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  1. Laforet added a post in a topic RIP rest in peace (Offtopic)   

    yeah kzarka and dandi were next ;/ 
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  2. Laforet added a post in a topic RIP rest in peace (Offtopic)   

  3. Laforet added a post in a topic PEN Roulette   

    this is how you do proper pen roulette
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  4. Laforet added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    Omg another topic about this. If you want PvP where gear doesn't matter go play wow or gw2. PA know what they are doing and u forced them to listen to ur invalid arguments? Hate when ppl have such egoistic whishes, a game changing wishes, they don't care that most of us like the PvP as it is. Plz change enchant system, give us pve channel, we are to lazy to grind plz do some gear change .. sick of it. Hope PA won't listen to those whiners cuz this is thier game and they know what they are doing
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  5. Laforet added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

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  6. Laforet added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    so Pa or kako or whatever.. when can we expect wizard/witch nerfs?
    so Pa or kako or whatever.. when can we expect wizard/witch nerfs?
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  7. Laforet added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    what about progression?
    balenos --> serenbdia--> calp --> mediah ----> valencia ---> kamasulvia?
    you want to go to kamasylvia? earn it
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  8. Laforet added a topic in Technical Issues   

    high ping in crowded areas
    Well... when i play bdo and there are less than 40-50 players my ping is ok but during node wars, sieges my ping is so high that doing pvp is pointless. i mean more than 50 ppl on screen and ping 1000ms, if i just step back 5 meters so i don't see them and my ping goes back to normal 60 ms.
    if any1 can find any solution i would be very pleased
    I live in UK, got broadband from EE 4mb
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  9. Laforet added a post in a topic Doot Doot   

    are u guys retarded? tamer is one of the best class in the game and you QQ like a young swinies. You should appreciate that your class require at least some skill (not like the braindad warriors.witchzards who can't prove that they are skilled)
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  10. Laforet added a post in a topic HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT? Enchanting high risk?!   

    if u have mindset of 15 years old kid then yes, the enchanting system is cancerous
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  11. Laforet added a post in a topic Pvp Video   

    wtf press esc ----> pick escape ---> failed
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  12. Laforet added a post in a topic What is Maehwa missing?   

    we miss only one thing: grab!
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  13. Laforet added a post in a topic Accuracy on Baehwa worth it ?   

    61 lvl maehwa here 
    i was full ap till i met 56 kuno evasion build.. it was 5-7 min fight and i was able to do damage only when my E buff was on. (full combo without E buff took like 1/3 hp at best) while she was kd) (tri kzarka and tri bhegs that time tet dandy, tri witch tri molar 2x tri mos rest tri aswell)  anyway now i did 2x tri RCE and i don't regrent any penny spent on it
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  14. Laforet added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 22th   

    "Dark Knight Character Slot Expansion Coupon will added to celebrate the Dark Knight’s release."
    In korea during the event you could buy slot for 1 loyality point
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  15. Laforet added a post in a topic My slightly less capslock thoughts on enchanting   

    i hate when ppl complain. 
    They complain about their job (instead to quit and find that they will enjoy)
    They complain about gfs/wifes (break up and go forward, look for someone else)
    and finally they complain about video games (why not quit and find another one?)
    do you know that someone else actually finds this enchanting system very cool? 
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