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  1. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic New Community Manager Introduction - CM_Kabz   

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  2. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    i think im gonna take a break, im not even mad anymore, it just depresses me...Kakao dont talk to us, they dont even give us a window for when its possible to get it released, if you ask me dissatisfied customers is bad for business, alot of people including me sold all their stuff to re-roll to dk, 5 weeks is enough for us to get familiar with the pre-awakening, now we lack the element of being able to switch things up the way all the other classes do. im just done waiting, done moaning about it, release it whenever i wont really play anymore till its out
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  3. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Clearly you understand nothing, youre one of those laid back customers that will take the shit thats given to them, its fine stay that way because you sound like one of their lapdogs 
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  4. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    People like you always think the best solution is to stop playing the game, are you daft, i paid for this game, i paid for costumes, i paid for pets, interiors, -----ing horse coupons etc, more people have done the same, and all that shit costs way more than the intial game, kakao make enough money from us as it is but they dont show any appreciation or atleast a -----ing connection with its player base. No gaming company should hold back content for the sake of max profits when people already spend more than enough on the game as it. I love this game, its a very good game, but the publishers kakao ruin that for me, i wont allow myself to quit because of their ignorance 
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  5. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    No kamasylvia update, or dk awakening update, but there is a cash shop update because kashkow games only want your money and dont care about their relationship with the communty  there is no point trying to get them to listen to us because they wont, these guys have their heads so far up their own rears they probably read all this and laugh while talking about more ideas to squeeze more money before releasing the good shit, its all about business to them, nothing more, i love this game but i hate the way this company handles it, i wish pear abyss got another company to publish it instead...not this lack of communication bullshit we see time after time.
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  6. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    This disservice is real...why cant kashkow games just come out and be real with us, you guys are heavily under fire right now and you havent announced shit....come on!!
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  7. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    It seems bdo twitter is more likely to reply to you if you're female, ive posted 3 times and no response but as soon as a female makes an enquiry its a fast response....
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  8. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Lol no dk awakening, no kamasyliva, not even any information as to when we can expect to see the two biggest updates the community is crying for. KashKow games are so quick to announce events that feature limited time only costumes like the utaka but will remain silent when it comes to content people are wanting the most...great...i tip my hat to you Kashkow
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  9. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic Idea for a new class   

    I wont specifically call it a necromancer since they associate with using dead minions to fight, I mean the class would be summon minions regardless of them being dead or not, i envision the class being able to summon multiple types of minions all being good at different things, for example small minions could be used for a more fast paced type of play style, dealing moderate damage, or being able to summon one huge minion which is slow but deals heavy damage, in which this class would need to utilize its support role by using CC on the enemies so the minion is able to attack. Something on those lines, necromancer would be a nice idea too though.
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  10. KeeloSantana added a topic in Suggestions   

    Idea for a new class
    Hello, before i get started if anyone reading this has any artistic skills and would be so kind to draw some concepts for me that would be amazing.
    I have an idea for a class in this game, a male dark magic user kind of like the sorceress but very very different in terms of game play. This class uses a book as a main hand, which he holds open in one hand during combat, as for the offhand he holds an amulet in the other hand. There are as number of possibilities for when it comes to its actual game play. at first i was thinking this class could be some kind of summoner class this raises the dead to fight for him while he supports with crowd controlling abilities from the back line while providing minor heals/buffs to his minions. My reasoning for having this idea instead of a flat out spell caster type of game play is because we already have classes that play like that in the witch and wizard, but we have no class that is dedicated to using minions to fight. The idea i had for its awakening class is for him to have some kind of consistent aura around him and maybe some glowing tattoos/marks around his body, the class could even be made to slightly hover to indicate that he is awakened instead of walking normally.
    There are things i have included about possible abilities but i would like this to be a community creation, so if anyone has any more ideas for abilities, attire, background story or anything at all please feel free to include your thoughts and expand on this idea, with a little bit of faith we may be able to have this creation implemented into the game, if not the devs could take our ideas and make it their own.
    Thank you for your time
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  11. KeeloSantana added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Feb. 22 - 2017 [Updated]   

    Is Dark Knight also getting the awakening,or do we have to wait for that?
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  12. KeeloSantana added a topic in General   

    Boats getting stuck in the OPEN OCEAN
    So im on my boat going from pirate island to lema island and the ocean is completely open, no rocks or anything, then my boat stops moving and appears to be sinking....thats not what boats do ffs why does this happen?
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