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  1. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    Please remove the 1 basket per day.  We already have the 1 Cookie a day limit.  
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  2. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    Agree.  The limiter is the 1 cookie a day.   So they add another limiter of 1 basket a day.  So it screws people who didn't have candies or bugged npc.  I have 5 cookies I can't use now.    Makes zero sense for 1 basket a day.
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  3. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    L58.  I've 50+ candies that I want to trade it, but I can't, and 5 cookies in the bank.  Why put a limitation on candy drop and basket per day?  So now people are screwed by bugs, lack of candy drop, and 1 basket per day?
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  4. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    Laura was bugged for me until yesterday.  I have 50+ candies and 6 cookies. But I only got her to talk yesterday.  So I lost 5 cookies because no box?  Why can't we trade in all candies for boxes?  I'm mad if lost 5 boxes because of this..
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  5. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Guide to getting your own personal elephant mount   

    I still need to get a camel
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  6. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Effects of No XP loss from PKs   

    Ogre ring farming is another common example.  The common excuse for people who want XP penalty back is tell carebears to grind items.  Well ogre spawns are heavily contested.  In the past it was dangerous as pk would come and gank you when the ogre you are working on is almost dead.  They still gank you now but will think twice after they kill you after 3 times.  Its great some people have tri ogre rings.  The strong gets stronger and powergap widens.  It's not for the lack of trying on our part but hard to compete against someone who has 200 ap 200 dp. The devs have to make the game feasible for new players as well as the people who have jobs and can't play 50 hours a week.
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  7. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Effects of No XP loss from PKs   

    PVP XP loss was a terrible system.  It heavily favors players who play a lot more and heavily penalizes the majority of players.  Not everyone has top gear or hundreds of millions of silver.  This game is all about level/gear.  Skill takes a back seat. 
    If people share a grind spot figure it out.  XP loss won't be coming back.
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  8. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic All about wagons and wagon parts   

    Great guide was looking for one!
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  9. Fallout_Prime added a topic in General   

    Arena, Guild wars etc, put option to lose XP upon death
    Implement option to lose XP by choice.
    Challenge someone to duel.  Loser gets 1-5% penalty if agree to terms.
    Guild war.  Anyone who does get 1-5% penalty if agree to terms and so on.
    Put voluntary XP penalty to loser.  How many people or guild will have balls to do it?
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  10. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic The problem is not about EXP lose removed, it's about respawn time/loc   

    I can agree with it.  Timer on nodes no timer for towns.  It's a fair trade off.  People can still do spawn defense.  The person who keeps coming back will take longer and longer to come back.
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  11. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Griefing strategies   

    Haha this is sad and pathetic.  Feel free to do that.  Spend your game time trying to ruin things for others since your time is worthless.
    I'm going to have fun and enjoy a video game.  Like others said this is just a few months of release.  The bread and butter, you know, PVP events.
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  12. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Agree.  The old system was all but useless.  You can PK and grief with little consequence.  This adds a little bit but by no means detract game play.  Someone dies still have to run back from a node.  Being flagged should last longer and greater negative karma.  
    Right now a lower equipped player has zero chance.  It was getting abused by pk.  At least now saves the one getting pk by losing XP.  This change should be done a long time ago
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  13. Fallout_Prime added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    PVP had always been unbalanced.  Players with average gear will get wiped by higher level players with better gear.  
    This at least makes then think twice.
    Some situations still doesn't change.  You are killing an ogre and someone sneaks and pk you and steal the ogre.  That won't change.  Ogre having the BIS and easy to kill is a bad design.
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  14. Fallout_Prime added a topic in Suggestions   

    Randomize Ogre and other high value target spawns
    One thing I hate most about MMO are camp spawning.  Players with higher level gear will steal your target or PK you.  The Ogre are set spawn areas and players camp for it.  It should be more randomize in different forest and more chance of mutant ogre spawn instead of regular ogre. 
    Whats really annoying is that you are working on the Ogre then someone else kill steal or PK you then take the Ogre.  
    There should be better mechanics on this system.  Been an age old issue with shared MMO instances.  One thing I like about the old DDO mmo is private instance dungeons.
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