it before +15 and manage to snag one off the AH, do that. If not, keep chipping away at +15.
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  15. Day added a post in a topic Accuracy for the ranger class   

    Yeah, I'm guessing you're from Orwen or Uno. I hardly ever see liverto pop up on Orwen.
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